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20 Tips How to Get and Retain A More Positive Mindset

how to get a positive mindset

People ponder a lot on how to get a positive mindset. In fact, having a positive attitude is difficult, but keeping a positive attitude is challenging. In the realm of well-meaning advice, you’ve probably encountered those urging you to “just be positive” or to “look on the bright side!”

While their intentions may be genuine, the reality is that life’s challenges, from the heartbreak of a breakup to the burden of caring for an ailing family member or the blow of being laid off from work, can make such admonitions an arduous feat.

Yet, amidst the labyrinth of optimism lies a revelation – being a positive individual is not necessarily synonymous with an eternal state of positivity but rather an embodiment of resilience, intertwined with a touch of realism.

As elucidated by Jo Eckler, PsyD, an Austin-based therapist and author, the essence of positivity lies in fostering hope and confidence in one’s ability to navigate adversities, while recognizing that life is not an eternal abyss of negativity.

“Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new path.” Germany Kent

What does it imply to have an optimistic outlook?

The means of an optimistic outlook is definitely quite simple.

It’s a mindset, effective, positive slightly more than negative. It mustn’t be via ‘rose-colored’ glasses or not being lifelike in regards to the trials of life, however, it’s about being on the lookout for the nice and alternatives in a scenario, slightly more than the unhealthy.

It’s having the assured perception that issues will all the time work out for the most effective and anticipating the most effective in life usually.

“Our life is the creation of our mind.” Buddha

What are the advantages of getting an optimistic perspective? Take into consideration anyone you understand who has an optimistic perspective or outlook on life. I’m prepared to guess that they’re happier, well-liked by others, and less careworn.

Along with this, folks with optimistic outlooks have a tendency to maneuver via obstacles and round issues in life faster – studying from errors and never letting such issues have an effect on their future.

They don’t dwell on issues however transfer ahead in life regardless of laborious instances. They’re prone to be extra profitable in life, largely resulting from this optimistic outlook (or ‘progress mindset’) that they possess. In the abstract, listed below are simply a few of the advantages of getting an extra optimistic outlook on life:

  • Reduces stress resulting from much less worrying,
  • Helps together with your emotional and physical health,
  • You develop higher coping abilities,
  • You might be happier,
  • You turn out to be extra assured,
  • You encompass yourself with positivity and optimistic folks (as a result of it’s contagious and likable!)

“A positive mind finds opportunity in everything. A negative mind finds fault in everything.” Unknown

How to get and retain a positive mindset?

“If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.” Anonymous

Embracing a perspective that identifies glimmers of sunshine and moments of respite within the darkest of situations, it emerges that such a disposition influences not only one’s quality of life, with studies revealing that optimists often enjoy superior mental and physical health, but it may also impact one’s longevity. Astonishingly, a 2019 study divulged that individuals embodying the highest levels of optimism boasted an 11 to 15 percent longer lifespan, on average, compared to those who tended to shy away from the realms of positive thinking.

If you find yourself naturally entwined with cynical thoughts, fret not, for all is not lost. There exists a repertoire of positive-thinking techniques, seamlessly assimilated into your life, that can gently coax your brain toward the horizon of optimism. Eager to share their wisdom, a host of mental health experts and psychologists have unveiled their most treasured strategies for cultivating positivity, transforming your existence into a tapestry of contentment, health, and self-assuredness.

1. Preserving an optimistic mindset

I do know, it’s a lot simpler to state than achieved. Particularly if it’s been a long-ingrained behavior, which is an answer on how to get a positive mindset.

Step one is knowing that you’re answerable for your ideas and the way you act in the direction of issues that occur. It’s about altering your habits around your outdated mindset. Right here are some things to strive for:

2. Bombard your thoughts with positivity

Does the information deliver you down? This isn’t about denying the unhealthy issues happening on this planet, however, it’s about not dwelling on the unhealthy and as a substitute placing extra emphasis on the optimistic.

Select to learn and take heed to inspiring podcasts, books, and packages in your commutes. Collate a listing of songs that raise your temper and create an ‘optimistic playlist’.

3. Self-Affirmations: The Pathway to Positive Reinvention

Embarking on the journey to rewire your brain and embrace a more positive outlook can be achieved through the empowering tool of self-affirmation. As affirmed by psychotherapist and certified sex and couples therapist, Lee Phillips, self-affirmations act as potent catalysts, propelling you towards positivity when self-criticism threatens to overshadow your experiences.

Imagine enveloping yourself in affirmations such as “It is okay if I have outgrown certain relationships in my life. It just means the changes and growth in our lives have taken us in different directions,” or “I deserve to show up for myself and set a boundary when I am getting frustrated.” These empowering statements resonate deep within, forging a path toward a brighter emotional horizon.

4. The Power of a Personal Mantra

In a manner akin to self-affirmations, personal mantras offer an enlightening avenue to shape your perception of self. When the incessant chatter of self-doubt clouds your consciousness, envision yourself as your own staunchest ally – a confidant, a friend. Allow the comforting rhythm of your words to penetrate the depths of your soul, speaking to yourself in the second or third person, as if bestowing encouragement upon your dearest companion.

Create a mantra that serves as a guiding light – an embodiment of your strength and tenacity. Banish self-doubt with phrases such as “You can get through this” or “Jane can get through this.” Embrace empowering statements like “I’m allowed to take up space” or “I deserve to have joy in my life.” For, as studies have shown, this act of self-talk can influence your thoughts, emotions, and actions, propelling you towards brighter prospects.

5. Unlock the Wisdom within Negative Thoughts

In the throes of worry and concern, rumination often seizes control, pulling you into a vortex of incessant analysis. Instead of becoming ensnared in the web of the problem itself, turn your attention towards the solution. Shifting your focus from “I can’t believe I tanked that job interview!” to “What can I do to avoid tanking the next job interview?” unlocks the potential to transform rumination into a constructive problem-solving endeavor.

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6. Amidst the Labyrinth of Adversity, Kindness Prevails

Within the tapestry of life, adversities will undoubtedly emerge. Embrace them with a tender heart, granting yourself the space to feel and process the emotions that accompany them. Suppressing stress and grief is neither fruitful nor healthful. Allow yourself the gift of acceptance, as demonstrated by a 12-year study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health and the University of Rochester. Individuals who embraced their emotional experiences without judgment exhibited better psychological health, fostering resilience in the face of stressors.

7. The Power of Positive Words

The words we choose wield tremendous power, not only influencing our internal landscape but also radiating outward, shaping the perceptions of those around us. As asserted by happiness researcher and author, Michelle Gielan, the language we employ during conversations becomes a conduit for transmitting stress. By fostering a conversation with a positive statement, you set the stage for an optimistic exchange.

Transform the customary greeting of “I’m so stressed and busy!” to “I just had the best turkey and avocado sandwich for lunch. How’s your day going?” By infusing your words with positivity, you exude an aura that is equally inviting, inviting a reciprocal cycle of positive energy. As aptly expressed by Oprah, the energy we put forth into the world becomes the energy we receive in return. By consciously amplifying positivity through thought, feeling, and speech, you attract a harmonious symphony of optimism.

In the realm of self-discovery, the journey toward positivity reveals itself as an art form, painting the canvas of your life with vibrant hues of contentment, vitality, and fulfillment. Embrace the strategies bestowed upon you, allowing their transformative essence to infuse your existence with hope and resilience. In the realm of the positive, opportunities for growth, healing, and happiness await – seize them with open arms and an open heart.

8. Have Confidence in your individual skills

Get to know yourself, and focus on your strengths, slightly than your weaknesses. Perceive your finest abilities and skills and play them up!

Sure, all of us have weaknesses – simply don’t give attention to what you can’t change. If there’s something that you are able to do to enhance, then take motion and work to make enhancements.

9. Keep Productive

Similar to being damaging can scale back productivity, being productive can really enhance positivity, which is an answer to how to get a positive mindset. After we really feel productive and have completed one thing (ticked off issues on our to-do listing for instance), we’re extra assured in ourselves and optimistic.

Stack the percentages in your favor and set out most of the 5 most necessary duties for the day. Get them achieved very first thing in the morning (a la Eat that Frog) and revel in your positivity to hold you on all through the day.

10. Apply Gratitude

The advantages of practicing gratitude are plain. A giant one is that being grateful places you within the state of being optimistic and focusing your consideration there, which is an answer to how to get a positive mindset.

The nice factor is that practicing gratitude is easy and doesn’t take plenty of time to turn out to be a behavior. Merely journaling a number of issues every day that you’re grateful for can have an unlimited influence.

11. Live in the lap of nature

Delve into the sanctuary of nature, for within its embrace, positive thoughts bloom, and stress dissolves like raindrops evaporating in sunlight. Engaging with the outdoors heralds a cascade of positive thinking, alleviating stress while fueling creativity and cognition. Do not be disheartened if an extensive hike eludes your grasp, for even as little as 17 minutes per day, spent exploring your neighborhood or wandering amidst a local park, unveils an enriched sense of well-being.

Not confined to the physical realm, the great outdoors can also find its place within the confines of your home or office, manifested through the verdant companionship of plants or the enchanting allure of nature scenes on digital screens. Like an artist splashing colors onto a blank canvas, allow nature to paint its magic on your spirit.

12. Art of meditation

Seek solace in the art of meditation, for though it may not pay bills or clear piles of laundry, its embrace stretches towards stress, anxiety, and sleep issues. Embrace mindful moments, even just for a few minutes each day, nurturing hope amidst darkness. As life’s tapestry of challenges and negative thoughts unfolds, practice the art of observing them without surrendering to their dominion, as advised by Jo Eckler, PsyD, an illuminating therapist.

Dare to venture into the realm of meditation, seeking guidance from seasoned practitioners or gentle apps that cradle your journey with care. Like Oprah, who savored transcendence in the fragrance of her shower gel, celebrate the pleasures that grace the contours of your existence.

13. Write your diary

Reflect upon your best self, as the possibilities of your future unfold like delicate petals in the gentle breeze of time. Grasp the journal’s embrace and envision a life where every aspect unfolds with perfection, honing in on the qualities required to attain this ideal existence. Through this introspective exercise, you align with the path leading to your most radiant self.

14. Mix with positive people

Every day, immerse yourself in the transformative realm of gratitude, for its power should never be underestimated. A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology unfolds a profound revelation: writing about the things we are grateful for leads to heightened happiness and optimism. So, why not venture into the enchanting territory of gratitude journals, and each night, spend five to 10 minutes penning down five aspects of life you cherish?

From the warm embrace of a supportive circle of friends to the delectable dessert lovingly crafted by your partner, weave a tapestry of gratitude in a digital note, a daily calendar, or a cherished notebook. To further amplify the resonance of gratitude, consider composing heartfelt letters to those who have been particularly kind, as research suggests it embellishes the canvas of happiness.

15. Give back

Discover the art of giving back, for volunteering does not solely illuminate the lives of recipients; its rays also bask upon the giver. Research unveiled in the Journal of Happiness Studies proclaims that those who have volunteered within the past year exhibit greater satisfaction with life and enhanced well-being.

Embrace the problems that surpass your own, whether through shelters, schools, or hospitals, as recommended by Jamie Parisi, Ph.D., and let the cycle of gratitude and kindness spiral towards infinity.

In the realm of kindness, even a modest gesture ignites a beacon of joy. The Review of General Psychology reveals that performing three to five acts of kindness daily for six weeks engenders profound increases in happiness.

Shower the world with your warmth: offer a hand to an elderly neighbor, place a coin in an expired meter, send flowers to a friend without reason, compliment the first person you encounter each day, donate blood, leave thank-you notes, assist the visually impaired, and embrace a cascade of kindness. Such acts validate the existence of kindness in the world and open the gates for its return.

16. Exercise

Unveil the link between exercise and exuberance, as a mere 10 minutes per week catapults individuals into the realm of cheerfulness. Whether within the confines of a vigorous online workout, the serenity of yoga at home, or the exhilaration of a 5K run, exercise weaves a tapestry of happiness.

Our bodies are supposed to maneuver, which is an answer to how to get a positive mindset. And the endorphins which might be produced by the common train will assist with getting and preserving an optimistic outlook. Try this text in the event you want a bit of convincing on the advantages of train and optimistic moods.

17. Exchange ‘I’ve to’ with ‘I get to’

Main on from the idea of practicing gratitude – it is a small trick I learn someplace a number of years in the past and wow, it really works so effectively, which is an answer on how to get a positive mindset. It offers the boring, trivial, and uninspiring duties a face-lift or improvement of types.

Having to wash the home (that by no means appears to remain tidy!) will be an infinite, thankless process – till I say ‘I get to wash my home….’. It jogs my memory shortly that I have a house to tidy and I have to kick myself again right into a grateful state.

18. Search for the chance

Make it a behavior to ask your self “What’s the alternative or lesson right here?” When one thing goes incorrect, it’s straightforward to lose our cool, seek who is responsible, and immediately take a pessimistic and even typically ‘sufferer’ stance.

You don’t even have to attend to do that out. Take into consideration the final time one thing went incorrect in any space of your life: “What’s the alternative or lesson?”

Some examples are tougher to query than others, however, there may be all the time one thing that may be learned, improved on for a subsequent time, or one other door can open.


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19. Morning routine

The way you begin your day is the way it tends to proceed, which is an answer to how to get a positive mindset. Begin robust by establishing routines and habits that put you right into an optimistic mindset.

Take into consideration what will get you off to a very good beginning in the morning – is it training, meditation, or time to get up slowly, learn, and play together with your children? Find time for the issues that make you cheerful and optimistic in the morning and begin robustly.

Take into consideration what phrases, phrases, and tones you simply use on a regular basis in life.

20. Know Your Why

All of us want a goal or motive for doing what we do, which is an answer to how to get a positive mindset. As soon as you’re employed out what your causes are, then it offers you an extra path and means that you can give attention to the correct issues. Getting and preserving an optimistic outlook isn’t all the time a straightforward process. However, one which effectively prices striving for!

There will all the time be instances in life after we can’t all the time be optimistic – and that’s comprehensible. However, what we will manage, is how we react to what’s going on and the way this then carries over to our mindset – our emotional and bodily well-being and finally our success in life.

Are they inspiring phrases or are they damaging?

Generally, it may be laborious for us to understand that we naturally have a pessimistic tone in the direction of explicit issues. Ask somebody near you for some constructive suggestions about issues that you simply may say would have a damaging tone. Don’t shoot the messenger, however, take on board the suggestions and take into consideration how one can change the phrases you employ in these cases.

“When you change damaging ideas with optimistic ones, you’ll begin having optimistic outcomes.” Willie Nelson

All of us have these folks in our lives that drain us. They are often damaging, complainers, and can discover the faults in everything. And it’s not all the time as straightforward as slicing them from our lives.

However, you’ll be able to be taught to steer the conversations away from the negatives and alter the topic typically. Higher nonetheless, use the expertise to remind yourself of the way you don’t wish to be!

Try to enhance the time you’ll be able to spend surrounded by individuals who share your optimistic outlook on life.

“You’re the common of the 5 people you spend probably the most time with.” Jim Rohn

Final thought

Gaze upon the paradox of not trying too hard, for happiness thrives when free from the burden of forced pursuit. Dr. Jamie Gruman explores the balance, distinguishing between thoughts about fostering happiness, which can be detrimental, and actions taken to enhance happiness, which prove beneficial.

Let happiness bloom as a natural byproduct of an engaged life, where deeds that foster joy flow effortlessly and effortlessly. In the symphony of life, happiness finds its melody when we let go of excessive pondering, and simply allow it to grace our existence.

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