Celebrity Cruise Excursions Good for Families

celebrity cruise excursions
(Last Updated On: April 7, 2021)

While Celebrity Cruise excursions are best known as a luxury line – and it refers to the adults it receives – it also offers a wide selection of family-friendly programming, suitable for travelers of all generations.

This article will give an overview of Celebrity Cruise excursions, good for the family.

Celebrity cruises are a great choice for multi-generation cruisers, as they are generally known for hosting a mature and sophisticated crowd.

They still manage to keep high-quality elegance, quality, and services while staying in families with customized kids programs and facilities.

Celebrity cruises offer friendly opportunities for kids that are unique to other cruise lines. There is something for every family member, from flexible eating to various youth programs to the highest decks to a wide grass lawn.

Celebrity Cruise excursions

Celebrities also provide a personalized experience where staff members address you by name and personal attendees are there for your every need.

Ship Specifications

Celebrity was founded and marketed in 1989 by the Chandris Group in Greece as a major ship operator for Celebrity Cruise excursions.

In 1997, the cruise line was acquired by Royal Caribbean and now operates as a sister company.

With a total of 10 ships, the former small-ship cruise line offers personalized service to their newer, larger vessels. Since 25, Celebrity has built 122,000 tonnes of ships, excluding the Carnival Dream – larger than all carnival fleets.

These ships carry 2,5 passengers, while others in the fleet provide less than 2,5 spaces. Due to the interior design, the full-capacity ship feels even half-empty. Passengers rarely experience lines or overcrowding.

The Celebrity Cruise excursions is full of ships. The Celebrity Expedition itself is in the class. It is a small ship of 2,329 tonnes which carries only 98 passengers.

Recently, Celebrity Century, one of the first ships, was re-released from a major renovation that included 314 porches, 14 suites, and 10 staterooms. Celebrity silhouette is expected to fall 2011 and celebrity echo in 2012.

Ports and destinations

Worldwide cruise lines, celebrities have 190 ports worldwide. Celebrities don’t just venture into Asia as a place.

Itineraries include Europe, Alaska, Panama Canal, South America, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Canada, and New England. Antarctica “drive-bys” are also available.

U.S. homeports are in New York, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Honolulu, San Diego, and Seattle. Canada also has a major port in Vancouver.

Caribbean tours are the most popular in the family and are short in length, usually lasting four to seven days. Celebrities in the Caribbean stop at more than 35 ports, including Shangri-La, Antigua, and Paradise Beach on Cozumel Island.

Outside itineraries offer a variety of itineraries that you can tailor to specific trips. Families in the harbor can get stingrays, parasailing on the beach, sailing on kayaks under glass or making sandcastles or the leading ships heading to the Caribbean are Celebrity Solstice, Silhouette, Equinox, Eclipse and Millennium.

Another family favorite, Alaska’s Inside Passage is best seen by cruise ships. Prince William offers fascinating views of the glaciers that surround the Sound. Cruises stop at Denali State Park and Brooke Falls to get up close and personal with passengers, including bears and tacos.

Travelers get enough time on the land with the tour director to describe the state’s natural wonders.

Celebrity Cruise excursions Century, Infinity and Millennium travel to Alaska between May and September. Usually, the cruise departs from the west coast called Seattle or Vancouver.

The Celebrity Expedition Ship travels to a significant Galাapagos island. Celebrity is the only large ship’s line that runs the islands for year-round travel.

Transatlantic Travels Travels to Israel via Celebrity Equinox. Celebrities are one of the few cruise lines to travel to these two exotic destinations.

Check out guide of the Celebrity Cruise excursions to what this line has to offer, as well as some new features added to the fleet:

Celebrity Youth and Family Programming onboard

Celebrities have divided their complimentary youth programs into five age-appropriate categories:

Toddler time under 3 years old; Kids must be strongly trained to participate but parents can accompany them if they are not.

Shipmate 3 to 5 years
Cadets range from 6 to 8 years
Signs 9 to 11 years
Teens to 12 years

Fun Factory is a place for travelers from 3 to 11 years old to pass from 9am to 10pm daily. It is specifically designed for young cruisers with the latest gaming (ships equipped with Xbox stations for players of all ages), movies, sports, adventure science activities, crafts, treasure haunts, theme parties, karaoke, and more.

There are late-evening activities ($ 6 / hour per child) for parents who need time alone. In conjunction with Autism on the Sea, Celebrity Cruise has achieved Autism Friendly Cruise Line status for accessible inclusion in autistic and developmentally delayed children.

X-Club Teen Entertainment is a place for teenagers ages 12 to 17 to hang out, use gaming consoles, participate in nightly social events, play sports, and watch movies on staff supervision, massages, mani / pedis, styling sessions and more.

The Open Canyon Ranch Spa has a special Teen Bliss Spa menu. Celebrity Launches the Free iTech Program, where aspiring young directors learn to shoot and edit videos using the latest technology. ITech is available on Celebrity EyeLounge on all ships.

Family travel at Celebrity Cruise excursions

Pagers are available to parents of children with special needs or allergies, with a limited number available.

The babysitting stateroom is available for $ 19 per hour for three children individually. On port days, kids ages 3-10 need $ 6 per hour, dinner and late-night group activities, and advance registration.

Children’s Camp A-C Stem (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) provides a fun and educational programs with projects, creative arts, culinary and recreational activities.

Families can spend time together in pools and water play areas, play basketball, boxes and crotch courts, and share cooking classes.

Fun for adults at Celebrity Ships

Celebrity Cruise excursions have a reputation for outstanding service and above-average rental rates, great for parents looking for a date night.

Celebrity Cruise excursions offers a range of activities for adults such as fitness activities, dance lessons, food and wine pairing workshops, chef-guided tournaments, presentation of expert speakers, art exhibits and auctions, and daytime language classes.

Celebrity Cruise excursions performing on Broadway / West End Tribute shows, aerial acrobatic performances, live musical performances, celebrity celebrities as well as celebrity and outdoor concerts among celebrities for better service to parents and average fare than date night. The juggler and the magician The acting.

With a focus on the culinary industry, chefs performing Michelin will create world-class inspired dishes with local ingredients.

There are two dining styles – Maine Dining, the main restaurant is held and a fixed schedule is held each night, or Celebrity Cruise excursions Select Dining gives travelers the option to eat at their leisure. There is a special restoration for the Lido deck and casual dining is also offered

What’s New in Celebrity Cruise Ships

In the summer of 2017, Celebrity Equinox embarked on a year-long Caribbean trip from Miami to seek summer travel to the East and West Caribbean Islands.

On these cruises, Summer Camp for Summer entertains kids ages 3 to 17, including fun and educational activities including adventure through science and video production.

Celebrity Cruise excursions recently launched an exclusive cruise and new itinerary with an adventure cruise to the Galাapagos Islands, a 10- to 15-night voyage led by expert naturalists from the Galapagos Islands.

They will be available in the latest Expeditions and 24-Strom’s Experience and 8-storm (full-ship charters) exploration, both of which have upgraded millions of dollars. Fleeta, the new fleet of ships, whose debut May 26, 2019, will also travel to the Galapagos Islands.

Celebrity cruise line staterooms

The staterooms include telephone, clean, hairdryer, mini-bar, and converted twin beds. Each room offers a television close-circuit movie and a Sony video game. Families who want balconies can have it.

celebrity cruise excursions

If this is important to you, check out Millennium-class vessels, which provide 56% of their room.

Family Oceanview staterooms feature floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, a second bedroom with a small bed for kids, a sofa convertible trundle bed and porch seating.

Unfortunately, family rooms do not come with bathtubs, and crabs are not available. Complimentary beach towels and 24-hour room service are provided.

Laundry service is also available for an additional fee. The suites come with a DVD player, equipped with a rotating bath and private butler service.

All rooms feature baths, bathrooms only in suites. For true inflation, door-to-door units offer priority luggage service, enhanced bed coverings, and equipped balconies.

Celebrity Cruise excursions dining

In 2007, Celebrity developed new twists on traditional Tahitian culinary favorites. This gastronomic overhaul has improved the quality and variety of food options on each ship.

Nowadays, celebrities are known for their delicious culinary options, and ships usually host at least 10 high-quality restaurants with options for everyone in the family. Kids can choose which food they want to eat.

Casual dining is often appealed to families and is provided in Café Al Bacio and Gelateria, outdoor grills, and international markets.

The marketplace has a pasta station, a pizza area that is open late, and a dessert station. It’s a kid’s buffet dream.

Solstice and Equinox, the new ships also offer theme dining ideas such as an Asian-fusion restaurant and an Italian steakhouse.

At a slower pace than other cruise lines, Celebrity On 25 unveils a flexible dining program that allows travelers to save food online or before their cruise.

Conventional conservative families who want to get dressed for dinner are also offered additional dining. Depending on the length of the trip, one to three formal dinners are presented per trip.

Room service available. Breakfast on the wide porch of the stateroom is provided on your aquarium from 6.30am to 10 pm Cele low-sugar or gluten-free snacks can also be served.

Celebrity Cruise excursions activities

A lawn club passes through most of the deck, a half-acre of grass, and a country-club environment area perfect for a family picnic and a few games of croquet and box ball greens.

A popular drawing, some of the other cruises provide such a unique atmosphere and you will feel great when you come to the beach for a longer stay.

Trivia contests will excite families who enjoy game shows and have interactive video games available.

Sports competitions focus on basketball, ping-pong and golf. Celebrities also provide unique exhibits and events.

Smithsonian experts spoke, the Corning Museum of Glass workers showcased the first sea glass flow, and the art auction was held throughout the trip. The onboard boutique also offers a place for souvenirs to get noticed.

Kids club at Celebrity Cruise excursions

The Fun Factory provides a safe and comfortable place for toys and activities for children up to the age of 5.

The Kids Center is open from 9am to 10pm children every day. Offered for children under the age of three at Toddler time; However, supervision is not provided for this age group.

While the Fun Factory is under their control, parents must go with the kids while playing toys and meeting other kids.

Children must be fully trained to participate in this program, as there is no supervision for children under the age of thirty.

For the supervised groups, children are divided into four age groups. Ship Meets (3 to 5) hosts theme parties, treasure hunts, crafts and musical games.

Celebrity Cadets (6 to 8) also provide relay races, trivia contests and talent shows. Ensigns (9 to 11) plans pool games, karaoke, scavenger hunt and video games.

Admiral Teens (12 to 17) offers teens a chance to make new friends – Offered with a teen center video game console.

The hangout only serves as a venue for late-night dance parties for teens, sporting events and other social activities.

For Mom and Dad

Parents can enjoy a romantic evening together because of celebrity babysitting services. For $ 6 / hour, kids can attend afternoons from noon to 2pm, or a slumber party at the port from 5 to 7 pm is another option, running from 10am to 1 pm in both fun factories.

Happens. Babysitting is provided in the private home, for $ 8 / hour for two children per family. This service must be arranged in advance.

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Celebrity Cruise Excursions Good for Families

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