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18 Ways to Overcome Lack of Motivation to Do Anything

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Motivation is the opposite of Depression. Lack of motivation to do anything is a common disorder many of us have. Sometimes it’s implied, sometimes significant. The other important consideration is that the situation of lack of motivation to do anything can be overcome very easily. Every one of us undergo such a lack of motivation to do anything situation in life many times caused by many reasons.

Ways to Overcome Lack of Motivation to Do Anything

In this article, I am going to explain my thoughts on the lack of motivation to do anything and how to overcome

1. Embrace Shitty First Drafts

Generally, the most important factor that zaps our motivation is concern. We take into consideration what must be executed, and we’re scared we don’t have what it takes to do a great job. Or we’re scared we don’t have an imaginative and prescient for fulfillment. Writers have a trick for overcoming this preliminary barrier. As Anne Lamott writes, you want to get snug letting go and writing these “shitty first drafts” that result in readability and typically brilliance in later drafts.

Creator Shannon places in a barely extra playful means: “After I’m writing a primary draft, I’ve to remind myself always that I’m shoveling sand right into a field so later I can construct castles.” This motivational technique can apply to any subject. We take a look at our targets, initiatives, our to-do records, and we delay taking motion as a result of our first steps aren’t going to be good.

Nicely, the bottom line is to do nice work is that typically we’ve to do crappy work first. You can’t tinker with a novel in your head till it’s good earlier than placing down the primary phrase on paper. And you can’t wait till all the celebs are aligned otherwise you’ve “figured everything out” to take motion in different areas of life. Take the leap, put yourself on the market. It won’t be good, however, at the very least you’ll have begun.

And earlier than lengthy, that scrappy first draft might be refined and turn into a factor of superior magnificence to overcome a lack of motivation to do anything.

2. Get up and Transfer

Get off the bed irrespective of how demanding it’s. Attaining bodily exercise when depressed is tough. Nevertheless, as soon as you are up, make yourself do minor issues to raise your power. You’ll be able to all the time return to bed later for a nap. Make your mattress. Brush your tooth. Do the dishes. Get the mail. Learn the newspaper. Feed your cat. Sit on the porch.

Name individuals you understand. Go on the pc. There are a lot of minor issues to select from. Do all of them or only one or two? After all, if you must go to work or college then you mean forward of the sport.

3. Igniting the Fickle Flames of Motivation

Motivation, a capricious and elusive creature, dances like a butterfly, evading our grasp. To capture its attention, we must provide it with laser-focused instructions. The absence of specificity can shroud motivation in a cloud of uncertainty, leaving it to wane and dissipate. Vague goals like “wake up earlier,” “exercise more,” and “eat healthily” fail to stir the depths of motivation.

In the beginning, the spark of motivation glows brightly, but its brilliance soon fades, and we find ourselves adrift.

The remedy lies in the art of specificity:


Command your brain with clear, actionable directives, unlocking the wellspring of motivation within.
Employ introspection to uncover your definition of success, then articulate it with precision and measure.
Embrace the 10X Rule, mapping out smaller, specific steps that stack upon each other, forming a staircase to sustained motivation and triumph.

4. Embracing Habits for Unwavering Motivation

Amidst the pursuit of constant motivation, the truth emerges—none of us remain motivated at all times. The illusion of perpetual motivation obscures a deeper reality—keystone habits wield the true power.

The key lies in cultivating habits:


Every habit consists of a three-part loop:

Cue—The trigger that sets the habit in motion. (The aroma of freshly baked cookies.)
Routine—The actions executed in response to the cue. (Indulging in the cookies.)
Reward—The feelings or results stemming from the habit. (Delight in the taste, or guilt for breaking a diet.)

Embark on a 5-step journey to instill enduring habits:

Consider your goal—cultivate a gym habit, exercising five days a week:

Step 1. Identify the habit:
Develop a gym habit, of exercising five days a week.
Step 2. Identify your CUE:
Pinpoint a trigger that works for you—a morning alarm, perhaps.
Set the alarm to wake you up at 6 am, signaling your exercise time before work.
Step 3. Identify the REWARD:
Determine the rewarding aspect—anything that satisfies your craving.
A delightful protein shake, a sense of accomplishment, and an endorphin rush.
Step 4. Execute the ROUTINE:
The routine becomes the habit—your desired activity or behavior.
Drive to the gym and engage in exercise.
Step 5. Write it down, and make it happen:
Pen your plan to cement the habit—a blueprint for success.
Use the formula: “When [CUE], I will [ROUTINE] because it provides me with [REWARD].”
For instance: “When my alarm clock goes off at 6 am, I will jump out of bed and drive straight to the gym to exercise for 60 minutes because it provides me with a healthy lifestyle, a fit physique, and an energetic start to my day.”

5. Construct Accountability to Increase the Stakes

Generally, you lack motivation when the stakes are unclear. All your decisions appear equal, so that you may begin down one path, and lose your stamina, after which start thinking about one other path.

You suppose, “Ugh, I can’t follow something!” This occurs to everybody after they solely depend on inside motivation to overcome a lack of motivation to do anything. The apparent reply is that you just want exterior motivation—one thing or somebody outdoors of yourself that raises the stakes.

The most typical instance is having an exercise companion. Merely realizing there may be another person displaying up on Tuesday morning at 5:30 AM to pump iron with you—who offers you infinite grief for those who bail—is sufficient to preserve you on the monitor. However, you could find individuals or teams that create accountability in virtually any sphere.

Get a companion, and be part of a mastermind group. Discover people who find themselves on an identical journey like you. They are going to be your cheerleaders, and they’ll name you out while you flake. Or if nothing else, increase the stakes by making a public declaration about what you propose to do on social media. Lots of people additionally profit from having a coach.

You may suppose your coach must be a subject-matter professional. However, usually, the best advantage of a coach is having a paid helper to carry you accountable to your targets.

6. You’re not making good use of your private time- look ahead

After a full day of being productive (or being semi-productive, at the very least), it might probably appear tempting to utterly shut down your mind and take to Netflix for the rest of your day. Spending your off-hours being a complete sofa potato will be enjoyable, however, it might probably additionally rob you of your motivation to get again to work the following day.

How are you going to repair this?

As a substitute for dedicating your free time to being as unproductive as doable, attempt to have interaction in rewarding actions you can stay up for at the finish of a protracted day.

Possibly which means that you make plans to put aside time to work on your One Route fanfiction erotica after work, or perhaps you schedule an intense recreation of Settlers of Catan with your pals as soon as per week.  Partaking in an exercise that takes somewhat extra effort than laying down and gazing display provides you extra power.

7. Repeatedly Refuel With Inspiration

Similar to your automotive, you want common gas to maintain going, and to maintain your head within the recreation. For many people, that gas comes within the type of inspirational tales about different profitable individuals. There’s nothing to be ashamed of for those who always hunt down inspiration. In instances, you might really feel like you’re endlessly filling a leaky bucket.

However, that’s the character of our inspiration reservoir: it requires fixed refilling. Zig Ziglar famously remarked, “Individuals usually say that motivation doesn’t final. Nicely, neither does bathing—that’s why we suggest it day by day.” Discover the individuals and the issues that encourage you—those that actually breathe life into you and show you how to recharge.

Make a behavior of getting your daily or weekly dose of that inspiration to overcome a lack of motivation to do anything. It might be assembling a buddy for espresso, listening to a podcast, or studying blogs and books. No matter if it acknowledges the issues and individuals who assist preserve you impressed and take in all you can.

8. Shift Your Consideration to Benefitting Others

When you find yourself struggling to get motivated, usually you’re caught in a “me-focused” rut. You consider what it’s essential to do, otherwise, you fear not realizing what to do subsequently. Then you definitely begin to beat yourself up, recalling different issues in your life that haven’t gone as deliberate.

Earlier than lengthy, you’re neck-deep in a pity social gathering. The most effective method to get out of that’s to easily concentrate on different individuals. It’s a robust factor while you understand that, no matter how down you had been feeling, you possibly can nonetheless assist another person.

On one hand, you understand different individuals don’t share the important view you have got of yourself (they’re too busy worrying about their very own issues). And because it seems, you possibly can really assist them. It might be as simple as serving a single mom carry her groceries to her automotive.

Or providing to remain late to assist one other workforce at work. Seeing how one can add worth to different individuals’ lives with such a small effort can assist construct your confidence.

It will get you out of your “me” rut and reminds you that when you possibly can resolve different individuals’ issues, you by no means have to attend to be picked.

9. Amplify the Zeal of Ambition

The magnitude of our desires propels us towards greatness—penning that book, attaining physical fitness, forging unyielding bonds with loved ones—their achievement hinges on the fervor we harbor. Yet, many err in stifling their own desires, capping the very essence that ignites motivation. We hear them whisper, “I don’t need grand success,” but this line of thinking bears peril.

In limiting the scope of desire, we stifle our will to act, caging our motivation within self-imposed boundaries. Diminished goals beget diminished action, veiling our existence in an aura of disillusionment.

In truth, The 10X Rule lays the path to emancipation—a proclamation to set targets tenfold grander than our initial aspirations. And then, to embark on a journey of tenfold action toward their realization.

Debunking the myth that impossible goals dampen motivation, stretch goals invigorate the soul, propelling us to transcend our limits. Even if we fall short, striving for greatness imparts wisdom and fortitude.


Let puny goals perish—embrace the audacious:

a) Set massive goals, and let their grandeur kindle your passion.
b) Embrace the 10X Rule—undertake tenfold action, and watch your motivation ascend.

10. Overwhelmed: The Motivation Thief

Envision a moment of profound stress, burdens weighing you down, and the allure of abandoning all endeavors tempts you. This turmoil, the grand enemy of motivation, seeks to quench its flames.

Overwhelm bears the power to dim motivation’s radiance.

Rest, while a panacea for some, is not the cure for most. For they need not more rest but more action—the elixir to kindle motivation’s fire.

The remedy to stress-induced demotivation lies within these practical solutions:


a) Align your goals to a sweet spot—narrow the gap between ambition and capabilities.
b) Simplify your path—focus on one monumental goal at a time, and shun the pursuit of too many endeavors.
c) Seek the why—let compelling reasons fuel your drive and propel you toward triumph.

11. The Enigma of Procrastination

Amidst the labyrinth of indecision lies the specter of procrastination, a harbinger of demotivation. When clarity eludes, action stalls, and motivation wanes.

The solution: Carve a path of immediate, doable actions.


Shatter the inertia of indecision—segment tasks into actionable steps.

Consider my journey crafting a life-changing course—a labor daunting in its vastness. Overwhelm clutched at my spirit, yet within the cocoon of one doable action, the motivation emerged.

Seek the remedy in simple yet potent words—What’s “one thing I can do right now to make progress on this goal?” Align your mind with a single step, and feel the stirrings of motivation.

Demystifying the Terrain of Motivation

Within the labyrinth of motivation, lies the key to transformation. Amplify ambition, embrace audacity, and march forth with clarity. Crush overwhelm with purposeful action and sever the chains of procrastination with immediate steps. Let motivation be the beacon guiding your journey, and watch your life illuminate with boundless possibilities.

12. You’re mentally and bodily exhausted- take a time without work

It’s arduous to work to our fullest potential after we’re simply completely drained of power. After working for therefore many days in a row, particularly for those who’ve been spending quite a lot of time on a very difficult undertaking, typically we simply want a break. To get again your motivation, take a protracted weekend or a psychological well-being day.

Psychological well-being is simply as essential as bodily health, and never taking the steps to handle it might probably result in poor efficiency, and that’s not good for anybody. Taking time without work everybody as soon as in a while is nice for decreasing stress and getting your mojo again.

However, on your days off, don’t test your e-mail or name the workplace. They’ll be there while you get again.

13. Get Out of the Constructing

It’s simple to really feel unmotivated for those who’ve been fascinated with one factor for too long. Possibly you’re holed up in your workplace or in your own home, and all you possibly can take into consideration is a few massive purposes it’s essential to accomplish—or an undertaking you don’t need to begin.

The reply is easy: you want some perspective. As startup guru and Stanford professor Steve Clean usually informed his college students, it’s essential to “get out of the constructing.” He would see his entrepreneurship college students struggling to give you concepts or working into issues with their initiatives to overcome a lack of motivation to do anything.

Steve would remind them that they had been spending an excessive amount of time tweaking their concepts in a vacuum. What they wanted was to get out and discuss with actual clients to get some perspective. “Getting out of the constructing” is helpful for a pair of causes. First, receiving outdoor enter or info from the real world usually provides you with precious perception, as in the case of Steve Blanks’ college students.

However, the largest profit is that it serves as a “pattern-interrupt” to your spiraling ideas. Should you be feeling caught, you most likely are. So why not get out of your present scenario—bodily and mentally—and see issues from a unique perspective?  Generally, that easy shift could make all of the distinction to rekindling your motivation.

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14. Arrange Your Area Like a Kindergarten Classroom

Whenever you’re feeling unmotivated, that doesn’t imply you need to flip all your power in the direction of your purpose. In truth, perhaps the issue is that you just spending an excessive amount of power on it. Possibly you’d be higher off creating smaller durations of maximum focus, after which give yourself self-time to NOT focus. Your setting has rather a lot to do with this.

Years in the past, I learn a guide on “Tips on How to Get Organized,” and it talked about how a kindergarten classroom is an ideal instance of the group as a result of its laid out for particular duties: the finger portray station in a single nook, the storytime circle within the center, the block station in one other nook, and so forth. Steal this strategy to your residence or work setting.

Carve out a selected place the place you concentrate on no matter it’s you’re making an attempt to realize. Then give yourself particular areas the place you possibly can simply chill out. It may be extraordinarily demotivating when you really feel like you’re all the time “On.”  You can focus your efforts inside a selected place, you begin to construct an affiliation with that space—it turns into “a spot the place staff will get executed.”

And having a spot the place staff mustn’t get executed will be equally useful in rekindling your motivation.

15. Embrace the Clarity of Purpose

Amongst the myriad reasons that shroud motivation in a haze, the foremost is a lack of clarity—the unsettling ambiguity that clouds our desires. When asked about their aspirations, many falter, unable to paint a compelling vision. What is the outcome they yearn for? What splendor shall unfold if all unfolds as planned, or even better?

Without a defined destination, how can we muster the drive to embark on the journey? Like skilled goal-setters, we must inscribe our dreams onto the canvas of reality. Pen in hand, we etch the path, giving birth to purpose, and igniting the flames of motivation.

Imagine a devoted sports enthusiast, a connoisseur of statistics, reeling off intricate details about their cherished team. Their knowledge astounds, yet ask about their own lives, and the memory fades like a wisp of smoke.

Intelligence is not the barometer—it is focus that sets them apart. Likewise, motivation eludes when we dwell in uncertainty. Embrace the power of focus, and let your intentions kindle the spark of motivation.


To vanquish the shadows of demotivation, the remedy is simple: Cast light upon your path with clear and thrilling goals. Delve into each facet of life—physical, financial, emotional, spiritual—unearthing aspirations that excite your soul. Write them into being, for a vision realized becomes a beacon of inspiration.

16. Harness the Symphony of Physiology

Close your eyes and envision an unmotivated soul. How do they stand, slumped and lifeless? Their posture betrays a disheartened spirit, shoulders weighed down by inertia.

Now, contrast this with the visage of boundless motivation—a figure exuding grace and vitality. Upright and resplendent, they traverse life’s stage with a purposeful gait.

The revelation lies in the connection between body and mind—motion fuels emotion. Thus, to rouse motivation, one must master their physiological state.

Discover the movements that accompany motivation, and mimic their dance. Allow your body to lead your mind, for when you move with motivation, motivation shall move you.


Unlock the reservoir of motivation through controlled physiology:

a) Identify the motions of motivation that resonate with your soul.
b) Embrace those movements, and witness your mind mirroring your body’s vitality.

Simple yet profound, you’ll find yourself floating on the currents of motivation, buoyed by the graceful dance of your physique.

17. Unshackle the Chains of Identity

Words hold the power to shape reality—our self-perceptions, the architects of our destiny. How often do we exclaim, “I’m so stupid” when faced with mistakes? We unwittingly bind ourselves to our errors, intertwining our identities with transient flaws.

What if we broke this chain of self-limiting language? A subtle shift, “I just did something stupid,” extricates us from the clutches of self-judgment.

Akin to a mantra, we repeat our demotivation, weaving it into the tapestry of identity. The cycle perpetuates, rooted in the repetition of thought.


Untangle the web of self-identification:

a) Forge a clear separation between yourself and your mistakes.
b) Embrace the notion that you are a person of boundless motivation, casting off the cloak of demotivation.

Indeed, altering identity-based mental patterns requires diligence. Persevere, declaring yourself a motivated force daily, until it blossoms into a habit—a testament to your metamorphosis into a person of unwavering motivation.

In this grand symphony of empowerment, the baton is in your hand. Conduct the movement of transformation, freeing yourself from the shadows of demotivation. Embrace clarity, master your physique, and transcend the chains of identity—step into the spotlight as a person infused with boundless motivation, dancing to the rhythm of life’s grand crescendo.

18. Don’t Simply Smallify Your Targets, Bizarreify Them

As I discussed earlier, celebrating small wins is extraordinarily useful for staying motivated. To try this, it’s essential to break your targets down into smaller chunks—to “simplify” them. However, one other useful strategy is to set distinctive or weird targets that are parallel to your core targets.

In a current interview, Olympic medalist snowboarder Shaun White mentioned he all the time provides himself with quirky targets to have enjoyable and keep motivated. In his first Olympics, considered one of the targets to win the Olympics (duh). However, his second purpose was to see what number of vehicles he may win.

Apparently, automotive firms had been giving out a ton of free vehicles across the occasions, and he thought this aspect of motivation may make issues fascinating. Then, within the Vancouver Olympics, his targets had been to (1) win the Olympics, and (2) to have the ability to put on some American flag pants. He had seen Axl Rose sporting an identical pair and thought they had been cool.

He thought “If I received, perhaps I can get on the quilt of Rolling Stone or one thing like that…” Certain sufficient, that’s what he did. “However that’s enjoyable…it takes quite a lot of the stress off. Profitable the Olympics is a really massive purpose…So it’s good to have one thing else to offset it.”

Clearly, your bizarre purpose is probably not to win vehicles or put on stars-and-stripes pants on the quilt of Rolling Stone. However how else may you utilize that technique to take the sting off your targets and have some enjoyable? The chances are infinite to overcome a lack of motivation to do anything.

Final thought

The weight of a lack of motivation can bear down upon you, leaving you paralyzed and unable to act. If this plight resonates with you, fear not, for today, you will unearth the 8 key reasons behind your dearth of motivational energy, and more importantly, how to mend each one. With this newfound wisdom, you shall unleash the indomitable motivational force dwelling within you.

Brace yourself for the journey ahead. Proceed below to immerse yourself in the written form, or click the Play button to indulge in the auditory delight of the podcast (presented in two captivating parts). I hope this article will help you to overcome the lack of motivation to do anything.

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