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8 Top Christmas Flowers to Send Loved Ones On Holidays

Top Christmas Flowers to Send_strategies to cope with stress

What are some of the top Christmas flowers to send loved ones on holidays? The end-of-year holiday season is in full swing. The streets shimmer with nightly lights, and the melodious tune of “Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum” plays on until the joyous Christmas Day. Unlike our Western counterparts, Malaysia embraces a spicy Christmas.

Nothing warms hearts quite like Christmas, and these blossoms can do just that. Why, you ask? First and foremost, their visual splendor is a joy to behold, isn’t it? Second, these Christmas flowers emanate a delightful and aromatic fragrance. Third, it’s an added bonus that they outlast many other flowers available during this time of the year.

It’s that time of year to deck our homes with Christmas trees and welcoming lights. So why not grace your home with a burst of color in the form of flowers? If you’re unsure which Christmas flowers to choose, fret not; we’ve got you covered with a list. Read on to discover the floral delights that will bring holiday cheer to your home.

Enchanting Christmas Foliage

Completing the festive flower bouquet is the Christmas foliage, the unsung hero of holiday arrangements. While not flowers or plants per se, they are essential accessories that transform your bouquet into a luxurious masterpiece. Not only do they infuse a perfect touch of greenery, but these natural elements also work their magic, enhancing any floral arrangement.

From pinecones and berries to spruce branches and holly leaves, these exquisite components lend warmth, inviting charm, and unparalleled beauty to any Christmas flower arrangement. Do any of these foliage elements particularly captivate your senses?

Poinsettia: The Christmas Starflower

No Christmas season would be complete without the presence of the Poinsettia. It holds the title of the all-time Christmas Starflower with its iconic red bracts, green leaves, and yellow cyathia. Starting to see where the holiday color scheme comes from? You guessed it, it all stems from Poinsettia.

Poinsettia flowers are native to Mexico and Central America. These plants first made their way to Europe in 1828, courtesy of Joel Roberts Poinsett, the inaugural U.S. ambassador to Mexico. He took cuttings from a plant he discovered in Veracruz and sent them to his wife in Charleston, South Carolina. The rest, as they say, is history.

Poinsettias are typically propagated from cuttings of other Poinsettia plants. The most popular variety is the Mexican Flame, known for its bright red flowers with yellow centers. There are also white and pink varieties with red throats, referred to as California or Oriental Poinsettias.

Embracing the Elegance of Cymbidium Orchids

There’s an undeniable allure to the Cymbidium Orchid, an exotic flower that exudes feminine characteristics. It’s a flower that demands little maintenance yet holds immense cultural significance worldwide, believed to bestow good luck and fortune upon its keepers. Over the years, its symbolic power and grace have garnered it a growing fan base.

Orchids, in general, are symbols of love, fertility, and prosperity, cherished as good luck charms in various parts of the world. The elegant spikes of these white decorative blooms lend a rich texture to floral arrangements, making them an ideal choice for Christmas. Their snowy aesthetic is nothing short of admirable, and they can grace your space for up to a maximum of three weeks.

Charming Carnations: A Delightfully Underrated Choice

Carnations may not steal the spotlight like roses or other show-stopping blooms, but they earn their place on our Christmas flowers list with ease. Their versatility is their secret weapon, captivating florists and floral designers alike. These frilly blooms don a gorgeous tutu skirt of petals and convey primary meanings of devotion, love, and fascination.

Carnations offer a delicate, often lightly fragrant aroma and a wide array of colors and sizes, making them an excellent choice. When cared for properly, they can brighten your home for up to two weeks, spanning from Christmas right into the heart of the New Year, making them the stars of the holiday season.

Hypericum Berries: The Everlasting Foliage

Let’s turn our attention to Hypericum Berries, a favorite among floral designers. But are they blooms or fruits? Well, that depends on how you interpret them. This versatile plant goes by other names, such as St. John’s Wort or Tipton Weed. There are some fabulous Gift Basket Ideas you can also choose from.

Hypericum berries symbolize everlasting love or friendship because they bloom throughout the winter season when most other plants cease to grow in the chilly weather.

Aren’t you loving these splendid Christmas flowers? When combined with holly leaves and pinecones, Hypericum berries make a standout festive gift.

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Radiant Tulips: Instant Joy for the Holidays

Tulips, available year-round, have a remarkable ability to infuse instant joy into your holiday celebrations. Their appearance and the sentiments they carry are especially enchanting to many. A bouquet of tulips conveys a medley of well-wishes, cheerfulness, affection, and attentive care.

For a festive touch during the Christmas season, consider pairing red tulips as accents with white tulips as fillers. These tulip combinations make wonderful gifts for family and friends. And if there’s a December birthday in your midst, rest assured that tulips can serve as a splendid December birthday bouquet as well.

Amaryllis: A Symbol of Rebirth

After Poinsettia, Amaryllis ranks as one of the most beloved Christmas blooms. This remarkable flower symbolizes rebirth and renewal, with its name derived from the Greek word “Amarysso,” meaning “to grow beautifully.”

What makes the Amaryllis flower such a cherished and precious gift? With its tall and robust appearance, the Amaryllis embodies love and ethereal beauty. In the West, it’s beloved for gracefully blooming indoors during winter and the Christmas season.

Amaryllis is a tropical flower and a favorite in warm climates. It’s a fashionable holiday staple in many households. When presented with Amaryllis flowers, no one is left untouched, as their vibrant beauty breathes life into every corner of your home.

Red Roses: Timeless Christmas Elegance

Let’s give a round of applause for Red Roses! These timeless beauties aren’t limited to romantic occasions; they are a natural fit for the Christmas season. The vibrant red hue symbolizes warmth and love, a color that’s synonymous with Christmas, from Santa’s robe to Rudolf’s nose.

A generous bouquet of red roses is a fail-safe choice for the holiday season. The vivid red blossoms rarely disappoint, especially when paired with golden foliage and green berries.

Red roses make stunning table centerpieces, instantly elevating the Christmas dining table’s ambiance. If you’re planning to incorporate red roses into your Christmas decor, we recommend ordering them a few days before the big day arrives.

Design Your Picture-Perfect Christmas Bouquet

Now that we’ve explored these enchanting Christmas flowers and foliage, do you have a picture-perfect Christmas flower bouquet in mind? We’d love to hear which of these Christmas flowers makes your heart skip a beat.

So, go ahead, reach out to White on White, and order one of these magnificent flowers to make your Christmas shine even brighter this year. While you’re at it, why not drop Santa a hint about your Christmas wishes on this special event?

8 Top Christmas Flowers to Send Loved Ones On Holidays

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