10 Bad Habits – We Need a Drive to Eliminate

bad habits to eliminate
(Last Updated On: April 7, 2021)

If you focus on bad habits instead of good, your path to success will be imminent. There are some bad habits to eliminate. Yet, all people don’t find bad habits to eliminate. In fact, they don’t want to eliminate bad habits.

And our creativity and productivity are killed by bad habits because they prevent us from moving forward, thereby limiting our ability to achieve our goals and aspirations. This article will be discussing on how to eliminate bad habits.

How can we prevent these bad habits that are slowly damaging our lives and hindering our success? It’s through self-control! It is a way to stop bad habits and develop good habits, thereby improving productivity.

Eliminate bad habit: How to

Below are practices that you must eliminate from your daily routine, in order to become more productive and achieve your goals.

1. Using your mobile device in bed

Using your mobile device in bed can negatively affect the quality of your sleep as well as the number of hours you sleep at night.

The blue light on electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones awakens neurons in the brain. It affects our mood, quality of sleep, and energy level.

It is advisable to avoid electronic devices after dinner. Instead, read a book or engage yourself in a conversation with a family member in order to eliminate bad habits.

2. Compare yourself to others

If you compare yourself with others, you will no longer be in control of your own happiness.

When you have a feeling of fulfillment after performing a task, the other person’s opinions or achievements do not affect you and do not remove the definition of that perfection.

So don’t compare yourself to others and don’t rush into what they say. Your opinion should come from the inside, not from people’s opinions.

3. Eat without control

You have to eat a meal while you are hungry and there is one more thing to eat because you are tired or you are feeling lazy and sluggish.

Look at your eating habits and you will find that fatigue, stress, and anxiety will affect the time you jump into a snack at a certain point in time.

4. Getting messed up

Your productivity will decline and your professional growth will stop if you are chaotic. It wastes time and resources and will leave you stressed and tired.

How do you get more organized? Write down the tasks you need for the day and create a schedule. Prioritize all tasks and make sure all items are in their proper place.

5. Frequent internet surfing

When you check your phone occasionally without purpose or when you are surfing the internet while you are having lunch, walking to lunch, or waiting for someone, it’s time to turn it off.

Often being on the phone will stop you from the outside world and prevent you from living in the moment.

According to recent research, excessive use of the phone has led to unhappy and unrealistic expectations. We start comparing our lives with others on social media and stop being thankful for the blessings in our lives.

Does this mean that we should stop running the Internet and avoid social media? No, It translates to limiting the time you have to engage in this activity.

Assign a specific time of day to browse the web and listen to a podcast while on the way to the office. This will prevent you from being distracted and increase your productivity.

6. Not knowing when to say no

Research shows that no matter how hard you say no, it can potentially lead to stress, self-esteem, and even depression.

There should be no words that are difficult to say. When you can’t do something when you can’t, it will boost your self-control and prevent you from entering the extra commitment wall.

7. Worried about toxic people

Well always come before toxic people who will deliberately seduce and frustrate us. So whenever you find yourself getting angry at a friend or colleague who is happy to upset you, be grateful for the other positive people in your life.

Focus on the things that are important and don’t focus on toxic people that will be full of negative vibes.

8. Making excuses

Self-discipline takes responsibility for your life and stops all excuses. Yes, there are times in life where we are unable to realize our goals and reach the deadline. But instead of explaining the reason for our failure, we have to take responsibility.

The excuses do not make us better or more productive. It is a way of explaining the cause of our mistakes that has no basis.

When you set realistic and achievable goals, you are setting yourself up for success. So don’t worry about your own mistakes. Instead, view them as opportunities to learn.

9. Don’t have a savings plan

Are you saving for retirement? A savings plan will protect you from worrying about the future and reduce stress. The certainty of going back will ease your life.

Make sure you dedicate a certain percentage of your monthly income to a savings account because it will ensure that you save money consistently.

10. Hate yourself

Your health can be negatively impacted by the stress on your finances. Anxiety-related to money can lead to catastrophic illnesses such as ulcers, headaches, high blood pressure, depression, and back pain.

How do you prevent it? With your financial control. Create a budget and draw it. Creating a budget allows you to spend better and plan effectively

These bad habits can be broken down by exercising self-control. Make sure you stick to good habits so that your goals are realized and fulfilled so that we can be able to eliminate bad habits.

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10 Bad Habits – We Need a Drive to Eliminate

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