The best way to build your brand in the creative community. In this article, what’s possible and what’s allowed on our platform, our in-house creative studio is here to create great looking, effective ads with you to get the best out of our advertising space.

In order to grow our startup business, Life Simile earns revenue in a few different ways.
1. We publish several sponsored posts each month that are always labeled at the top.
2. We help other businesses grow by enabling their advertisements that comply our policies.
3. W earn an Affiliate commission on the sale of the products we link to. We only see items that we truly love and want to share, and this is an arrangement between retailer and life simile (readers never pay much for products).

That is how Life Simile always supports and allows us to run the site and truly engage with this community.
Thank you for being with Life Simile!

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