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16 Entertainment Ideas for Successful Corporate Events

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What are some of the entertainment ideas for corporate events? Tales of government-subsidized banks hosting opulent soirées to amuse their clients or the sight of partially occupied hospitality tents at prestigious sporting galas, fully paid for, have left a bitter aftertaste for many. However, this article endeavors to shine a light on captivating entertainment concepts meticulously crafted for corporate events. So, let’s embark on a fascinating journey into the realm of corporate entertainment. Amidst the realm of corporate events, the pursuit of extraordinary entertainment ideas takes center stage. In recent times, the reputation of corporate entertainment has weathered its fair share of trials.

Corporate Events: A Gauge of Economic Stability

As the economic tides ebb and flow, the events sector often serves as a dependable barometer of financial stability. Simon Speller of Hillier Hopkins LLP Accountants underscores this correlation. He observes that clients within this sphere began experiencing the repercussions of economic fluctuations as early as 2008, acting as a harbinger of broader economic trends. Presently, Speller confidently attests that his clients bear witness to heightened business activity in the latest quarter, signaling a resurgence of economic confidence.

The Transformation of Corporate Entertainment Budgets

In the pre-Credit Crunch era, corporate entertainment budgets often seemed vast, even boundless, facilitating the orchestration of extravagant gatherings where no expense was spared. Costs soared to great heights, and it became customary for event companies to impose substantial markups on supplier prices, which were subsequently passed on to their clients. However, the prevailing trend now revolves around budget constraints, negotiations over fees, and, in certain cases, the trimming of particular entertainment components.

As an illustration, one of our clients opted to forgo their customary hospitality events for all clients. Instead of whisking 100 clients to Twickenham for a corporate extravaganza featuring an international match, they have transitioned to an intimate gathering of ten high-earning clients, treating them to a match and a delightful curry. This strategic shift translates into savings of £700 per person. Furthermore, scrupulous scrutiny of their guest list has led to a reduction in invitations, with the most coveted ones reserved for their top-performing clients.

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In another scenario, a prominent supermarket chain, despite boasting record profits the previous year, resorted to cost-cutting measures by canceling all Christmas office parties. Traditionally, this department enjoyed a £40,000 budget for festivities, but the corporation hesitated even to host an in-house drinks gathering. The repercussions of canceling such events extended beyond the balance sheet, influencing employee morale and presenting a complex dilemma in terms of cost-effectiveness.

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The True Essence of Corporate Entertainment

Why do businesses invest in elaborate shows and events? Is it solely for amusement, for the sake of appearances, or perhaps a means of self-adulation? While each of these facets may play a role, the primary motivation for corporate entertainment often lies in commercial objectives. Offering employees an unforgettable offsite excursion or a memorable office celebration serves as a heartfelt token of appreciation for their unwavering dedication and commitment. Consequently, the cancellation of such events can engender disappointment within the workforce.

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Nevertheless, at its core, corporate entertainment remains dedicated to the cultivation and nurturing of client relationships. Consider arranging a meeting with a high-earning client at a fast-food establishment—it communicates minimal regard for the client and their business. In contrast, selecting a private, tranquil setting conducive to meaningful business discussions signifies a profound commitment to fostering the business relationship. Similarly, a restaurant offering lackluster service and ambiance, regardless of its price tag, falls short in forging robust business ties when compared to a family-owned establishment, staffed by passionate individuals genuinely invested in their patrons’ satisfaction.

Embracing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

For companies seeking a fresh perspective on in-house events, the infusion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can introduce a novel dimension. In this vein, we have witnessed the emergence of CSR entertainers—individuals whose services are funded through the company’s CSR budget. These performers, often buskers, provide background music while guests contribute to a selected charity by placing donations in their hats. This approach not only incorporates a philanthropic element into the event but also assigns the cost of entertainment to the CSR fund rather than the budget. The outcome? An elevated event quality enriched by live music and a heartwarming charitable endeavor.

Choosing the Ideal Venue

When contemplating an event at an external location, it’s prudent to explore the offerings of the venue’s events team. Considerations span bundled packages that may encompass entertainment options, the availability of cost-effective lodging, the potential for a cash bar, and an assessment of the cost disparity between a buffet and a served dinner.

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Type of Entertainment Concepts

When it comes to crafting unforgettable corporate events, adding the perfect touch of ‘entertainment’ is the icing on the cake. We’ve curated a selection of top-notch entertainment ideas to transform your event into an unforgettable experience. Rather than relying on internet-based options, we strongly recommend turning to reputable agencies where you can engage in meaningful conversations. It’s not always the case that acquaintances of acquaintances can be relied upon!

Musical Ambiance

Consider the enchanting allure of live music during the drinks reception and dinner, elevating the event’s ambiance to new heights. While not always a necessity, having a CSR-funded musician can truly enhance the event’s value. In this context, options abound, from the mellifluous tones of a harpist, the harmonious melodies of a string quartet, the soulful saxophone, and the rhythmic guitar, to the elegant piano.

Post-Dinner Extravaganza

To conclude the evening on a high note and ensure that your guests depart with smiles, incorporating entertainment after dinner is often a splendid idea. Singing Waiters, Surprise Singing Guests and the rhythmic allure of Flamenco Guitarists and Dancers have all captivated audiences and left them wanting more.

Enlightening Orators

Engaging after-dinner speakers can add an intellectual dimension to your event, but it’s crucial to articulate your expectations in the contract. Provide them with ample information about the anticipated audience so they can craft a speech tailored to the crowd’s interests.

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Comedic Interludes

Taking a bold step into the world of comedy can be highly entertaining, yet it’s worth exercising caution. Many comedians delve into territory that may not be suitable for diverse audiences or specialized groups. It’s advisable to consider this option only if you have unwavering confidence in the comedian and a deep understanding of your target audience. An ill-fated choice in comedians has soured several occasions.

Melodic Enchantment

Consider the mesmerizing charm of a Romantic Tenor who regales the audience with Operatic Arias and enchanting Andrea Bocelli melodies. While tribute soloists and bands often fall short of impressing discerning clients, a high-caliber vocalist can truly elevate your event. Be vigilant about sound levels to ensure the performance isn’t overly loud, and take charge of sound checks to make adjustments if necessary. An excessively loud performance can mar the evening, so maintaining control is crucial!

Venue Wisdom

Harness the wealth of knowledge and assistance offered by your chosen venue. They are experts in their domain and may offer invaluable suggestions to enhance your event’s appeal. Corporate entertainment serves as a remarkable conduit for strengthening business relationships. In an era where individuals are tightening their belts, enhancing customer hospitality is a standout strategy.

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Splurging on extravagant entertainment isn’t a prerequisite; what truly matters is attention to detail, ensuring that your clients have an enjoyable experience, and effectively promoting your company. Best of luck as you explore these entertainment ideas for corporate events—a journey where every note strikes a chord of success!

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Diverse Corporate Event Entertainment Concepts

The realm of “entertainment” encompasses a vast array of activities, performances, and event elements. From captivating large-group corporate entertainment ideas to gastronomic delights and beyond, we embark on an exploration of these diverse options:

Delectable Culinary Adventures

Unlocking hearts and sparking conversations, food has an unparalleled ability to unite and delight. So, why not infuse your corporate event with delectable culinary adventures? Here, we present a selection of the most sought-after and exhilarating food-based entertainment concepts:

1. The Whimsical Wonders of Strolling Tables

Immerse your event in an atmosphere of enchantment with the whimsical allure of strolling tables or champagne dresses. In this ingenious and enchanting entertainment concept, the delectable fare and beverages quite literally come to your guests, carried by performers who traverse your event space adorned with tiered displays of appetizers, cocktails, desserts, or other tantalizing delicacies.

These skillful artisans engage with your guests, infusing a delightful dash of whimsy into your gathering. It’s a culinary journey like no other, a spectacle that intertwines fine dining with enchanting entertainment, leaving a lasting impression on your guests’ palates and memories alike.

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4. The DIY Cocktail Extravaganza

Embarking on a DIY cocktail odyssey ensures two delightful outcomes: your guests will relish an enjoyable experience, and their libations will be crafted to precision, tailored precisely to their preferences. Crafting a DIY cocktail bar is a breeze, whether as a hands-on project or under the guidance of a professional mixologist. To embark on this journey, select a signature cocktail—be it an Old Fashioned or a classic martini—and establish a captivating cocktail crafting station.

Populate the table with an array of ingredients, including flavored liqueurs, garnishes, and more, granting guests the creative license to personalize their libations. For a truly opulent touch, consider enlisting a bartending service to ensure a seasoned mixologist is on hand to masterfully guide your guests through the art of cocktail creation.

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3. The Art of Culinary Craftsmanship

Elevate your corporate gathering by embracing the world of gastronomic artistry. Enlist the expertise of a professional chef to lead your guests on a culinary journey from inception to the plate. Now, you may wonder about the distinction between a cooking class and a cooking demonstration. In a cooking class, participants roll up their sleeves, engage with ingredients, and actively partake in the gastronomic creation, allowing them to savor the fruits of their labor.

Conversely, a cooking demonstration is precisely that—an exhibition of culinary prowess where the chef-instructor meticulously details the steps of crafting a delectable dish while attendees observe, often with bated breath. Your choice between these culinary experiences hinges on your group’s size and venue. Whichever path you traverse, the culmination will invariably be a delectable masterpiece.

Enthralling Entertainment for Smaller Gatherings

Small, intimate gatherings deserve no less than sensational entertainment. In fact, these smaller events often provide the ideal canvas for activities that flourish in more exclusive settings. For those cherished moments when you’re hosting a cozier crowd, here are some captivating and unconventional event entertainment ideas:

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1. Kitten or Puppy Playtime Haven

Imagine hosting an employee appreciation event, wellness gathering, or team de-stress soirée featuring an oasis of kittens or puppies! This corporate event idea exudes comfort and delight. Similar to a petting zoo, it’s ideally suited for more intimate groups, ensuring that the littlest, furriest guests are not overwhelmed.

Many animal rescues, humane societies, and animal shelters are willing to collaborate, arranging for a selection of puppies or kittens to join your event within a portable playpen. Guests can indulge in stress-relieving cuddles, and who knows, they might even find a new four-legged family member to adopt! Animal rescue experts affirm that meet-and-greet events like these significantly enhance the prospects of these adorable animals finding their forever homes.

2. The White Elephant Exchange Extravaganza

If your corporate event features a cozy guest list—perhaps your immediate work team, department, or another close-knit circle—and coincides with the holiday season, contemplate introducing a white elephant gift exchange! This timeless corporate party entertainment concept artfully blends the joy of gift-giving with a dash of friendly rivalry, as participants vie for the most coveted items while merrily trading whimsical ones.

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The rules of a white elephant exchange can be customized to align with your group’s preferences, but the fundamental guidelines, as outlined by, entail the following:

– Participants gather in a circle or line to facilitate the visibility of the gift pool.
– The inaugural participant selects a gift from the pool and unwraps it, ensuring that everyone witnesses the unveiling.
– Moving around the circle or down the line, subsequent participants can choose to either select an unwrapped gift from the pool or pilfer a gift from a prior player. Individuals who have had their gifts purloined can follow suit: either choosing a fresh gift or nabbing one from another participant.
– After all participants have had their turns, the initial player is granted the opportunity to swap the gift they currently possess for any other revealed gift. Those whose gifts have been snatched can likewise opt to claim an alternative (provided the new owner has not experienced theft). The game concludes when someone opts not to engage in further thievery.
– Each participant contributes a wrapped gift to the collective pool. These gifts may range from “prized” items like gift cards, gift baskets, and spirits, to whimsical or prank presents. A well-balanced mix of both categories ensures a lively event, so organizers should guide guests on the type of gift to bring. Setting a dollar limit can help maintain balance.

3. Office Superlative Awards Extravaganza

Craft your own awards ceremony by bestowing office superlatives upon your guests! This interactive and enjoyable concept thrives within smaller, more manageable groups, making it particularly well-suited for teams or departments. Pre-establish distinctive superlatives for each guest, ranging from “Most Likely to Arrive Late with Coffee” to “Possessing the Most Team Spirit” and “Never Falls Victim to the Monday Blues.”

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During your event, host an intimate and informal “awards program,” presenting each winner with a well-deserved prize. For added flair, coordinate each award with an apt corresponding prize.

4. Pub Quiz Delight

For gatherings that fall within the smaller to mid-size range, consider the delightful concept of a pub quiz, also known as team trivia. This creative and DIY entertainment option involves crafting a series of questions related to your event’s theme, your company, or popular culture. Guests can form teams, typically arranged by table, injecting an element of spirited competition into the atmosphere.

The team with the most correct answers can bask in the glory of victory, rewarded with enticing prizes. Whether it’s a round of drinks, gift certificates, credits for the company swag store, or another fitting incentive, the choice is yours.

Embracing the Masses: Large Group Activities

When catering to a sizable audience, the challenge lies in curating entertainment with universal appeal. Interactive games, contests, and activities emerge as the linchpin for sustaining guest engagement and excitement throughout your event. Let’s unveil some distinctive entertainment and activity concepts that promise to forge unforgettable experiences:

1. Raffles & Silent Auctions

The allure of winning prizes knows no bounds! Raffles and silent auctions wield tremendous popularity, serving as potent engagement tools and fundraising avenues for charitable causes. The prospect of winning a coveted item or experience at a remarkable party is simply irresistible. To maximize participation, consider setting raffle ticket prices and initial auction bids at attainable levels, inviting a broad spectrum of attendees to partake in the excitement.

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2. The Casino Extravaganza

Step right up to the casino night spectacle! This entertainment concept enthralls both players and onlookers. Organizing a casino night is a breeze—rent popular casino games like blackjack and roulette from reliable vendors, many of whom can also provide seasoned dealers to orchestrate the action. Whether you channel the raised funds towards charity or employ a token system for gambling without real cash, casino nights promise nonstop thrills.

3. Captivating Photo Booths

Photo booths or picturesque backdrops are exceptional corporate entertainment ideas suitable for events of any magnitude, especially when accommodating group photo sessions. You can opt to rent one or more photo booths from corporate entertainment service providers or fashion your backdrop with a smartphone tripod, aligning with your budget constraints.

Don’t forget to introduce an assortment of props to coax guests into whimsical poses! If your event carries a theme, such as a beach soirée or a Roaring ’20s gala, align your photo booth props accordingly—think pool inflatables and shades, or perhaps flapper accessories and vintage coupe glasses.

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4. Enchanting Petting Zoos

Animal encounters leave indelible imprints on hearts, regardless of age. Why not indulge your guests with a petting zoo experience, awakening their inner child? This entertainment gem thrives in outdoor settings or venues accustomed to hosting animals beyond the size of your run-of-the-mill house pet.

Numerous petting zoo companies and animal rescues stand ready to collaborate, bringing friendly goats, sheep, ponies, pigs, and other endearing creatures to your event venue for delightful guest interactions.

5. The Dunk Tank Extravaganza

Picture this: An opportunity to dunk your CEO, company president, or the boss you’ve always wanted to see take the plunge. Enter the rentable dunk tank—an interactive delight that adds zest to corporate events, particularly when coupled with a charitable twist. Attendees can contribute for a chance to test their aim, sending an executive or colleague into a watery abyss. Just ensure the willing victims have a change of attire at the ready!

The Harmonious World of Music Entertainment

It’s an unwritten truth that music is the heartbeat of a remarkable event, infusing it with an aura of vibrancy and vitality that transcends the ordinary and mundane. When it comes to corporate parties, the presence of live music is akin to a symphony of delight for guests, transforming the atmosphere from mundane to mesmerizing. Here, we unveil a selection of unconventional live music concepts designed to elevate your corporate soirée:

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1. Bandeoke: Karaoke Redefined

Prepare to be amazed by “bandeoke,” the live entertainment revelation you never knew you needed! Bandeoke bands are virtuoso musicians who specialize in providing live musical accompaniment for karaoke enthusiasts—yes, that includes you and your colleagues, especially after a few libations.

Choose your favorite song, step into the spotlight, and they’ll harmoniously follow your lead! This extraordinary corporate party entertainment concept guarantees an unforgettable experience that will leave your guests reminiscing about the time they sang alongside a live band for years to come.

2. The Allure of Swing Bands

Swing bands, with their timeless charm and infectious rhythms, never fail to captivate a diverse audience. There’s something magical about the fusion of swing or jazz melodies that entices guests to abandon their seats and take to the dance floor with zest.

When seeking a swing ensemble for your corporate event, opt for one that boasts a charismatic vocalist and offers a repertoire encompassing danceable classics, mellow ballads, and spirited jazz compositions. Alternatively, explore groups that put a contemporary twist on swing with Postmodern Jukebox-style covers of modern chart-toppers. Your guests will be immersed in a world of toe-tapping delight in no time!

3. The Masterful Live DJ

Selecting a stellar DJ for your corporate gathering hinges on more than just spinning tracks; it revolves around curating a live musical journey that engages and energizes the crowd. Seek out DJs with a penchant for crafting their musical experiences in real time, not merely relying on playlists and flashy lighting effects.

Additionally, prioritize DJs with emceeing proficiency if you intend for them to make announcements or introductions during the event. With the right DJ orchestrating the musical symphony, your corporate soirée can effortlessly transform into a sizzling nightclub, if only for a fleeting evening!

4. The Enchanting Roaming Violinist

Picture a professional violin virtuoso gracefully gliding from room to room throughout your event, effortlessly mingling with guests and gracefully fulfilling their musical requests. This is the enchanting essence of a roaming violinist—an exceptional music entertainment choice ideally suited for upscale affairs, fine arts events such as fundraisers and galas, and gatherings hosted within art-centric venues like galleries or museums.

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If your event space spans extensive dimensions, consider the possibility of enlisting multiple musicians to ensure that every attendee has the opportunity to bask in the enchantment of this musical marvel.

Discover Unique Event Venues

While not in the realm of traditional entertainment, exceptional event venues have the power to captivate and enthrall guests all on their own. Here, we present a selection of remarkable event venue ideas that possess the potential to astonish and delight:

1. Brewery Bliss

Raise your glasses and exclaim, “Cheers!” as you step into the captivating world of breweries and cideries. Many of these establishments boast dedicated indoor and outdoor event spaces that are tailor-made for corporate gatherings.

Depending on the size of your guest list, you can opt to reserve a cozy room within your cherished local brewery or, for a grander affair, secure the entire brewery for the duration of your event. Brewery events are cherished for their laid-back ambiance and, of course, the enticing array of craft beers on tap. Elevate the merriment by introducing classic board games such as Scrabble or Yahtzee, allowing the joviality to flow freely.

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2. Aquarium Enchantment

Imagine the spectacle of dining, sipping, and socializing amidst a breathtaking underwater wonderland. Make waves at your next corporate gathering by selecting an aquarium as your venue of choice.

Guests will be spellbound by the ethereal setting and the privilege of exploring world-class collections of vibrant tropical fish, majestic sharks, graceful dolphins, and more—all after normal operating hours. This venue concept is particularly well-suited for sophisticated corporate affairs, including fundraisers and gala events, where the enchanting aquatic backdrop adds a touch of grandeur.

3. Farmstead Frolic

Embrace a casual and jovial atmosphere by taking your event to the heart of the countryside—down on the farm! Numerous hobby farms and small working farms also double as charming event venues, offering a picturesque rural setting, locally sourced culinary delights, and the company of amiable animals that promise to keep your guests entertained.

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Elevate the experience by enlisting a live musician, perhaps a soulful singer-guitarist, or a spirited folk band, and encourage attendees to bring blankets for a laid-back picnic-style gathering.

4. Rustic Elegance at the Heritage Center

For those seeking the rustic allure of a farm without the presence of farm animals (and their distinctive scents), consider the Heritage Center as your event destination. Our historic property exudes quintessential farm aesthetics while eschewing the everyday elements associated with a “working farm.” This is the ideal setting to immerse your guests in a captivating blend of vintage charm and timeless elegance, ensuring a memorable corporate event without compromising on comfort or sophistication.

Final Thought

Corporate entertainment transcends mere extravagance; it plays a multifaceted role in nurturing client relationships, acknowledging employee dedication, and contributing to business success. As budgets evolve and economic landscapes shift, the art of corporate entertainment continues to adapt, discovering innovative ways to craft memorable experiences while upholding fiscal prudence. There are some amazing events you can enjoy by collecting your tickets online.  In this ever-evolving landscape, corporate entertainment remains a vital instrument in the symphony of business relationships, harmonizing commerce with camaraderie.

16 Entertainment Ideas for Successful Corporate Events

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