Vacations made through an Agent vs. Online Booking

(Last Updated On: April 7, 2021)

Vacations made through an agent vs online booking always evoke confusion. If you believe the US Department of Labor and Statistics Bureau, the travel agent industry is shrinking, with jobs declining by about 5 percent between 2016 and 2026. And in an online world where booking a full vacation is easier than ever, it is rarely a surprise. In this article, we will discuss vacations made through an agent vs online booking.

But the industry is far from dead: A study sponsored by the American Society of Travel Agents found that third-party survey firm Lodestar Consulting Partners found that 92 percent of travelers who used a travel agent were expected to consult again. So, should you book everything?

DIY travel facilities

First, the obvious benefits of booking your own travels: Today’s online portals give you instant access to everything from airline flights and rental cars to hotels, with some amazing end-to-end bargaining.

So if you are traveling at a last-minute whiff, there is no need to wait for a travel agent to open up a business or take on a travel program; You just go that way, if the price is your bottom line, and you can save time, you’ll probably save yourself money by it – when Business Insider asked a handful of travel agents to quote their prices for the same itinerary, all but one of the authors. He quoted prices that were higher than the prices he himself received.

Reasons for the use of travel agents

With that said, there are many overriding reasons why people are still leaning towards travel agents.

First, they save you the time and hassle of exploring the many options out there, creating a personalized itinerary that fits your travel priorities and their job on top of special promotions and fine print about things like cancellation fees.

They become a one-stop-shop not only for paying your rent but also for communication – an invaluable park if you plan for a larger group.

And finally, if something goes wrong during your travels, your travel agent can help you solve the problem.

Travel agents offer insider access

If you are already trying to get tickets for an alluring event or attraction that is already booked, the travel agent may be the best way for you.

They often have internal access, especially if you are consulting with a location or event specialist, ‘traveling again.

This can translate into agent-only discounts and, better yet, blocks of seats reserved for members of the travel industry only – which you will never find if you try to book your own.

vacations through agent vs online booking

Ask about fees up front

You pay a fee to use the travel agent’s services – but that fee depends on your travel agent’s company policies.

According to the American Society of Travel Agents, their agents pay an average of $ 36 for average general service bookings for airline ticket bookings.

Other agents may charge an up-front fee for trip research or planning, while others earn their wages from the commission earned on their booking. Don’t be shy – ask your travel agent about fees up front.

Also, if they charge a deposit or trip planning fee, ask whether it can be refunded once you make a reservation and after payment, or if it can be applied to travel expenses.

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Vacations made through an Agent vs. Online Booking

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