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universal studios Singapore
(Last Updated On: April 7, 2021)

The first Hollywood movie theme park in Southeast Asia, Universal Studios Singapore, features an interesting selection of attractions, excursions and entertainment for families and adventurers.

In fact, 18 of the 24-movie themed rides were designed just for Singapore Park.

Universal Studios Singapore is the only Universal Studios theme park in Southeast Asia. It is 20 hectares that combine with 25 football fields. Stop yourself so that you are not too tired.

Universal Studios Singapore

Here are seven unique-designed areas, each themed after the movie icons. In the Hollywood Zone you will find the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. As you make your way to New York, the landscape has transformed into a captivating city skyline with a subway mock-up. Here, you can go to a movie set and enjoy the destructive power of a hurricane with special effects produced by Steven Spielberg.

Breathing Rides

Featured in Sci-Fi City’s famous Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D War Journey where you battle evil forces in a heart-rending 3D battle. Move to ancient Egypt and face mummies and scarab beetles on an indoor roller coaster in total darkness your It is better to ignite your fears. In Madagascar, a river boat is ready to soak in the voyage.

Thrills and spills

The performance at Universal Studios Singapore is equally spectacular. Young people will love the Far Shrek 4-D adventure, a cinematic experience that allows viewers to physically feel the action of the movie.

Located in the Lost World Zone, the blockbuster film Resort features Waterworld’s acting – death-defying stunts and jaw-dropping explosions.

After an exciting day, replenish your energy in the attractions and step into many themed restaurants throughout the park.

Whether you go on Fridays, Saturdays or selected public holidays, you’ll be able to experience the park after dark with Universal After Hours, a thrilling lineup of night-time activities from 10am to 10pm. Rhythm pulls on the beats of the truck, indulges in street food decor and is admired by the stars of the Hollywood Dreams Light Up Parade.

Types of tickets and where to find them

One-day tickets

Entrance ticket to the park. The general price is 76, but you can find promotions online.

Universal Express and Universal Express Unlimited

Allow you to use a separate (short) row for rides. These are not admission tickets.

Express passes start at $ 30 and $ 50. They are so valuable dynamically before this, especially because the peak season means making them cheaper. You can get them inside the park.
Universal Express

When to meet

Any day of the year will be a good time.

But if you want to avoid the crowds, note that the park is busiest on weekends and during school holidays in March, June, September, and December.

The trade going into the day of the week is that you can miss the Hollywood Dreams Light Up Parade and the fireworks sights. (See visitor information calendar for when two shows are running and when there is extended time for a park)

If you have received a ticket, arrive early an hour before the park opens. If you’ve already purchased a ticket online, as suggested by us, grab the obligatory photos with Universal Globe (less likely to be photobombed).

If you are lucky and live here with your family, you may even be chosen as the ‘open family’ of the day. You will be part of the day’s opening, as well as some additional benefits to choose from.

How do I get to Universal Studios Singapore?

Universal Studios is part of Singapore Resort World Sentosa.

The nearest MRT is the Harborfront Station. To get to the resort using the Sentosa Express, RWS8 bus or take a walk with the Sentosa Boardwalk.

If you bring a taxi, stop at the casino. Pick up the escalators and you’ll be able to see the Universal Globe.

What to wear

Singapore’s weather is warm and humid. It is best to wear light, tight clothing.

Wear comfortable shoes because you will be walking around a lot. The park is 20 hectares which is a combined size of 25 football fields.

During the rainy season from September to February you can occasionally bring ponchos (or get in the park) for rain or showers.

Available facilities

  • Drinking water in the water fountains around the park
  • There are park attendants who will help you take photos
  • Strollers for rent (at the entrance to The Lost World and Jurassic Outfitters)
  • Wheelchairs and motorized vehicles (only at the entrance)
  • WiFi access

Can I re-enter the park?

Yes, you can leave Universal Studios Singapore in the middle of your trip.

To get out simply get the re-entry hand stamp and put your admission ticket. With these, you can return to the park the same day.

Tips for a better experience

Come early
Examine the cue time board and plan your trip around the short line
Get Express Pass to use the fast lane

You will find row time boards around Universal Studios Singapore.

Once in the park, choose a studio guide and orient yourself.

Grab the day’s program sheet and note when the events start and when they meet.
Get Universal Studios Singapore Studio Guide and Program Sheet upon entry.
Get Universal Studios Singapore Studio Guide and Program Sheet upon entry.

Must go for thrill seekers

Ride transfer
Battle Star Galactica: Human vs. Ceylon [loose items must be kept in the locker]
Sue’s Revenge [loose items must be kept in the locker]
Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure
Amber Rock Climb

Best ride for kids

King Julien’s Beach Party-far-away round
Puss in Boots’ is a huge journey far and wide
Enchanted Airways Far Away
Give Soarin ‘in The Lone World’
Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase in New York

Enchanted Airways Far Away

A must-see for kids

Sesame Street ‘When I Grow Up’ at the Pantage Theater
Madagascar Boogie in Madagascar
Dance for the Magic Bean far and wide
Waterworld in The Lost World

Catch ‘When I Grow Up’ starring Sesame Street in the Pantage Theater atch
Catch ‘When I Grow Up’ playing Sesame Street in the Pantage Theater.

Popular meet and greet characters

You can find meet-and-greet times on the daily program schedule.
USS Minion Meet and Greetings
Look for meetings and great timing boards. The timing of your trip may vary.

Hollywood Minions

Sesame Street
Sesame Street Gang in New York.

Meet Transformers: Optimus Prime and Bumblebee

Queue for photos with Madagascar characters after their Street Show.

Pinocchio can see you far away.

Best photo spot

Sting Olly (next to Katie’s Grill) is inspired by the 1973 movie The Sting.

Cross the lake in Madagascar and get a shot of the entire Battlestar Galactica foam.

Take a picture of the castles and Madagascar, standing opposite the lake in ancient Egypt.

Special show

Hollywood Dreams Light Up Parade

A squabble with your favorite characters from Madagascar, Mummy’s Revenge, Jurassic Park and Shrek and more. The characters and their floats will sail from The Lost World to New York in a fun-filled music parade.

Only on selected Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Please check park operating hours for more information.

The fireworks are spectacular


Catch a fireworks show set to a brilliant musical score that will illuminate your night.

Select Saturday. Check out the show schedule for more information.

What to eat at Universal Studios Singapore

If you are looking for simple theme park food, we found them: from Goldilocks to Fascinating Fried Chicken and Fry; The burgers are paired with a dense creamy milkshake and hotdog from Mel’s drive-in for an instant bite of fossil fuels. Yum.

For anything more unique, here are some dining outlets that you should try.

Full-service restaurant: Katie’s Grill in New York

Servers at Irish-American restaurants bring your food to the table so sit back and relax

Singapore Favorites: Discovery Food Court in The Lost World

Discover local cuisine with laksa, hennais chicken rice and more.


The giant pizza is enough to feed a family of six. If you are with a large group, come on over.

Roasted turkey leg from Marilyn’s great leg meal cart

Knowledge on an 8-inch juicy turkey leg that can feed two people. Tastes more like chicken but chewing more.

Mala turkey leg US

Get Marilyn’s spicy garland turkey leg if you like foods that crush your lips.

Churros dog from Churros cart

When a burglar marries a hot dog bun? The stolen dog This high-sugar level snack will give you a squeeze of sugar juice to conquer all the rides.

Halal cuisine at Universal Studios Singapore

Drive to Meals, serve fryers, Goldilocks, Oasis Spice Cafe and Marty’s Casa del Wild, halal food.

If the park dishes are not to your liking, there are many restaurants in RWS. Depending on what tickles your fancy welfare, we recommend our celebrity restaurant or Malaysian Food Street.

Get a hand stamp when you arrive and book a ticket to return to Universal Studios Singapore on the same day.

Getting a memento? Each zone has its own store with themed merchandise. Here are a few popular stores


More to see


Universal Studios Store: Flagship Real Outlet where you can get a little something from different regions. Perfect for buying everything in one go.

Minion Mart: Hate my product with a heavy focus on minions

Silver Screen: Movie- and Hollywood-related goodies are found here.

New York

Big Bird Emporium: Merchandise Store on Sesame Street. A favorite among kids.

Sci-Fi City

Transformers Supply Vault: Available here if you are a fan of Autobot, Toys and Transformers models.

The lost world

Dino-Store: A favorite base of paleontologists. Features Jurassic World Merchandise.

Far far away

Fairy Godmother’s Potion Shop: A Place in the World of Pleasure, Shrek.
Universal Studios Store Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios store just after entering the park.

Minion Mart frustrates me for everything.

Big Bird Emporium

The Big Bird Emporium can be found in New York right next to the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase.

Transformers Supply Vault

Child-friendly services

Baby Services at Guest Services

The Baby Center has two nursing cubicles. It also offers microwave, diaper and bed liners for coin dispensers and even a place for older kids to play.

Find other resort nursing rooms.
You have to be this tall to ride
Universal Studios Singapore Minimum height for attractions
Find out if your baby is tall enough to handle the attractions.

Baby swap

Parents do not have to be frustrated with young children – just be sure to use the baby’s swap option on the chosen ride.

Baby swaps allow parents to launch a ride that does not allow their kids to have kids; When one looks at the baby, the other begins the journey, swapping it without joining the queue again.
Stroller rental and parking
USS Stroller Rental
Strollers and wheelchairs are available for rent.

Strollers (single and double), wheelchairs and motorized cars are available for rent.

Most restaurants and rides have special areas for stroller parks outside.
USS Stroller Wheelchair
Park your stroller out of various attractions.

Locker at Universal Studios Singapore

There are paid lockers and free lockers in the park. Here is a complete list of free and chargeable lockers at Universal Studios Singapore.

Battlestar Galactica: You need to keep all your belongings in a locker to avenge Human vs. Ceylon and ancient Egyptian mummies in Sci-Fi City.

For Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure in the Lost World, we suggest storing items that should not be exposed to water even in lockers.

Convenience for Muslim guests

Universal Studios Singapore’s Muslim prayer house is right next to Battlestar Galactica.

You can find halal food at Mails Drive Inn, Friars, Goldilocks, Oasis Spice Cafe and Marty’s Casa del Wild. Here is a complete list of halal outlets at the resort.

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Universal Studios Singapore – The Hollywood in Asia

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