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Celebrity Galapagos Cruises: Complete Guide & Review

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Celebrity Cruises Galapagos are doing well to entertain the passengers with reputation and comfort. Many really feel relaxed realizing that the well-established Superstar Cruises, a line that in any other case remains busy with its fleet of big 2,000 to three,000-passenger mega-ships, is behind the operation.

Embarking on a voyage to the wondrous Galapagos Islands aboard a Celebrity Cruises ship promises an extraordinary experience, unrivaled and cherished for a lifetime. This destination, relatively untouched by human interference, exudes a magnetic allure, drawing in adventurers seeking untouched wilderness.

Prepare to be mesmerized by the abundance of wildlife and the breathtaking vistas of volcanic islands, all cradled in the embrace of a warm and pleasant climate, sure to captivate even the most discerning cruisers. To further elevate this unparalleled journey, Celebrity Cruises’ ships stand as paragons of modernity, furnished with all essential amenities and accommodations, ensuring an enchanting and enjoyable cruise.

This article will give an overview of celebrity cruises Galapagos, travel guide, fare, booking, amenities, reviews, and features.

Celebrity Cruises Galapagos

Superstar launched the 100-passenger, 296-foot CELEBRITY XPEDITION again in 2004, a groundbreaking transfer on the time for a mainstream cruise line, to sail year-round within the Galapagos Islands in the name of celebrity cruises Galapagos

The the-mini cruise ship, or mega-yacht as the corporate refers to it, carries 5 zodiac touchdown craft onboard for rides to distant seashores, bays, and snorkeling websites, for up-close encounters with sea lions, turtles, colleges of fish, and marine birds, specifically the well-known frigates and blue-footed boobies.

Many locations promise guests the prospect of “stepping again into the past.” A Superstar XpeditionsTM to the Galapagos Islands may be the finest exemplifies that promise, as you’re taken to a vacation spot that helped to form one of many world’s main scientific doctrines.

The Galapagos are often known as the inspiration for Charles Darwin’s principle of evolution, this cluster of islands is so remoted that a lot of its creatures can’t be discovered anyplace else on earth.

From the enormous tortoises that bear the Galapagos title to the marine iguanas and “Darwin” finches, the Galapagos islands afford guests the prospect to look at a residing laboratory of adaptation.

Superstar Cruises presents friends with this uncommon, up-close expertise with the smallest doable environmental effect on those valuable shores.

The 48-passenger M/V ECLIPSE and the 16-passenger catamaran M/C ATHALA II — each of which began year-round cruises in March 2017 have been changed in mid-2019 by the model new 100-passenger ship, the CELEBRITY FLORA, for the Galapagos.

The ship, 12 months Delivered & Passengers

CELEBRITY XPEDITION (constructed 2001, 100 passengers); CELEBRITY FLORA (b. 2019, 100 p.). The crew is usually Ecuadorian.

Celebrity Expeditions

CELEBRITY FLORA entered service in mid-2019. * Photograph: Superstar Expeditions

Passenger Profile

Wildlife-loving, eco-minded {couples} and households from North America principally (click on HERE for a child’s overview), with a sprinkling of passengers from the UK and Europe, who’ve all the time dreamed of going to the Galapagos Islands. Some have cruised on guardian firm Superstar’s mega-ships.

Passenger Decks

XPEDITION, four decks, and an elevator connect four of them; CELEBRITY FLORA, 6 decks, and an elevator between all however highest deck.

Included Options

On packages of 10 nights or extra, guided shore excursions, suggestions, wine, spirits, and all drinks all through the cruise, plus round-trip airfare between Quito and Baltra, 2 lodges nights earlier than and 1 after in Quito (on the mainland) with switch and meals. Snorkeling gear and wetsuits are all the time included.


7-, 10-, 11-, 13- and 15-night cruise packages round-trip from the island of Baltra, the place islands’ predominant airport. You additionally add on over-land excursions to Peru’s Machu Picchu.

Highlights embody Kicker Rock, gorgeous stacks of towering volcanic rock formations which might be residence to many species of nesting birds together with blue-footed boobies; the seashores of Cerro Brujo for shut encounters with sea lions; and deep-sea snorkeling off the coast of Isla Isabela to gaze on sea turtles, penguins, and marine iguanas feeding on underwater algae.

The addition of the 2 new ships vastly expanded Superstar’s itinerary choices within the Galapagos, with routes now stopping on the white sand seashores of Puerto Villamil on Isabela Island, the submerged caldera at Darwin Bay on Genovesa Island, and the mango estuary of Black Turtle Cove on Santa Cruz Island.

Some go to the volcanic Chinese language Hat Islet and Wall of Tears, a wall constructed by prisoners at a penal colony on Isabela Island in the 1940s and 50s.

What is included in the Celebrity Galapagos Cruise?

The Galapagos cruise offers a comprehensive package, granting passengers a seven-night sojourn aboard one of Celebrity Cruises’ exceptional vessels. This all-encompassing voyage encompasses stateroom accommodation, tantalizing meals, and an array of beverages, be it a refreshing drink or a soothing cup of coffee.

Immerse yourself in the wonders of the digital world with complimentary internet access, or savor the tranquility of your private space with room service at your beck and call. Unveil the mysteries of the Galapagos with enriching entertainment programs, thoughtfully curated to captivate your imagination. As you venture into the depths of the ocean, complimentary snorkeling equipment stands ready to unveil the wonders of the aquatic realm.

Prepare to be enlightened by knowledgeable lectures and naturalist guides, and fret not, for tips are included, ensuring a seamless experience. Discover the enchantment of The Galapagos National Park, as the admission fee is effortlessly incorporated into the cruise package. Furthermore, seamless transfers to and from Baltra, as well as to or from the Galapagos airport, are deftly managed, ensuring an unencumbered journey.

When is the best time to travel to the Galapagos Islands?

As the calendar unveils its pages, ponder the ideal time to set sail for the enchanting Galapagos Islands. While this destination beckons year-round, the window of December to May unveils the most auspicious opportunity to immerse yourself in its splendor. Bask in the warmth of these months, ideal for exhilarating diving and snorkeling experiences, and savor the delightful weather, with sunny days punctuated by gentle tropical rains, a mesmerizing dance of elements.

On the other hand, a voyage between June and November offers a different but equally captivating spectacle. Tropical showers metamorphose into invigorating trade winds, creating an opportune moment for hiking and encountering oceanic wildlife, further enriching the Galapagos experience.

What to wear on a Celebrity Galapagos Cruise?

As you embark on this extraordinary escapade, ponder the question of attire, for the Galapagos demands special consideration. For daytime excursions and shore adventures, equip yourself with long-sleeved clothing to shield against the whims of insects. A rain jacket stands as a shield against unexpected showers, while a stylish hat and sunglasses adorn your visage, complementing your ensemble. Arm yourself with insect repellent, lightweight pants, and shorts, ensuring both comfort and practicality.

A collection of shirts adorns your wardrobe, ready for every occasion, while a warm jacket ensures you remain cozy on cool evenings. A pair of comfortable shoes, complemented by socks, facilitate seamless exploration. Should aquatic delights beckon, don a swimsuit and indulge in the marvels of the ocean, complemented by a trusty pair of sandals. Finally, a backpack stands as your trusty companion, accommodating water and other essentials, as you embark on your Galapagos odyssey.

How much are Celebrity Cruises to Galapagos?

As you traverse the realm of Galapagos cruises, the question of cost inevitably arises. Celebrity Cruises to Galapagos offer an unparalleled experience, reflected in their status as the newest, largest, and premium vessels. Opt for the luxurious voyage onboard either Celebrity Xpedition or Celebrity Flora, vessels crafted exclusively for Galapagos cruises, boasting advanced comfort, opulent suites, and exceptional amenities.

The investment in a Celebrity Galapagos cruise may be substantial, but the dividends manifest as a once-in-a-lifetime journey, etched indelibly in your memory. Moreover, unique offerings, discounts, and group rates present enticing opportunities, ensuring that this remarkable voyage remains accessible to all aspirants of adventure.

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Cabins at celebrity cruises Galapagos

On all three, all cabins are exterior with balconies, home windows, and/or portholes. XPEDITION has 13 suites and all cabins have a sitting space, desk, TV, hairdryers, protection, and bathrobes. FLORA is an all-suite ship, and the usual suite, the Sky Suite, will measure 33 sq. ft and have an Infinite Veranda.

The doorways to the Infinite Veranda can slide to the aspect to make the veranda a seamless part of the room.

When the doorways are closed, making a separate veranda space, the highest of floor-to-ceiling exterior windows may be lowered to the open air. FLORA additionally has a number of greater, posher suites.

The highest-of-the-line pair of nook Penthouse Suites, 1,288 sq. ft/120 sq. meters every, function massive verandas (321 sq. ft/30 sq. meters) and loos (196 sq. ft/18 sq. meters) with floor-to-ceiling home windows.

The ship has been kept in place without utilizing an anchor which may harm the ocean flooring and stabilizers that function successfully at 0-speed. Seawater is processed to contemporary for all wants.

Public Rooms at Celebrity Cruises Galapagos

Ships have two eating areas and a windowed lounge for each day’s lectures by the onboard naturalists. Everyone has a bar, with XPEDITION additionally boasting a small dance flooring and a piano too. XPEDITION’s outside Blue Finch bar on the Promenade is the place for drinks with nice views of the islands.

As the biggest of the trio, XPEDITION affords essentially the most facilities, with a small fitness center, co-ed sauna, therapeutic massage room, and a small boutique.

All three have a sun deck with padded chaise lounges for sunbathing and stress-free, and everyone has a sizzling tub. The CELEBRITY FLORA could have Darwin’s Cove, a spot the place passengers can chat with the naturalists who lead excursions and provides informative talks.

There might be one naturalist piece of information for each dozen passengers. Briefings might be delivered in FLORA’s Discovery Lounge, the place there’s a full bar, a stage for leisure, and comfortable seating.

The lounge’s partitions are practically all glass, making one another an excellent place to absorb the views. FLORA has loads of open-air areas on the highest deck for lounging and observing wildlife and a stargazing platform. 4 rental cabanas can be found for privacy by day or sleeping below the celebrities.

Dining at celebrity cruises Galapagos

Every boat has two comparatively casual eating venues, one indoor and one al fresco, with open-seating tables of six and eight. Continental delicacies incorporates regionally caught fish and contemporary greens and fruits from the area, plus fundamentals like a roast rooster, ribs, and kinds of pasta. No jackets or formal dressings are required.

On XPEDITION, the alfresco Beagle Grill on the stern of Deck 6 is an informal place serving burgers, sizzling canines, pizza, salads, and the like, and generally, there’s a grilled seafood feast at lunchtime. Normally as soon as per cruise there’s a beautiful barbecue on the deck below the celebrities.

On FLORA, in addition to the Seaside Restaurant, open for all meals, the ship could have an informal various, the Ocean Grill, with panoramic views and the chance to dine below The celebrities.

Activities & Entertainment at celebrity Cruises Galapagos

The islands themselves and the wildlife you’ll encounter are the large stars with sometimes two excursions per day. When onboard, then, most passengers are wanting to loosen up and watch the surroundings from the decks, look by way of the reference books within the small libraries, or take heed to each daily talk by the naturalists.

You too can slot in a fitness center exercise on XPEDITION. A marina in CELEBRITY FLORA’s stern will make it straightforward to step into Zodiacs for the frequent nature excursions — mountain climbing, swimming, and snorkeling — that characterize a Galápagos cruise. A staircase leads from the marina to the Sunset Lounge, an out of doors area with a plunge pool.

In the evenings, it’s drunk with pals at the bar, and on most cruises, native entertainers come on board for a number of hours to do a piece of standard Ecuadorian music, singing, and dance efficiency.

One other spotlight is a slideshow of passengers’ encounters with wildlife throughout the course of the cruise.

Alongside the Similar Traces

Lindblad Expeditions.

Final thought

As the allure of the Galapagos beckons, seize this chance to revel in nature’s majesty, poised to etch its indelible mark upon your soul. Embrace the promise of a journey that transcends the ordinary, venturing into a realm where every moment unfurls as a breathtaking canvas of wonder and awe. Aboard Celebrity Cruises ships, venture forth into the embrace of the Galapagos, discovering the true essence of a lifetime’s voyage.

Celebrity cruises Galapagos Contact

1050 Caribbean Way, Miami, FL 33132; 888-751-7804.


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