Honolulu Travel Guide for the Adventurous Tourists

honolulu travel guide
(Last Updated On: April 7, 2021)

Honolulu travel guide makes sense to many travelers. It is such a kind of travel region where travelers flock all the year-round.

The island of Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii on the southern coast of Oahu and the gateway to the United States island chain. The Diamond Head Crater is the center of eating, nightlife and shopping on the Waikiki ladder with the volcano Diamond Head Crater, famous for its iconic Crescent beach supported by dates and high-end hotels. Sites related to the Second World War attack on Pearl Harbor include the USS Arizona Memorial. Weather: 29 ° C, wind E 19 km / h, 57% humidity

Honolulu Travel Guide

Honolulu Travel Guide: What time does Rush Hour start in Honolulu?

It is in between 5am ​​to 8pm. Typical weekday departures in Honolulu go inbound from 5pm to 8pm and depart from 3PM to 6:30 AM. Expect heavy traffic on Interstates H-3 and H-2, Nimitz Highway / Ala Moana Boulevard, and suburban Honolulu and Waikiki surfaces. It is essential information in the Honolulu travel guide.

What is Honolulu Hawaii?

Honolulu is known for its solitude. It is the largest city in the middle of the Pacific, with a population of over ten million. Honolulu is known for Waikiki Beach and the dormant volcano, Diamond Head, is next to the Waikiki. Honolulu is Mai Tai Panit and Hawaiian Luau.

Is it safe in Honolulu?

Honolulu is one of the safest cities in America with a safety rating of about 70%. Although Hawaii is generally very safe, theft can also be a serious problem in some places. Smart travelers can avoid anything valuable in their car or on a blocked property while on the beach. It is essential information in the Honolulu travel guide.

Is Waikiki a suburb of Honolulu?

Waikiki (Honolulu beach neighbor) has about 95% of the hotel rooms on the island, so by default, this is where most tourists end up. Waikiki is basically a big city on the beach. Think endless high rises, sparkling shopping centers, all big chain restaurants and a million people.

Can you drink water in Honolulu?

Hawaii has long been proud of its tap water taste, which is naturally filtered by perforated volcanic rocks. Hawaiian tap water is not only safe for drinking, but it does not taste like chlorine in many areas of the United States. Q: Are all of our drinking water chlorine in Oahu? A. No.

Is a wiki dangerous at night?

Most Honolulu hotels are actually located in Weiqi, known as tourist hotspots and Hawaii’s most visited sightseeing destinations. Violent crime is rarely committed in the region, and most crimes are short theft. The park is bustling with people all day and Honolulu is a safe place to stay in the crowd. It is a piece of essential information in the Honolulu travel guide.

Honolulu Travel

Is there a lot of crime in Honolulu?

According to the latest FBI statistics, the number of violent crimes across the state has increased over the past year, but the rate of violent crime in Hawaii is still far below the country. In 2017, Hawaii had about 251 violent crimes per 100,000 people, up from 242 the previous year.

Which city is closest to Honolulu?

Big cities near Honolulu, HI

2559 miles to Oakland, CA.
2567 miles to San Jose, CA.
2568 miles from Fremont, CA.
2620 miles Stockton, CA
2628 miles from Modesto, CA.
268 miles to Sacramento, CA.
2674 miles from Fresno, CA.
2683 miles Bakersfield, CA.

Why is Waikiki Beach so famous?

Waikiki is famous for beach breaks, a popular haven for surfers. Not surprisingly, the statue of Duke Kahanamoku, a man credited with popularizing surfing as a modern sport, is among the most visited and photographed sites in Waikiki.

Can you swim in Waikiki Beach?

There is a man-made swimming lagoon sandwiched at the top of the Ilikai Hotel and Duke Kahanamoku Beach. … The beach itself is one of the most popular and busy of Waikiki beaches because it offers a quiet swimming area with a protected beach.

Here’s how to plan the best possible trip to this sunny city.

Known as the beating heart of Hawaii, the city of Honolulu offers visitors the all-knowing identity of the Hawaiian Islands.

Honolulu Travel agent

The Web

Honolulu is the largest city in Hawaii, often known as the vibrant heart of the state. The city’s countless natural wonders balance its powerful and often chaotic, urban landscape. It is information in the Honolulu travel guide.

When to go

There is never a bad time to visit Honolulu but if you want to avoid the rainy season, be sure to book in the dry months from October to October.


Going to Hawaii to celebrate any exciting moment in life. Birthdays, honeymooners, and babymoons are always best done with a little extra light.

What to eat

When visiting Honolulu, look for the Kaluua pork that was cooked in a traditional tahitian Hawaiian emu or underground oven (almost always served in lua). The odor in your mouth is unmatched by the smell and smell. Add it to one side of Gui’s Purple Poe and you’re eating like Hawaiian royalty.

Honolulu Travel package

The souvenir of the house

In addition to the golden tones, the best souvenir you can share with friends and family is to take back. Bring a box of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts from the Honolulu Cookie Company or light up with the island’s famous shortbread cookies. Pro Tip: Post-Graduate offers free samples for all in-store customers.

Sustainable Travel Tips

You will probably spend some time dipping on white-sand beaches or swimming in turquoise-crushed Hawaiian waters. Protect yourself and the environment by donating non-toxic, biodegradable sunscreen (such as Reef Safe) that won’t harm local coral and sea life. This is essential information in the Honolulu travel guide.

Check out Instagram-valued

At the forefront, the iconic pink front of the historic Royal Hawaiian Hotel can be taken in the background and a maximum postcard-shot shot with diamond head craters and Waikiki beaches in the background. Friends of the house will immediately know that you made it to the sandy shores of Oahu.

Discover Honolulu’s flawless beaches, extinct volcanoes, industrial districts, and culturally rich local populations.

Honolulu Travel


From November to May, humpback whales can be spotted on Hawaii’s southern coastline. These gentle giants make bizarre treks from the waters of pepper Alaskan to breeding and bred their calves on the island’s warm shores. The naked eye can catch glimpses of these colorful creatures from the beach, but if you want to see them around, your best bet is to book an attached boat trip.

Natural wonder

Hanauma Bay is a crescent-shaped basin formed thousands of years ago in volcanic holes. It is now a marine life-saving area where sea turtles, corals and fish schools are thriving. After watching a short video about conservation efforts and reef safety, visitors are encouraged to snorkel on the bay. Be aware that the park is closed on a Tuesday to give the marine ecosystem a rest.

National parks

One of Oahu’s most popular climbs is the Diamond Head State Memorial Summit. With just a mile and a half round trip, the climb is accessible for even the most novice climbers. The summit rewards city guests with spectacular views of downtown Waikiki, and the extra burnt calories allow you to justify another shave ice or two.

Archaeological Site

Ancient oral history says that Pohaku Ola Kapaimahu a Kapuni (formerly known as the “Wizard Stones”) was left in Oahu by four famous Tahitian healers. Before leaving the island, the healers gave everyone a stone with a mind or magical power. The four stones have been moved to their permanent home on the Kuhiyo beach and all can be enjoyed.

Honolulu Travel trips

Cultural experience

Honolulu Visitors to the historic Calihi District will find the best cultural experience in the city. The Bishop Museum has a collection of more than 24 million historical treasures, the largest collection of Polynesian artifacts in the world. Informative displays will fascinate and fascinate even the youngest historian during the live lava demonstration and the Planetarium in the sky.

Best day trip

Take a day off from the hustle and bustle of Honolulu to roam the island’s air. Kailua is a small stone town near Lahikai, one of the oldest beaches in Oahu. When you’re not shaking on powdered white sand, head into town to purchase unique souvenirs at one of the locally-owned boutiques.

Off the beaten path

While trekking at the Makapu Lighthouse, look for the humpback whale sign and the path binoculars. These traces mark where the unknown makapu’s unknown path begins in the tidal pool. A small vandal beneath the loose rock and pebble offers bold rewards with a pool of magnificent gems and very little company.

Honolulu Travel map

Can you drink wine on the beach in Waikiki?

Is there a beach in Hawaii allowed to drink alcohol? Unfortunately, this is not allowed. By law, it is illegal to have an open container of alcohol in your car or in public places, such as on the beach, park, or roadside.

Is there a shark on Waikiki beach?

Scenes from the wiki come after two recent shark attacks in Oahu, one on the North Shore and the other on Lanikai. … The State Department of Land and Natural Resources has said that because of the large number of people in the area, there is never a definite shark bite in Waikiki water.

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Most iconic attractions

Get local Hawaiian food and culture all in one place: a Luau. Local island dishes such as kalua pork, Lemmy loamy salmon, and Hawaiian lobster feast on fresh pound poi while enjoying Hawaiian entertainment. Hula choreographers use elegant hands and their hips to tell the history of Hawaii when fire dancers literally light the house.


Nightlife in downtown Waikiki is reliably lively, but if you are looking for something a little rawer, you should visit Chinatown. Sizzling nightlife blends in with all the flavors, with a swanky jazz bar, hip tiki lounges, and dance clubs. It is essential information in the Honolulu travel guide.

Historical Places

The Iolani Palace was home to the last two remaining kings in Hawaii and was the only official royal palace in the United States. The palace is now a living restoration and allows guests to walk into the same halls as King Kalacua and the venerable Hawaiian princess, along with her sister and successor, Queen Liliukalani.

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Local joke

It is bound to raise attentive ears that locals refer to each other as “aunts” or “uncles.” No, not everyone on the island is related to it. In fact, calling someone “aunt” or “uncle” is a word of love or respect, just as people in the South use “sir” or “mum.”

Neighborhood to explore

The newly renovated Kaka’akao district is located at the heart of Honolulu. Located in the center of the industrial nine blocks, we have Salt in Kaka’akao, a mixed-use warehouse space chock full of local artisans, restaurants, breweries, and taste buds. It is a piece of essential information in the Honolulu travel guide.

The vibe is hip and trendy where anyone can shop for locally made souvenirs while enjoying a refreshing acai bowl. Walk around and take in the beautiful vibrant murals that change from year to year. Almost every corner of Kakako is on Instagram and begging for a share.

Other Recommended Reading

The guy-watching spot

The Waikiki Strip offers the best folk views in all respects in Honolulu. You will find surfer dudes, wealthy shoppers, literal beach bums, and astonished tourists in the laid back. Whether you’re leaning on a pavement bench or relaxing on the beach, you’ll be provided with endless hours of entertainment.

Heart-pounding hike

The Coco Head Crater Trail is a steep and challenging trail, not for the faint of heart. With 1,050 abandoned railroad ties, some are missing and many are exhausted, where the trend of World War II once provided Trump with a bunker at the top of the pit. Bold hikers climb steep steps into secluded pillboxes at the top. Be sure to bring your own water and walk carefully. Catch your breath through the stunning panoramic view of Honolulu before embarking on a harsh trek to the seafront.

Honolulu hotels

If Oahu is the heart of Hawaii, then Honolulu is its racing vibe. In the capital city of this universe, you will find everything from historical landmarks to fine dining to world-class shopping. Oahu’s most populous habitat is on the southeast coast of Honolulu Island, stretching from Pearl Harbor to Macapu Point and around the world-famous Waikee Beach.

“For the first time in Oahu? … Bishop Museum, Honolulu Museum of Art, Waikiki Beach, and …” If you’ve been to Hawaii before and have already seen tourist attractions, you might want to check out another “O”. “Maybe you’ve run into one of Southwest Airlines’ cheapest contact destinations in Honolulu. For snorkeling from a relaxed brunch, we’ve got you covered with our Honolulu travel guide, equipped by experts. Downtown Honolulu is the city’s historic historical and commercial hub. , Where there are plenty of boutiques and museums to visit, on the other hand, Wike E-tourism center.

Honolulu Travel Guide for the Adventurous Tourists

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