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best airline for pets
(Last Updated On: April 7, 2021)

Flying by yourself can be a stressful experience for some people. And many people think that when you add a pet to the mix, it can cause even more headaches! This is why people don’t go for choosing the best airline for pets, and many people choose to travel on the train with their pets instead of flying.

Best airline for pets information

According to a TPG and reader survey, travelers are the most popular reason to fly with pets (0.7%) because they can’t – or simply can’t – keep their pets at home. He came in second with 27.4% of the vote. For 21.9% of travelers, it needs sensitive support for the best airline for pets.

Most pet owners (.1 78.3%) traveled with a dog, while 1.5% traveled with cats and 1.6% traveled with other types of animals. To give you some idea of ​​what that “other” might be, allow the birds inside all cabins of the Spirit, Alaska, and Delta airlines. An airline even green light hamster and guinea pig as the best airline for pets

Only a third (30.3%) pet owners reported having their fur baby in the cargo below the plane. Although it is rarely the preferred method of pet transportation, it is the only option for anyone.

Happily, 81% of travelers reported having only positive experiences while traveling with their pets. In fact, 35% of pet parents say that while flying, they actually have an exceptional experience while shaking up their accommodations and friendly airline attendants.

Details on the best airline for pets

So on the ship, welcome you guys friends! In the back pocket of your front seat, you’ll find airline pet policy cards ranked by the best-rated airlines from the survey. Each card contains important information about flying with a pet in that particular carrier.

The animals featured on each card represent the species that will be allowed to fly alongside their humans in the cabin. (Additional types of animals may be allowed in the cargo area depending on the carrier) Pet fees are applicable for pets only, animals flying to cargo are required to book a separate ticket on a separate ticket, with prices depending on the individual airline as the best airline for pets

Of course, there are a few other things that pet owners should consider before flying with pets. In addition to the airline, foster parents need to make important decisions about the right type of carrier, where they are staying on arrival, and whether it is absolutely necessary for their pet to fly.

Is Flying Pets Safe?

We’ve all seen people promoting the tragic titles right now and then talking about how a pet was injured on a plane trip. And while these accidents are truly unfortunate, it paints a picture that is dangerous to fly with a pet in the best airline for pets.

It can’t be further from the truth! If you look at the statistics, it is actually very safe to fly with your pet. In fact, it is so safe, that the only reason I dare to make the story’s headline is that it is such a rare occurrence of pets being injured on air travel!

According to the Chicago Tribune, 7 507,000 animals were flown on U.S. commercial airliners last year, and only 24 of these animals died during the transit. It’s only 00 0.0048%! United Airlines has the highest pet mortality rate, though it can be added that until recently they had allowed low nose breeds to fly. A new policy banning these specific breeds from flying will help reduce pets’ injury rates.

That said, there are still a few things you’ll want to keep in mind to make sure you and your pet are safe and comfortable during your flight if it is the best airline for pets.

Tips to protect pets while flying!

For starters, some breeds of short-snouted dogs are not allowed to fly on planes due to breathing problems that can be especially difficult for them to breathe in the best airline for pets. If you own one of these varieties, you might consider traveling by train instead:

  • The footprint of the beast
  • Puppy
  • French Bulldog
  • Japanese china
  • Neapolitan Mastiff
  • Lhasa Apso
  • Shih Tzu
  • Peking, the capital of China
  • Brussels Griffon
  • Bullmastiff
  • Affenpinscher
  • English Toys Spaniel

As well as your dog’s age, you will also want to make sure that your dog is healthy. Dogs too young or old can be especially susceptible to air travel stress due to factors such as air quality changes, air circulation, temperature, cabin pressure, and other environmental problems.

And if you are expecting your pet to travel in the cabin instead of in the checked luggage, make sure your airline allows it! Many airlines restrict the number and size of pets if they fly with you to the cabin in the best airline for pets.

If you are concerned about your pet’s health and do not want their aircraft in check luggage or cargo, double-check the requirements and restrictions with your airport so that your pet is allowed to fly with you to the cabin and no end – minutes to the airport surprise!

If you are not sure whether your pet can fly safely due to this or any other condition, the best thing to do is to consult your veterinarian before traveling and obtain any health certifications required by your particular airlines.

The best airlines in the US for pet travel

Each airline has different policies for traveling with pets, although almost all airlines require your pet to have enough space to stand, turn and lie down and fit under the seat, and if tested luggage is aviation, proper ventilation on both sides of the carrier. Should have

Many airlines also limit the number of pets per flight cabin, so you’ll want to follow the rules of each airline to save your pet’s spot.

Service animals are not treated as pets, so they are completely separate ala

It comes under the criteria.

We have compiled a list of some of the best airlines for traveling with pets.

Hawaii Airlines (0.5%)

Hawaiian is one of the most limited airlines in pet travel. Animals can fly only in inter-island aircraft cabins and for those who can travel to the Hawaiian Islands. And flying pets to or from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is completely prohibited. It is not surprising to see low survey scores on this aircraft, considering the fact that people cannot travel with their pets to the cabin until they leave Alaha State. The state of Hawaii has strict laws regarding incoming pets, including mandatory separation if pet owners do not take appropriate action in advance. This can be a turn-off for pet parents traveling.

Spirit Airlines (2.2%)

Despite the infamous baggage restrictions of the ultra-low-cost carrier, it does in fact allow the crew of one of the widest ships compared to other domestic airlines (18 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches). The airline also allows the heaviest pet to carry: a combined 40 pounds for both the pet’s weight as well as the carrier. Dogs, cats and small domesticated birds are welcome in the cabin. Big dogs are out of luck, but pets can’t fly under the plane in spirits.

Frontier Airlines (2.5%)

Although the Frontier survey received only 2.5% of the vote, this is not all bad news for the regional airlines. The fixed fee of $ 75 per segment per pet is the most affordable of all domestic airlines. Frontier also allows for an extensive in-cabin carrier and welcomes the largest number of pets to the cabin, including dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, and small birds. Plus, TPG Lounge member Rachel H says she only traveled once with her pets, her experience with this aircraft was great. “The border let me hold my birding career in full swing,” he said.

Allegiant (2.7%)

Good news for young travelers, smart and otherwise. Allegiant is the only airline that allows minors (15 years or older) to board a sailing ship to travel alone. All other airlines, for reference, require solo travelers to be over 18 years of age to travel with pets. Allegiant also does not apply the minimum age for travel animals, which means you can equip your kitten or puppy primarily for air travel. Pets can only travel as a carry-on, so leave the big dog at home.

JetBlue (8.6%)

In her experience, Michelle C of TPG Lounge says that “Jet Blue is the easiest airline to travel” on, because it is the only airline that allows you to “book and pay pet travel fees along your itinerary.” As with other airlines, he explained, “After booking your plane you have to call and then pay the [fee] at the airport.”

This makes Jet Blue one of the easiest and most convenient airlines for all-around fellow travelers. When booking a Jet Blue flight for you and your pet, a Pet Travel Designer looks at your boarding pass. The airline also offers a blanket

The Elementary JetPass Program includes guides for pets’ travel etiquette, a designated bag tag, and an additional 300 True Blue points per section for flying with your pet.

Alaska Airlines (5.6%)

Donna M. of TPG Lounge. Alaska had a great experience flying with cats. “We moved our cat over to Alaska from SFO to Dane as we moved in,” he said. “We booked a whole row of three and then spoke to the gate agents, who pre-boarded our route and the cats are sitting under the front seat.

Such a great experience for everyone. But give people plenty of time, [and] be humble and grateful when people help you – not worth it! “Lisa V., meanwhile, has flown twice with zero issues in a cabin on a flight to Alaska with her dog.


Despite being snatched from the No. 5 spots in the Reading Survey, United has a notorious reputation for pet travel. But it may have something to do with the fact that United is the only airline to fly brachycephalic dog breeds on cargo. Brachycephalic varieties include flat faces and small nose puppies such as ples, boxers, and bulldogs.

These breeds are more likely to have respiratory problems on the fly, which is why other large carriers in the US banned brachycephalic dogs from flying in cargo. According to an air travel customer report from Dot, six out of 10 dogs reported by the United States in the 26 dogs have brachycephalic varieties. Although United has problems, it is clearly the only airline for travelers who need to transport their brachycephalic dog.


American Airlines offers one of the largest carriers (8 inches x 13 inches x 9 inches), so that your Pippi can enjoy a bit more space during the flight, though the total weight limit is half of what the Spirit allows.

The airline allows pets to be transported to the cabin while traveling in and between the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Columbia and the Caribbean. If you are flying first or business class on the A321T, pets need to be stored in a special buggy in the front of the aircraft during taxis, take-offs, landing, and turmoil in their careers.


Southwest is ranked second in the pet travel survey and it also offers the second least expensive pet fee behind Frontier’s $ 75. The airlines also make it easy for pet owners to choose a suitable carrier by offering their own branded carrier that will fit under any Southwest seat. The airline allows cats and dogs to travel to the United States but does not offer this service on international flights. Only small cats and dogs will be able to fly southwest, as they do not allow pets to be in the cargo. And according to a TPG reader eyewitness report, you can have a lot of freedom on a Southwest flight with your pet. “I don’t think [the Southwest] applies to carriers or keeping dogs under a seat,” Connie C observed. “The last few airplanes I had were dogs in the entire flight lane.”

Delta Air Line

TPG Lounge member Brittany S says she was “very pleased” with Delta Pet Cargo. “It is climate controlled and well-controlled. We flew from Texas to Hawaii in the summer and they were able to accommodate us despite the heat due to air-conditioned transportation between the terminal and the aircraft. “Likewise, Lindsay was pleased with the experience of flying pets on the BO Delta cargo. Keep. She reports,” Before the crew tested, our dog checked on board “Delta is the best airplane for you if you fly cargo with your pet. May be

American Airlines – Best US Airlines for West Coast Travel

Cabin: $ 125 per kennel (US, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Colombia, and the Caribbean).

Checked Bags: $ 200 per kennel (US / Canada, Mexico, Central, and South America and the Caribbean / within; otherwise, $ 150 / from Brazil)

Approved Pets Type:

Cabin: Small pets are at least 8 weeks old and the combined weight cannot exceed 20 pounds.
Checked Bags: Dogs and cats can be transported until they are at least 8 weeks old. The combined weight should not exceed 100 pounds.

Size barrier:

Cabin: Carriers will not exceed 19 “x 13” x 9 “
Checked Bags: Maximum Carrier Size 40 “x 27” x 30 “

Before and during your flight, you may want to contact American Airlines customer service to save a place for your pet. Pets flying in the cabin with you must be at the bottom of their carrier seat for the entire duration of the flight.

Note that American Airlines does not allow pets to travel in cabins if you are traveling to Hawaii, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Venezuela, or transatlantic flights. And tested pets cannot travel to specific aircraft, which you can verify when you save your pet’s place on the flight.

You will not be able to run with your pet on American Airlines if you have a short nose like Shih Tzu.

American Airlines also does not allow certain small nose varieties to fly for their own protection.

United Airlines – The best US airline for east coast travel

Cabin: $ 125 each way
Checked luggage: Varies based on the overall weight
Approved Pets Type:
Cabin: Cats, dogs, rabbits, and livestock (excluding cockatoo)
Checked luggage: Only cats and dogs

Size barrier:
Cabin: maximum size 17.5 “x 12” x 7.5 “(hard kennel), and 18” x 11 “x 11” for soft kennels
Checked baggage: no more than 30 crates “

United Airlines only allows 2 dogs in the cabin for most of their flights, so you’ll want to call as soon as possible to make sure your pet can travel with you. The pet carrier must fit perfectly under the seat.

If your pet can’t fly in the cabin with you, you can use United Airlines’ pet transportation service, PetSafe. The airline has partnered with American Human to improve their pet transportation processes, so this is a very safe way to make sure your pets are safe and secure at the destination!

United Airlines has partnered with American Humans to improve their pet transportation process, so protecting your pet will not be a problem!

United also does not allow certain short nose varieties to fly due to safety concerns.

Delta Airlines – The best US airline for large pets

USA / Canada, Puerto Rico: $ 125
The Virgin Islands and outside the United States: $ 200
Brazil: $ 75
Approved Pets Type:
Cabin: Dogs, cats, and domestic birds for local flights to the United States
Checked luggage: All warm-blooded animals

Size barrier:
Cabin: Max 21 “x 15” x 16 “
Checked Bags: Different canal sizes allowed

Like many other airlines, Delta limits the number of coaches, business classes, and first-class flying. So you want to save by calling your spot to make sure you can fly with your pet in the cabin.

Allow pets to lean on the cabin with you as long as they are in the carrier and can fit under your seat. If your pet is not fit to fly with you to the cabin, you can use Delta Cargo to transport them, which has recently been awarded the Air Cargo Excellence Gold award, so your pet will be in great hands!

Delta award-winning air cargo service will be in the great hands of your pet!

Due to health concerns, Delta no longer allows low nose dogs.

Southwest Airlines – The best US airline for cheaper pet fees

Cost: $ 95 per pet per carrier
Approved Pets Type:
Cabin: Only small, vaccinated dogs and cats on internal flights
Checked luggage: Not available as an option
Size barrier:
Cabin: maximum size 18.5 “x 8.5” x 13.5 “
Checked luggage: N / A

Southwest allows a maximum of 6 pet carriers for the first-come-first-served basis, so as you finalize your travel plan, in the best airline for pets.

You will want to save your pet. Only vaccinated dogs and cats are allowed to travel on internal flights only, and driving your pet on cargo is not an option in the Southwest.
If you fly southwest, no paperwork is needed like a health certificate!

Your pet carrier must be small enough to fit under the seat, and fortunately, Southwest does not require any health certificates or papers for your pet’s transportation.

Jet Blue – The best US airlines for pet convenience

Cost: $ 125 each way
Approved Pets Type:
Cabin: Small dogs and cats are allowed
Checked luggage: Not allowed for any pets
Size barrier:
Cabin: Maximum carrier size 17 “x 12.5” x 8.5 “
Checked luggage: N / A

If you’re new to flying with pets, you’ll be happy

JetBlue has a special program called JetPaws that is designed to give their pets the tips and tools they need to travel smoothly. This is a free program and you can even earn up to 300 JetBlue points on every flight segment you fly with your pet!

JetBlue allows up to 4 pets per flight, so it is important to book your flight and reserve your pet seat as soon as possible. You can call Jet Blue and let the agent know that you are traveling with a pet so they can save you space for the flight. Although exceptions can be made, it is usually allowed to speak of only 1 pet as an individual and the pet carrier must fit under the seat.

As part of JetBlue’s JetPower program, you’ll be able to tag your pet’s carrier with a bright orange ID tag at check-in!

Pets are not allowed to or from Barbados, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Trinidad, Tobago, or St. Lucia.

Elegant Air – The best US airline for the pet check-in process

Cost: $ 100 each way
Approved Pets Type:
Cabin: Cats and dogs flying in San Juan and Puerto Rico in 48 US states
Checked luggage: N / A
Size barrier:
Cabin: maximum size 9 “x 16” x 19 “

If you are looking for a simple, hassle-free trip to the United States, you can book a flight to Allegiant. They do not require a health certificate, and you can save your pet’s spot at the same time as you book your airline tickets online! In other words, there is no need to have a separate phone call for your pet.

You do not have to make a separate phone call to save your pet’s spot on your flight, thanks to Allegiant’s streamlined online booking process!

Frontier Airlines – Best US Airlines for Unique Pet in the Cabin

Cost: $ 75 per segment
Approved Pets Type:
Cabins: Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and small birds
Checked luggage: N / A
Size barrier:
Cabin: Maximum size 18 “x 14” x 8 “
Checked luggage: N / A

If you are looking to fly in a cabin with unique pets, Frontier Airlines is a great choice. Although Frontier does not require a special health certificate for your pet, you may need it depending on the state in which you are visiting. If you are traveling internationally you will need a health certificate.
If you have unique pets and want to fly with them in the cabin, border planes can be your best bet!

Alaska Airlines – Best US Airlines for Unique Pet in Checked Bags

Cost: $ 100 per pet (no fees for service animals or sensitive support animals)
Approved Pets Type:
Cabin: Dogs, cats, rabbits, and livestock birds
Checked luggage: dogs, cats, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, domestic birds, non-poisonous reptiles, pot-billed pigs, rabbits, and tropical fish
Size barrier:
Cabin: 17 “x 11” x 7.5 “(solid) for soft, and 17” x 11 “x 9.5”
Checked baggage: 30 “x 27” x 40 “

If you have some unique pets but aren’t able to keep them with you in the main cabin, Alaska Airlines is a great choice because they allow different types of pets to fly in check bags. And through their Four-Step Class Care program, you will receive a notification on behalf of your pet to make sure it is safely flown.

If you have unique pets, Alaska Airlines is a great choice for those flying in checked bags.

Alternatively, the first class cabin may only have 1 pet space and the main cabin can accommodate up to a maximum of 5, so you will want to save your pet space as soon as possible. Dogs and cats must be at least 8 weeks old and each passenger can travel with up to 2 pets. And some short nose animals may be allowed to travel in cargo but in the cabin

Travel may be allowed.

Hawaii Airlines – Best US Airlines for Hawaii’s Inter-Island Flights

Cabin: $ 35 for inter-island cabin aircraft, all other flights $ 175 (one-way)
Checked baggage: $ 60 for inter-island flights, all other flights each 225 (each way)
Approved Pets Type:
Cabin: Small dogs and cats
Checked luggage: dogs, cats, and livestock
Size barrier:
Cabin: 16 “x 10” x 9.5 “
Checked luggage: 36 “x 24” x 26 “for 717 aircraft, and 40” x 27 “x 30” for 767 aircraft (must be a solid canal)

As with other airlines, once your travel plan is final, you’ll want to save a ticket for yourself and your pet and you book a ticket. Each person can travel with up to 1 pet carrier. Pets are not accepted on international flights to or from JFK. And some short-nosed pets aren’t allowed to fly on any of Hawaiian Airlines.

If you are considering only inter-island travel, Hawaiian Airlines has the lowest pet fees.

Restore Most Pet-Friendly US Airlines

No matter what your situation is, there are plenty of airlines that can meet the needs of flying with your pet!

  • American Airlines: West Coast Best for Travel
  • United Airlines: Best

East coast travel

  • Delta Airlines is best for large pets
  • Southwest Airlines: Best for cheap pet tariffs
  • Jet Blue: Best for the benefit of pets
  • Elegant Air: Best for the pet check-in process
  • Frontier Airlines: Best for the unique pet in the cabin
  • Alaska Airlines: Best for Unique Pets in Checkered Bags
  • Hawaii Airlines: Best for inter-island flights to Hawaii

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