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25 Tips How Do You Increase Engagement for An Event

How do you increase engagement for an event

How do you increase engagement for an event? The nexus between event success and increasing audience engagement is evident. Events are a critical component of any brand’s marketing strategy because face-to-face is the best way to engage a brand’s current and prospective customers. Audience engagement imbues your event with interactivity, infuses it with delight, and serves as the crucible for nurturing brand growth and awareness. Moreover, a consistently engaged audience serves as a wellspring of rich attendee data, gleaned meticulously from over 300 unique touchpoints.

However, the orchestration of attendee engagement isn’t confined to the event’s temporal realm; it extends its tendrils both before and after the event’s culmination. With that in mind, let us explore a septet of strategies poised to augment audience engagement manifold.

Understanding Event Engagement: The Preamble

At the heart of every successful event lies the essential component of genuine attendee engagement, entwined seamlessly with opportunities for networking. Event planners universally concur that sustaining attendee engagement is a paramount objective, transcending the mere numerical headcount of session attendees. But what does this entail?

When we delve into the realm of attendee engagement, we traverse the terrain of not merely quantifying session attendance, but evaluating the depth of engagement within those sessions. We contemplate the attention lavished upon sessions, the frequency of visits to exhibitor booths, the forging of meaningful connections during networking interludes, and myriad other facets. In essence, attendee engagement embodies the active participation of your event’s audience, their meaningful interaction with event elements, and their tangible takeaways from your event program.

Creating a robust event engagement strategy is a formidable challenge, particularly when navigating uncharted waters, as is the case with novel event formats such as hybrid events. Whether orchestrating an internal training seminar or orchestrating a grand convention, the content you deliver, its mode of delivery, and the infusion of enjoyment into your event program all collectively determine the potency of attendee engagement.

Constructing a Blueprint for Attendee Engagement

The cornucopia of offerings, from convivial happy hours to captivating exhibits to enlightening sessions, has the potential to divert attendee focus. The pivotal question is: How can distractions be minimized to captivate and sustain attendees’ unwavering attention? An event operates as a dynamic ecosystem, where multiple facets converge in unison. The synchronicity of these components can be overwhelming for both planners and attendees if not choreographed with precision.

The answer commences with content. To immerse attendees in the event’s experience, the foundational building block lies in curating a content track that resonates with your audience. It involves embarking on a creative journey that champions interactivity, embraces a diverse spectrum of delivery styles and topics, caters to multifarious interests, and adopts a non-linear approach, granting attendees the agency to “choose their own adventure.”

Once the content strategy is in place, the element of enjoyment takes center stage. Elevate attendee engagement by infusing an element of gamification and entertainment into your sessions. The introduction of gamification during sessions and experiences introduces a collaborative and participatory dynamic, often replete with incentives or prizes.

When attendees find the content not only informative but also enjoyable, it substantially augments their engagement. However, constructing these immersive experiences may necessitate external assistance. This is where vendor partnerships come into play.

Event Marketing Prelude: Before the Curtains Rise

The Mighty Arsenal: Press Releases

In the grand overture of your digital marketing arsenal, press releases emerge as the valiant vanguard. They serve as the heralds, trumpeting the arrival of your event, venue, or illustrious speaker line-up.

Press releases function as the clarion call that ushers your event into the limelight, casting a wide net of publicity that ripples through the digital domain. This initial wave of awareness lays the foundation upon which the artistry of audience engagement paints its masterpiece, beckoning an eclectic audience from the far reaches of the digital landscape.

Steadfast Guidance

The harmonious symphony of marketing endeavors demands impeccable timing. With multiple individuals, teams, or departments participating in both traditional and digital marketing, the orchestration of these efforts in alignment with a meticulously constructed marketing calendar takes on paramount significance. This orchestration ensures that your event marketing initiatives align seamlessly, casting a unified, resonant echo across the digital realm.

Crafting Email Campaigns

The audience you’ve diligently cultivated metamorphoses into a wellspring of potential. Nurturing this invaluable resource through strategic email campaigns fuels the flames of audience engagement.

This tactical endeavor involves crafting an email marketing strategy that transforms ordinary recipients into active participants. Elevate audience engagement by providing captivating content to existing patrons, internal stakeholders (for internal events), and individuals already entangled in your customer journey. Further enticement takes the form of exclusive offers and enthralling deals, woven seamlessly into the fabric of your email campaign.

Weaving the Digital Tapestry: Blogs & Banners

In your digital realm, a rich tapestry unfurls, embellished with blogs, webpages, and banners adorning your website’s canvas. This is the event marketing strategy that breathes life into audience engagement.

Content forms the bedrock upon which your digital communion with the audience is built. These platforms serve as vital conduits through which you convey event dates, particulars, and registration information. The addition of pertinent, search-optimized, and time-sensitive content forges a touchpoint for audience engagement.

Event Marketing Unleashed: Amidst the Event’s Thrall

Paving the Digital Highway

Strategic posting on social media during your event serves as the linchpin of audience engagement. By delivering real-time updates and glimpses into the event’s unfolding drama, you not only captivate the on-site attendees but also extend an inviting hand to the broader online community, ensuring they too are part of the experience.

Social Media & the Alchemy of User-Generated Content

Amidst the bustling tapestry of the event, the magic of user-generated content on social media takes center stage. Reposting videos and images shared by event attendees while the event unfolds is a potent elixir for sustaining audience engagement. You can arrange Fresh Flower Bouquet Delivery for All Occasions for the event participants as a token of gift.

This act not only underscores your appreciation for the attendees’ active presence on social media and their physical attendance but also unveils candid moments that elude the lens of event photographers. These user-generated snapshots offer an authentic glimpse into how your present audience is actively engaging with your event as it unfolds.

The Live Broadcast: Social Media as a Dynamic Beacon

Leveraging your social media channels as a dynamic broadcasting medium bestows an extra layer of enchantment upon your event’s unfolding narrative. Whether live-tweeting the introduction of the next speaker or encapsulating the essence of a keynote address in a compelling quote, social media emerges as your ally in captivating audience engagement.

Your active participation in the event’s unfolding story resonates with the audience, fostering a sense of shared experience and inclusivity.

Event Marketing Finale: After the Curtain Call

Crafting Evergreen Content

Event communication and audience engagement possess a timeless quality. Beyond the event’s immediate scope, crafting content of enduring value ensures that the audience remains enmeshed.

This content takes multifarious forms, from blogs and emails to videos, revamped landing pages, and heartfelt testimonials. These repositories of wisdom and insight allow event attendees to revisit the lessons learned and the experiences shared. Moreover, they extend an open invitation to those who missed the event, offering them a platform to engage with the event’s essence and key takeaways.

Social Media’s Resonating Echo: Sustaining Audience Engagement

The narrative doesn’t end with the event’s culmination. Sustained activity on social media after the event is an indispensable component of sustaining audience engagement. Whether you’re fielding queries, expressing gratitude to event attendees for their active participation, or sharing video montages and photographic mementos, you prolong the engagement.

In a scenario where your audience continues to resonate with your event, leveraging this ongoing dialogue and engagement is imperative for maximum impact.

How do you increase engagement for an event?

The journey of event engagement represents a continuum of interaction, commencing long before the event’s inauguration and extending far beyond its curtain call. Whether your objective is to elevate attendee satisfaction, articulate ROI to stakeholders, or etch your event’s triumph into the annals of future iterations, the nurturing of engagement stands as an unwavering cornerstone of event orchestration. We are delighted to present six additional recommendations to augment event engagement since we recognize the paramount importance of this endeavor.

1. Embrace Gamification

Gamification serves as a dynamic catalyst for bolstering participant engagement, captivating both attendees and stakeholders. Bestow participants with opportunities and objectives that hinge on their connections, goals linked to visiting specific exhibitors or merchant corners, or accomplishments tied to accepting exclusive offers. The potential for heightened event participation through gamification knows no bounds.

2. Quizzes and Trivia: Gamify the Experience

Inject an element of fun and interaction into your event by incorporating quizzes and trivia games. Infuse questions with humor, and consider including interesting facts or statistics to keep attendees engaged. There are a lot of event planner accessories and ideas you can check.

3. Push Notifications: Gentle Reminders and Opportunities

In the midst of their busy schedules, attendees might forget about specific sessions or event offerings. Utilize personalized event schedules and deploy notifications via email or mobile event apps. These nudges will remind attendees of session start times and encourage participation in gamification or wellness activities outside of sessions.

4. Craft a Deliberate Schedule

Articulating a well-structured agenda stands as one of the most effective means to sustain attendee interest during a conference. When multiple speakers, activities, and presentations populate your event, it’s crucial to pace each segment judiciously. Avoid clustering presentations by prominent keynote speakers consecutively; instead, distribute these marquee moments throughout the day or weekend. This scheduling strategy proves particularly vital for multi-day conferences, ensuring attendees have compelling reasons to return.

Infuse your agenda with ample breaks, allowing both guests and guest speakers to refresh and rejuvenate. These intermissions foster an atmosphere of attentiveness, engagement, and relaxation, enriching the overall event experience.

5. Harness the Power of Push Notifications

Harnessing a stream of constant notifications represents a splendid tactic for driving participation in your event. Whether it’s speaker updates, agenda revisions, or last-minute alterations to special offerings, push notifications provide a swift and continuous means of enticing attendees.

6. Delightful Swag: Everyone Loves Freebies

Collaborate with branded swag providers to promote your brand and gift attendees with memorable event souvenirs. High-quality branded mugs or koozies are universally appreciated. When selecting swag, consider these five tips to ensure attendees leave with cherished tokens.

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7. Professional Brand Promotion: Maximizing ROI

Brand recognition and sponsor satisfaction are integral to your event’s ROI. Engage attendees with your brand and sponsors’ brands through strategic placement of marketing and branding materials. Think of banners in high-traffic areas, branded badges or lanyards, and customized webpages and apps—anything to ensure that your brand becomes a household name among attendees.

8. Event Hashtag: Digital Trendsetter

In today’s digital landscape, creating an event hashtag is a savvy move. It keeps the event trending, allowing attendees to share photos and refer to each other’s posts on social media platforms. This fosters connections among attendees, enhancing the event experience.

9. Speaker and Panelist Training: Ensuring Engagement

Engaging public speakers and panelists captivate audiences. Ensure your speakers are well-prepared, whether they’re on a physical stage or addressing a virtual or hybrid audience. Familiarize them with best practices and provide ample resources.

10. Live Chat for Virtual Sessions: Fostering Social Interaction

In the virtual realm, fostering interaction is paramount. Providing a live chat portal during a session encourages audience members to connect with one another, fostering a sense of interconnectedness. You might require some Event accessories outdoor indoor planner for proper management.

11. Live Polling: Quick Insight into Audience Engagement

A live poll serves as a swift and effective means to gauge whether the audience is following the presented content. In the virtual world, it offers presenters valuable insights into the resonance of their content and identifies areas needing clarification.

12. Appointments: Nurturing Relationships

Effective relationship-building hinges on facilitating meaningful communication. Irrespective of the event format—be it in-person, virtual, or hybrid—appointment scheduling allows like-minded individuals to connect effortlessly, fostering robust connections.

13. Attendee Surveys: Gaining Valuable Feedback

Distributing surveys before and after the event unveils genuine insights into attendees’ sentiments. Embrace creativity in crafting and administering surveys to gain comprehensive feedback.

14. Content Tracks for Specific Interests: Tailoring Sessions

If your attendees encompass diverse interests or professional domains, consider crafting content “tracks” or session themes to cater to specific interest groups. This segmentation enhances engagement, ensuring relevance.

15. Real-Time Insights Generator: Monitoring Virtual Engagement

In virtual or hybrid events, deploy a real-time insights generator to collect event data for informed future decisions. Presenters can harness actionable insights to enhance engagement during virtual or hybrid sessions.

16. Raffle for Exciting Prizes

Elevate excitement levels by organizing a raffle, offering prizes such as exhibitor offerings, Groupon deals, or sponsor swag. Incentives like these create a buzz and set a lively tone for the event.

17. Curate an Intriguing Environment

The thoughtful design of your event venue can significantly enhance its appeal. Moreover, ensuring accessibility is paramount to inclusivity. As you prepare the venue, meticulously evaluate factors like lighting and acoustics, as they significantly influence the event’s ambiance. Steer clear of harsh or overly dim lighting and spaces prone to echoing. During equipment testing, occupy seats positioned far from the presentation area to ascertain optimal visibility and audibility for every member of the audience.

Infuse vibrant colors and abundant photo opportunities to infuse the atmosphere with intrigue. Incorporate elements like graffiti walls that serve as photo backdrops between speaker sessions and events. These captivating photo opportunities not only engage guests but also provide shareable content, amplifying your brand’s reach through social media.

18. Embrace Public Walls

Social Walls wield immense popularity among event attendees. Energize event engagement by incorporating images from the event’s mobile application as well as newly generated visuals tagged with the event’s hashtag. Who can resist the allure of seeing their pictures or blog posts displayed on a massive 10×20-foot screen? ArtPix Crystal Picture Professional Souvenir has some splendid gift items your participants must love to have.

19. Diversify Activity Offerings

Incorporate a diverse array of activities into your event, ensuring there’s something to cater to every attendee’s preferences. Blend sedentary, informative presentations with dynamic, participatory experiences, enabling guests to select activities aligning with their interests and comfort levels.

20. Discovering Expert Event Engagement Vendors

Implementing these strategies is made easier by collaborating with experienced vendors. A trusted vendor can help create an unforgettable event. Building relationships with reliable vendors is a valuable asset for future events, as every event planner needs a roster of credible partners to rely on.

21. Foster Networking Opportunities

Almost every event attendee aims to expand their network and forge new connections. Explore these four networking ideas to boost engagement at your event. You can easily use Scheduling Software for Teams: Create time slots. Share your custom link. Free scheduling software.

22. Production Quality Matters: Partnering with AV Experts

Consider partnering with an AV vendor, a critical aspect regardless of event format. For virtual events, video production quality significantly impacts engagement. Research thoroughly to ensure production excellence.

23. Wellness Opportunities: Nurturing Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Introduce wellness breaks into your event—consider yoga sessions or stress-relieving activities like meditation or massage stations. In virtual settings, engage participants in group step challenges. Prioritizing wellness enhances attendee satisfaction and overall well-being.
Session Q&A’s: Encourage Audience Interaction

Attendees yearn to have their voices heard and opinions valued. Implementing session Q&A’s allows them to engage actively. Attendees will be more attentive, eagerly anticipating if their questions will find answers within the session.

24. Embrace Event Spirit Days: Building Morale

Event spirit days infuse enthusiasm and camaraderie. Themes like company brand colors, pop culture rivalries (Marvel vs. DC), sports jersey days, or even Halloween dress-up competitions can be exciting. Offering badges or stickers for “rival day” participation and incentives for the “most creatively dressed” adds to the fun.

25. Prioritize Accessibility and Inclusivity

Ensuring accessibility and inclusivity is crucial for an equitable event experience. Consider features like closed captioning, sign language interpreters, subtitles or multilingual sessions, and gatherings for attendees who speak different languages. Opportunities for accessibility and inclusivity abound, so tailor them to your audience by soliciting feedback during registration and post-event to continually improve your events.


Harness the power of social media by leveraging the hashtag’s influence during your conference. Showcase live tweets from the audience during a presentation or encourage attendees to incorporate the event’s hashtag into their posts. Extend your event’s reach by live-streaming conference proceedings for those unable to attend in person, underscoring the pivotal role of social media in corporate marketing.

Employ engaging activities to maintain attendee enthusiasm. Encourage participants to partake in interactive experiences, such as a scavenger hunt across the event venue, conducted between keynote addresses and presentations. Form teams, and assign each group a list of tasks to complete throughout the conference grounds, such as visiting specific information booths or capturing moments at designated photo opportunities.

Delight attendees with complimentary items, as everyone appreciates a thoughtful gift. Offer free product samples or exclusive promotions, accompanied by swag bags featuring your brand’s logo. To incentivize attendees to stay until the conference’s conclusion, consider hosting a contest and delaying the winner’s announcement until the event’s culmination.

Ensure your conference offers more than just lecture-style sessions by fostering audience engagement through questions. Diversify your presentation formats to promote active participation, incorporating discussion panels and interactive question-and-answer sessions.

Event engagement transcends the confines of the event itself, extending its impact before, during, and after. Whether your aim is to enhance attendee satisfaction, communicate ROI effectively to stakeholders, or spotlight your event’s triumph for future iterations, nurturing engagement is an indispensable facet of event management.

25 Tips How Do You Increase Engagement for An Event

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