Approaching Immigration Officers with Confidence

Approaching Immigration Officers
(Last Updated On: April 7, 2021)

Approaching Immigration Officers is quite diplomatic. An immigration officer is a person who helps you to pass through the airport while you visit in other countries, or fly.  Approaching Immigration Officers is a bit challenging as many of the success and failure depend on how you handle them. This article will be discussing about how to approaching Immigration Officers succesfully.

1. Be prepared with the answer: Yes, they will want to know what you are doing in the country. It can be all of the above business trips, vacations, birth plans, sales, short vacations, Christian meetings and so on. You have to tell them and tell them the length of the period. Let me add it anyway, never lie about your reasons for coming to a country. Most of the time, unlike other developing countries, records of your activity are being stored in a database and easily accessible if future references are needed and you do not want to lie in immigration. This will frustrate you.

2. Travel with funds: Enjoy paying cash but loading card. Keep a record of any transaction in my bank statement until you can make a return.

Typically, most countries start raising eyebrows when you bring in $ 10,000 or more.

They want to know why you are carrying such an amount of cash and make sure you are not coming to their country for a legitimate visitor and a fun business.

3. Hold relevant reference documents: Some countries claim your immunization card (known as the yellow card) and this card should be legally available or the only reason you should return home to the port of entry. Make sure that any information you carry with you is legitimate and legally available.

Approaching Immigration Officers

Other countries would like to see evidence such as an invitation to a Christian meeting or an invitation from your family to host you. Some will also want to see your suggested business travel schedule. Just be prepared with the relevant documents and yes, it must be legally obtained.

4. Return Tickets: Why do they always think we are running away? Seriously, I don’t get it. They always ask for your return ticket so always keep it effective. On your phone or in a printout. Believe me, I love my country and just love going to other countries. Basically, they just want to see that you have a seat on a flight to get back home and not be dependent on their economy.

5. Physical posture: Many times, your body language is very important when answering questions at the port of entry. Yes, they may try to intimidate you depending on the country you are entering, but be sure to maintain a positive and confident posture.

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Approaching Immigration Officers with Confidence

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