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Enjoying a vacation with dog is awesome to many of us. Each year, more and more people are searcing for dog friendly family vacations in Midwest. However, the challenge of finding dog-friendly places in exchange for the fun that comes with traveling with the whole family, which four-legged family members can enjoy as much as two-legged. This article is an atempt to pick up some of the good dog friendly vacations in Midwest.

With this in mind, we begin exploring the best dog-friendly destinations in the Midwest. We only considered these destinations in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin to narrow our list down to some great places.

What to consider for a dog friendly vacations in Midwest

Accommodations: Each of our destinations has a safe place for pet-friendly accommodation or RV parks.

Things to do: We’ve looked for places with things you can do with your pet, including places that just bring your pet. Our list is full of great walks and hikes, canoe trips and dog-friendly beaches.

Everyone included: There are no brand specific laws in this list! We have included only those places, as far as we can tell, that allow any and every kind of well behaved dog, including your favorite bullie breeder.

Dog friendly family vacations in Midwest

Here is a list

1. Bow Wow Beach, Stow, Ohio

Ohio Stow has all sorts of cool things to do but the highlight to dog lovers is definitely Wow Beach. The beach has a 7.5-acre fence on the playground for both dogs large and small. The area varies from sandy beach to grassy nooks, and there are also three acres of lakes for dogs to swim in (sorry, no human swimming). Bow Bow beach is one of the good dog friendly vacations in Midwest.

2. Broad Ripple, Indianapolis, Indiana

Dog owners living or visiting fences in Indianapolis will not regret stopping by the extremely dog-friendly Broad Ripple parade. Start your day on the Muse Trail, a beautiful urban trail that takes you through various lakes, parks and even bridges and through industrial areas.

Don’t worry if the walk is tired, as Broad Ripple is well known for its many dog-friendly eateries such as the Petit Chow Chow Bistro and the last shot of the bar and plump at the Champ. Come the evening, you and your dog can hang on to the monkey story and listen to the music live.

3. Camp Dogwood, Wisconsin Lake Delton

Camp Dogwood literally makes dreams come true as a public holiday camp for dogs and their owners. During their travels, dogs and people can participate in fun training sessions, relax, play and enjoy the outdoors together. Activities include everything from sailing and tracking lessons to treating a dog, starting a class to growing nature and adding puppies. Camp Dogwood is one of the good dog friendly vacations in Midwest.

4. Beaches, Chicago, Illinois

It may seem strange that we’ve included a city in the list of dog-friendly destinations – and a large city – but Chicago, Illinois is easily one of the most dog-friendly places in the country. Beaches on the Chicago is one of the good dog friendly vacations in Midwest.

The city has dozens of dog parks, and several dog beaches along Lake Michigan. Several local hotels allow dogs, including the Kimpton Hotel Monaco, to donate 10% of all dog-related proceeds to local rescue groups. Finally, check out the calendar before your trip to Chicago, as the city is almost always going to have a festival, many of which are pet-friendly, even pet-themed!

5. Crazy Horse, South Dakota

Near Mount Rushmore (which is not pet friendly), Crazy Horse is most famous for its huge and impressive Crazy Horse Memorial. Dogs are not allowed on the bus, but if you are okay with walking, you will be allowed to watch your pets at the outdoor display and porch. If your dog is small enough to carry, you can even bring him to the fascinating museum on site.

6. Custer State Park, South Dakota

Dog-friendly Custer State Park, located in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. Choose any number of trails from the short and easy to the multi-day challenge. But if you want to enjoy Custer State Park, check out Sylvan Lake. There is a simple one mile loop around the water that gives a great view of some cool rock formations. Before you hike, we suggest arranging your dog for an hour. You probably won’t meet any bears here, but there are more than 1,500 bison in the park that you probably won’t enjoy bothering.

7. Chuahoga Valley National Park, Brooksville, Ohio

The Chihuahua Valley of Ohio is full of beautiful places to go hiking and enjoying. These include Cuyahoga Valley National Park, a 5-acre park that offers dog-friendly hiking, cycling, birdwatching and picnicking. Hiking trails are numerous and varied, and guide you through valleys, hillocks, steep valley walls, and rolling floodplains. Just note that dogs are not allowed in any building and should always be bred.

8. Door County, Wisconsin

Door County in Wisconsin is known as “Cape Cod in the Midwest,” a great dog-friendly vacation destination. The small town is the point in the city

The ores on Lake Michigan are all clear and strange, and historic historically fascinating. Your dog

Walk the cutie to the main streets of the city like Algoma, Egg Harbor, Fish Creek and Ephraim and find some dog-friendly restaurants or cafes where you can enjoy a great lunch or dinner. There are a few dog-friendly beaches nearby or you can take the ferry to Washington Island, where all but one public beach are dog-friendly.

9. East Harbor State Park, Ohio

Located on the shores of Lake Erie, East Harbor State Park is 1,800 acres as a dog-friendly recreation. There are over 500 camp sites and more places to park the RV here, so don’t hesitate to spend several days here – you have plenty to do! There are 11 dog-friendly trails ranging from moderate to intense, including the most popular trails on the beach. Although pets are not allowed on the sand beach, there is a separate picnic area on the shore that allows your dog to join you.

10. Fantastic Caverns, Springfield, Missouri

You don’t need to leave your dog behind for a trip to Fantastic Caverns in Springfield, Missouri, because this place is dog friendly! The cave’s 50-minute tours are on a jeep tram and allow for a well-behaved lashed dog for each tour. If you have to wait two tours for a place for your dog, take advantage of the fascinating hiking trails or cozy picnic spots that cavernos can offer. Fantastic Caverns is one of the good dog friendly vacations in Midwest.

11. Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, Mandan, North Dakota

North Dakota is full of naturally stunning places that are dog friendly and appealing to people. Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park gave Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer last place before heading off to the Battle of Little Bighorn. You can visit his remodeled home as well as the nearest on-a-slant, rebuilt Mandan Indian Village. There are several trails to choose from when exploring the 1,000-acre park, including the paved Bismarck-Mandan-Fort Lincoln bike trail.

12. Fort Stevenson State Park, Garrison, North Dakota

At Fort Stevenson State Park in North Dakota Garrison, you’ll find dog-friendly cabins and camps. The views here are great, especially like the lake and you can enjoy the natural surroundings of any hiking trail. The park also houses Fort Stevenson, one of the state’s most important historical historical forts. There is another trail here, plus plenty of neat photo ops with things like cannons and wagons.

13. Grand Murray State Park, Stevensville, Michigan

Grand Mary State Park, located in Stevensville, Michigan, has everything! The park offers its guests about 1,000 acres of dog-friendly hiking trails, one mile of beach for you and your pet on the shores of Lake Michigan. Almost every area of ​​the park allows dogs, unless they are leashed and always with you.

14. Grayling, Grayling, Michigan

About 3/4 of the county, located in Grayling, Michigan, is government-owned – which is great for pet owners looking for dog-friendly destinations. Lonely grilling includes acres of acreage and other open spaces that dogs can enjoy. The city is especially popular during the winter months, when dog owners bring their pets for snowshoeing or backcountry sketches on the grilling.

15. Gunflint Lodge, Grand Marais, Minnesota

Gunflint Lodge, located just north of Grand Marais, has always had plenty to do with the nearby Gunflint Trail, a convenient weekend way for Minnesota dogs (and humans!) Who like to be incomplete, but we check out many of the lodge’s special “dog lovers’ weekends” calendars. I recommend doing these, and even trick training sessions. At the end of the long day, you can book a canine massage therapist at the lodge.

16. Ha Ha Tonka State Park, Camdenton, Missouri

If the name of this dog-friendly destination is any indication, you and your dog are sure to have a great time at Ha Tonka State Park. Located near the Ozarks Lake (which makes our list), Ha Tonka also offers visitors 15 miles of various pet-friendly trails, each with tons of cool things to see. Grab a map and see the trails in:

Lots of sinkhole called Coliseum
Whispering Dale Basin Basin
Ha Tonka Spring and its 250-foot bluffs
A 100-foot-high natural bridge
Once upon a time the remains of the stone shelves overlooking the lake.

17. Hawking Hills State Park, Logan, Ohio

Hogan Hills State Park, located in southeast Ohio near the town of Logan, hiking and their dogs hiking 26 miles through stunning wooded areas and vista. Check out the Old Man’s Cave, which offers amazing views of the canyons, fountains, rivers, waterfalls, waterfalls and other trendy photo-worthy sights. We recommend the popular Cedar Falls Trail, which leads to a secluded stone walled ridge with grotos and waterfalls. Keep your eyes open as you explore:

  • Hummingbirds
  • Foxes
  • Groundhogs
  • Raccoons
  • Deer
  • Turkey
  • Other wildlife that make Hawking Hill a home.

18. Holland, Holland, Michigan

This fun little town is a great place for a weekend getaway. After all, it’s nourishing! Take your lazed dog with you to a window shop in the adorable suburbs of Holland, then head to Lake Michigan to climb the sand dunes for a laid-back view, or simply relax on the sandy shores of Kirk Park.

19. Hot Springs National Park, Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hot Springs National Park is attractive, stunning and, above all, dog friendly! The park covers the land that was once famous for its “healing water”. Take your furry dog ​​for a half mile walk to Bathhouse Row, from which you can follow the 26-mile intersection. The trails pass through some magnificent views. Their varying lengths make them an ideal climbing experience for any hiking level.


20. Itasaka State Park, Park Rapids, Minnesota

Like birds and dogs? No need to look any further than Itasca State Park, where you can be sure that some members of the largest group of leashed dogs in the continental United States are allowed on the trail here and there is plenty to choose from. For a view of the lakes we recommend the Deer Park Trailer (note that dogs are not allowed in the beach area) and the Ojawondib Trail.

21. Kettle Twist State Forest, Kewassacum, WI

Wisconsin is a must-see place for people and dogs who love the outdoors. The state has 99 state parks and recreational zones, including the Kettle Twist State Forest. Most people come to camp here and dogs are allowed except for two campsites in the park. There are special places along the Lake Ottawa where dogs are allowed. Even the Oak Trapped Pet Swimming Area is where dogs can play. Some locals bring their dogs for water skills training.

22. Knife River is a national or historical site of Indian villages, Stanton, North Dakota

Sakazavia (or Sakakawaia in these parts) and her husband lived in this village when Lewis and Clark were employed as translators. Today, the village has been restored to an interesting (and dog-friendly!) Historical Historic Site. The tribe has replicas of Earth’s habitats, as well as a huge statue of Siman (Merriweather Lewis’ favorite dog), which both make for great pictures. When it comes to trails, dogs are sure to enjoy beautiful scenery, on the other hand people will find the informational plaques to be very appealing.

23. Lake of the Ozarks State Park, Kaiser, Missouri

There are naturally very nice places like the Ozarks in the United States, so Lake Dog Friendly at Ozarks State Park is a bonus! The park includes picnic areas, camp sites and hiking trails that are no more than ten-feet long and no dogs are allowed on the beach or swimming pool, you can bring your four-legged family members with you by boat.

24. Sakakawa State Park, North Dakota

Sakakawa Lake, located in central North Dakota, the third largest man-made water reservoir in the United States, The State Park is extremely dog-friendly and covers about 5 acres:

  • Wood and pasture
  • A marina
  • A beach
  • Camping and picnic spot
  • Dozens of trails

Your dog will love to explore the various sights for trekking. The park also has healthy wildlife populations, so keep your eyes peeled.

25. Lake Superior Hiking Trail, Duluth, Minnesota

Even though Duluth is where the Lake Superior Hiking Trail began, the trail runs all the way to the Canadian border, and hikers and their dogs can join any trailhead. The trail is both fantastic and quiet, and thanks to its length, you are unlikely to find any crowds (even if you see another person). Dogs need to be leashed at each trailhead, but once you reach the quarter-mile you are allowed to run free.

26. Madeline Island, Wisconsin-Sent Islands

Madeline Island is one of 21 natural islands known as the Apostle Islands, but it is especially dog ​​friendly. Dogs are welcome at a number of local resorts, hotels and restaurants, and are even allowed on Madeline Island ferry lines and private water taxis. This national dog-friendly transportation means you are free to do whatever you want without worrying about your dog leaving behind. The dog-friendly activities here vary from asons to season. In the summer and autumn, take your dog to any local garden to pick apples or berries. And if you live in the Sentinel Islands in February, don’t miss the famous Sent Islands Sled Dog Race.

27. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Traverse City, Michigan

Located close to the pet-friendly city of Traverse City, Sleeping Bear Tunes National Lakeshore is miles from Bally’s Bluff. Some 450 feet tall and overlooked the Lake Michigan are sure to have a blast for everyone, big and small, two feet or four for a stunning view. Only in the past

The sand dunes are acres of absorbent forests, full of native flora and fauna, and some crystalline-transparent inland lakes.

28. Superior National Forest, Minnesota

Owing to the seemingly endless activity of wilderness, the largest designated wilderness in the Superior National Forest Eastern United States, on 1,7,7 acres, is a popular place for Midwesterners to take their families (including dogs!) On vacation. In fact, the park has more than 2,000 camp sites and over a thousand lakes! Your dog must have a blast wherever he goes but if he enjoys swimming or boating, check out the Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, a border area of ​​a million acres northwest of the park.

29. Sylvania Wilderness and Recreation Areas ation, Watersmith, Michigan

A ton of things to do in Sylvania Wilderness and Recreation Area for dogs and their families. About 19,000 acres of park offer:

  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Go out
  • Skiing

Sit back and relax for a few moments while enjoying nature. Most camp sites and hiking trails allow dogs, as long as they are lean, which is not six feet long. You really can’t go wrong with a trail you can choose from, as everyone takes you through the stunning nature that is one of the largest and oldest-growing forests in the Midwest.

30. Twin Lakes Recreation Area, Columbia, Missouri

The sure-to-1-acre park boasts a huge lakeside dog park, complete with a 16-acre fishing lake, where dogs can jump, swim and play while your dog explodes at Columbia’s Twin Lakes recreation site in Missouri. Little dogs even have their own area Pubs Pond Dog Park, where a small pond can keep them cool on a hot day. The recreational area is a great place to spend the day as it has fishing and boating lakes, picnic tables and a half mile trail.

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All about Dog Friendly Cheap Vacations in Midwest

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