Things to Know Before Hiking Diamond Head

There are several useful things to know before hiking the Diamond Head, Hawaii, Honolulu. The Diamond Head Trail is one of the most rewarding Oahu hikes, giving you amazing 5-to-4 degree views as you reach the top.This article will be discussing about several useful things to know before hiking the Diamond Head. Things to know […]

Hanauma Bay of Hawaii with Snorkeling Hours

Hanauma bay is a maritime reservoir built and located in a tuff ring along the southeastern coast of Oahu island of Hawaii Kai Para, east of Honolulu, Hawaii. One of Hanauma’s most popular tourist destinations on the island and overuse has suffered a bit. Hanauma Bay is very famous and popular to the travelers for […]

Iolani Palace Hawaii Honolulu History Tour

Iolani Palace is a proud restoration of the Hawaiian national identity and is recognized as the center of Hawaii’s spiritual and physical multiculturalism. Built by King Kalakoui in 9, the Iolani Palace was the home of the last ruling king of Hawaii, and served as the official official residence and residence of royal political and […]

Koko Crater Railway Trail Head Tracking Guide

Koko Crater Railway Trail is a dramatic ocean & city view travel spot famous for its steep hike up of vertical climb at 1,000 feet above an abandoned railroad track on Koko Crater, Honolulu in the United States.┬áKoko Crater Railway Trail is easy to find but walking on the railroad ties is challenging because it […]

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