Get Rid of A Bad Habit Step by Step in 2 Weeks

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How to get rid of a bad habit? Ever really feel such as you’re caught doing one thing you actually don’t need to do? And no, I don’t imply cleansing the lavatory or another not enjoyable factor. I imply bad habits.

In this article, I am going to discuss how to get rid of a bad habit. One that you just don’t need to do but it surely’s simply so exhausting to interrupt.

Get rid of a bad habit – grow your willingness

Mine was consuming a giant unhealthy snack within the night. A whole lot of the time it was a large bowl of cereal loaded with sugar. I craved it daily. It was my “me” time.

After I wished to begin consuming more healthy, I knew I needed to kick that behavior. I declared that I used to be now not going to have my tremendous measurement bowl of Frosted Flakes and it was gonna be really easy. Like, why didn’t I do that sooner?

I’d make it a day. Perhaps two. When that second day rolled around I’d inform myself, “Simply as soon as extra, it’ll be high-quality. You can begin once more tomorrow.”

Oh, the lies I’d inform myself. Tomorrow turned the subsequent day and the subsequent day.

Does this sound acquaint with you? It’s a vicious cycle.

However, guess what? You CAN overcome and break unhealthy habits too.

What causes us to kind unhealthy habits?

Let’s use my instance once more on how to get rid of a bad habit. 

Need to chill out after an extended day. Take into consideration watching Netflix, and gotta have a snack to go along with it.

Discover one thing to look at and pour that bowl of cereal.

“My neck, my again, my Netflix and my snacks”.

Clearly, I loved step three a lot I made a decision to do it once more the subsequent day, and the subsequent day, and the subsequent day.  And a foul behavior was shaped. Many unhealthy habits are shaped by stress and tedium. My trigger? Principally boredom.

Habits are looping. We have an urge, or cue to do the motion, the routine we do to finish the motion, and the reward we obtain from the behavior.

Should you’ve had a tough day at work and are wired you would possibly need to seize a pint of ice cream, as a result of ice cream makes you’re feeling higher.

If it’s a Saturday evening you’re alone, and all you’ve obtained is a bag of chips and Lifetime motion pictures, what are you prone to do? Binge watch and binge eat?

These eventualities occur as soon as, no huge deal proper? But when they occur time and again, increase. unhealthy behavior.

Do you see how simple it’s to kind habits?

However, how do I break unhealthy habits?

There are simply two steps wanted to remove a foul behavior. they’re quite simple however they’re not at all times very simple. What are they? Acknowledge and change. 

If you acknowledge and change a foul behavior, it can change into a factor of the previous, by no means to return once more, except you permit it to.

Acknowledge it

You understand it’s there. Ignoring a foul behavior will do nothing that will help you. You must establish it and have the desire to make a change.

Begin a journal

Write down your behavior. Take note of whenever you’re performing on this behavior. Is it through the night?

On the weekend or whenever you’re alone? Why do you suppose you retain repeating this behavior? Are you bored or wired?

What is precisely main as much as this motion? Write all the pieces down that you just do within the moments earlier than you obtain your cue to finish this behavior.

Writing all the pieces down will open your eyes and enable you to perceive why you could have this behavior and what steps you may take to assist remove it.

For reference, let’s check out mine.

Behavior consuming an unhealthy snack each day.
When within the night.
After I put my son into the mattress.
I’m alone.
Often watching Netflix.
It helps me unwind and chill out.
I discovered enjoyment in it so it turned a behavior.

Why do you need to cease?

As a result of I do know it’s not wholesome to eat all of that sugar every day.

Write all the pieces down. Each element you may consider and why you need to kick this behavior to the curb.

Every time you really feel a craving or urge approaching, go to your journal and write it down. Write the way you’re feeling and what you’re doing.

Writing all the pieces down will help you understand why you need it.

As soon as you might be conscious of this behavior, you may create a technique to do away with it for good. You change the unhealthy behavior with an extra optimistic one.

get rid of a bad habit

Substitute it

When you establish and acknowledge your unhealthy behavior and are conscious of the triggers it’s time to change that behavior with a superb behavior.

Attempt to remove as many triggers as attainable. Are you performing the behavior out of boredom? Decide up a brand new interest to occupy your time and thoughts.

What’s one thing you take pleasure in doing? Or one thing you suppose you would possibly take pleasure in?

I’ve at all times been enthusiastic about cross-stitching. It’s the outdated girl in me. It’s one thing that retains my palms busy and I don’t need to eat an unhealthy snack.

Strive one thing to maintain your self occupied and your thoughts away out of your unhealthy behavior.

What about stress? There are numerous methods to alleviate your stress in an optimistic method, resembling.

  • Train
  • Yoga
  • Journaling
  • Take heed to music
  • Clear 
  • Have a spa day
  • Spend time with family and friends 

..something that’s good in your physique and thoughts. Want some extra inspiration? How about 100 Ways to Improve Your Life?

If you start to interchange your outdated behavior with a brand new one, is it going to magically stick immediately? In all probability not. However, you must maintain it.

It might take as much as 21 days for a brand new behavior to stay. Simply 21 days!

If after 21 days and you continue to can’t carry out your new good behavior without hating each second of it, then change that one too. 

You have to be blissful and revel in doing no matter what you’re doing. If it doesn’t convey your pleasure, then do away with it!

However keep in mind, you can also make wholesome dwelling satisfying. You simply should experiment and discover what works in your and your lifestyle.

It’s time to interrupt unhealthy habits that were nagging at you. It’s irritating and makes you’re feeling such as you’ll by no means obtain your objectives.

Lose the adverse mindset and also you’ll understand you may attain any objective you set for your self.

Now follow these steps in case of any bad habit you have to want to change.

I hope this blog on the way to get rid of a bad habit was worthy of you.

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Get Rid of A Bad Habit Step by Step in 2 Weeks

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