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40 Long Haul Flights Tips and Tricks for A Great Experience

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There are several long-haul flights with tips and tricks for a successful trip. Economy seats don’t have to be anything to endure a long flight. Get a comfortable seat for easy access to the galley when needed and try (or simply take quick steps to get your blood flowing) and let these tips help you travel more comfortably. This article will be sharing the most useful long-haul flights with particular tips and tricks.

Consider your next long-haul flight: it’s unlikely to be a picture of comfort, a restful night’s sleep, or, most importantly, a happy start to your vacation. But don’t let the prospect of cruising at 39,000 feet for a lengthy period put a damper on your next vacation.

Put a smile on the flight crew’s faces. If you want to make sure you have a good time on your flight, consider the satisfaction of the cabin staff as well. Start by greeting them as you board (according to a Business Insider poll, being ignored by passengers is a major annoyance), and try presenting a bag of cookies or other food on your way in.

It’s not bribery – and it doesn’t ensure you’ll get special treatment – but it will put the staff in a better mood, which will improve the flying experience for everyone on board.

Make the most of the free time you have. We seldom have time to be disconnected these days, so a long-haul trip might be an excellent opportunity to catch up on work or simply disconnect.

Read that book that’s been sitting on your bedside table for months, accomplish some work that doesn’t require you to be hooked to your computer, or simply recline your seat and enjoy the in-flight entertainment. If you want to catch up on the latest releases, airlines like Emirates (which has been rated the best inflight entertainment for the past 12 years in the World Airline Awards) are a solid choice.

Make a device plan ahead of time. You can now download your favorite TV series and films on your phone or tablet thanks to services like Netflix and Amazon Video – ideal for those lengthy, short-haul flights with no in-flight entertainment.

However, nothing screams acute boredom for the next 10 hours like your phone or tablet dying mid-flight, so grab a portable power pack to ensure you’re never left in the dark mid-movie.

Keep the youngsters occupied. Are you taking your children on a trip? On a lengthy journey, there’s nothing more unpleasant than attempting to keep kids occupied without disturbing the passenger in front of you.

Prepare ahead of time by packing a travel bag packed with inexpensive goods like tiny toys, crayons, and coloring books to keep them occupied. Booking flights that correspond to their normal resting periods will help keep kids quiet and happy while also allowing you to catch some much-needed rest.

Long haul flights tips and tricks

Look into the top airlines. However, whether or not you enjoy a long-haul journey is reliant on the airline’s quality. In the age of low-cost airlines, you may get what you pay for. Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Singapore Airlines are consistently ranked among the best in the world, receiving honors for both business and economy-class cabins. When it comes to European airlines to watch out for, Aeroflot, Turkish, and KLM all rate highly, so do your research before you go and discover how you might end up enjoying your next long-distance journey. Here are some tricks:

1. Jet Lag Juggernaut: Strategies for Rhythmic Adaptation

The notorious disruptor of travel bliss, jet lag, emerges as a formidable adversary to seamless transitions across time zones. Understanding its roots in altered body rhythms and exacerbated by potential sleep deprivation is the first step to circumventing its effects. A strategic ploy involves syncing with your destination’s time promptly, achieved by setting your watch to the local time upon departure. Recognizing the directional nuances, where eastward flights tend to yield more pronounced symptoms than their westward counterparts, establishes a baseline for recovery expectations. Adhering to the general rule of two-thirds recovery time for regions crossed aids in preemptive planning, offering a roadmap to mitigate the unwelcome embrace of jet lag.

2. Footwear Etiquette: Elevating Comfort While Navigating Hygiene

In the delicate balance between comfort and cleanliness, a cardinal rule emerges – never re-wear your shoes, and steer clear of airplane towels. The conscientious efforts of flight attendants notwithstanding, the unseen remnants on the cabin floor beckon caution. Comfort, an imperative for foot health during long flights, beckons the choice of lightweight sandals that accommodate potential foot swelling. This dual consideration, balancing hygiene and comfort, ensures a more pleasurable and hygienic journey above the clouds.

3. Beverage Diplomacy: Maximizing Efficiency with Two Drinks

Navigating the delicate dance of inflight refreshments unveils a savvy tip from flight attendants – requesting two drinks simultaneously. This proactive move minimizes the need for repeated requests and ensures a steady hydration regimen. Opting for water and juice, while steering clear of dehydrating caffeinated beverages, tea, and coffee, becomes a blueprint for maintaining optimal hydration levels during the flight. This subtle yet impactful strategy contributes to the overall well-being of the traveler, staving off the potential discomfort associated with dehydration.

4. Toiletry Triumph: Navigating Liquid Restrictions with Essentials

Even within the confines of liquid safety restrictions, the savvy traveler can leverage essential toiletries for in-flight comfort. While adherence to changing regulations is crucial, a strategic selection of travel-sized basics is permissible. Compact toothpaste (below 100 ml), a toothbrush, a diminutive moisturizer, and a deodorant emerge as indispensable carry-ons. Beyond personal grooming, this thoughtful selection minimizes restroom dwell time, a consideration that resonates not only within the aircraft but extends to the refreshing pitstops in airports – a subtle yet impactful long-haul travel hack.

5. Culinary Clockwork: Preemptive Meal Planning for In-Flight Satisfaction

The culinary landscape of long-haul flights transforms with a simple yet effective tactic – ordering a special meal if you prefer an early dining experience. This strategic move, executed during ticket booking and requiring a minimum 24-hour notice, ensures timely delivery of your chosen meal. However, a caveat accompanies this choice – the absence of tray clearing after the meal. This small compromise weighed against the benefits of a satisfying and timely repast, positions preemptive meal planning as a prudent approach to elevate the in-flight dining experience.

6. Strategic Layering for In-Flight Comfort

As you embark on your journey through bustling airports and navigate the varying temperatures within the aircraft, mastering the art of layering becomes paramount. The ever-changing conditions, from chilly waiting areas to the potent air conditioning within the plane, necessitate a versatile approach. Consider donning a body warmer or vest equipped with pockets – not just for warmth but also as an ingenious solution to optimize your limited ‘hand luggage space.’ This strategic layering is not merely a sartorial choice but a tactical move to combat the discomforts of air travel.

7. Mid-Air Limbering: A Vital Routine

Amidst the confines of the aircraft cabin, where space is a premium commodity, incorporating regular exercises becomes a vital aspect of your in-flight routine. Defying the sedentary nature of air travel, make a conscious effort to stand up and stretch whenever possible. Simple ankle circles or discreet in-seat maneuvers can counteract the stiffness induced by prolonged sitting. Peruse the in-flight magazines for a pictorial guide to suggested exercises, offering a discrete yet effective way to enhance your in-flight experience.

8. Atmospheric Prowess: Navigating Dry Air Woes

Navigating the parched and recycled air characteristic of long-haul flights requires a proactive approach. Seated comfortably, direct the air vents above you to create a personal microclimate. To counter the desiccating effects of the cabin atmosphere, employ a clever trick – dampen a Fescoth, place it on your face, and align it with the air vent. This simple yet effective hack ensures a refreshing burst of moist air, alleviating the discomfort associated with prolonged exposure to dry cabin conditions.

9. Aural Relief: Chewing Gum as a Pressure Equalizer

Beyond its flavorful allure, chewing gum emerges as a simple yet potent ally against the challenges posed by fluctuating air pressure during a flight. Whether during take-off, landing, or cruising altitude, the act of chewing aids in equalizing pressure within the ears. Additionally, indulging in hard candy mimics this effect, providing a discreet solution to a common discomfort. Embrace the inconspicuous power of chewing gum, recognizing it not only as a sensory delight but also as a pragmatic remedy to maintain ear comfort throughout your journey.

10. Ergonomic Elevation: Pillows as In-Flight Saviors

Mitigating the physical toll of extended flights requires a strategic approach to seating comfort. Beyond the standard-issue airplane pillows, consider placing one beneath your lower back, providing crucial support just below the ribs. This tactical cushioning helps alleviate potential back pain, a common affliction of prolonged sitting. For those seeking restful sleep, the choice of neck support is pivotal. Whether opting for an inflatable neck pillow or improvising with a scrunch provided by the airline, these seemingly minor choices can make a substantial difference in your in-flight well-being.

11. Culinary Choices: Taming Jet Lag with Savvy Meal Selection

Unraveling the complex relationship between dietary choices and jet lag, a pertinent study unveils the impact of carbohydrates on circadian rhythms. Opting for carb-rich foods like spaghetti, whole-grain bread, and oatmeal is not merely a culinary preference but a strategic maneuver against jet lag. The study posits that the insulin surge induced by carbohydrate consumption facilitates smoother transitions between sleep patterns. Your in-flight meal selection thus becomes a deliberate step in managing or even preventing the notorious effects of jet lag, aligning your culinary choices with your circadian well-being.

12. Savvy Snacking: A Culinary Anticipation

The discomfort of hunger is magnified when you’re soaring thousands of feet above ground, constrained by the limited gastronomic options within an aircraft. The dilemma of either succumbing to the exorbitant costs of in-flight snacks or patiently awaiting the next meal service underscores the importance of strategic snack packing. Opting for protein-rich snacks, such as nuts, peanut butter, crackers, cheese, yogurt, or protein bars, is a pragmatic approach. Beyond mere sustenance, these snacks promise satiety, providing a buffer against the uncertainties of in-flight meals and ensuring a more comfortable journey.

13. Gastronomic Considerations: Mindful Eating in Mid-Air

Navigating the culinary landscape at cruising altitudes demands a nuanced approach. Web MD advises caution against indulging in hefty meals during flights, attributing the challenging digestive environment in the air. Contrary to conventional wisdom, opting for a filling feast may not be the wisest choice. Consider timing your meals strategically, perhaps indulging just before boarding and then resorting to light snacks mid-flight. Furthermore, acknowledging the digestive nuances, prioritize warm dishes over cold ones, as they purportedly ease the intricate process of digestion amidst the atmospheric challenges of air travel.

14. Culinary Requests: Elevate Your Dining Experience in the Sky

For those seeking an expedited and tailored culinary experience in-flight, the strategic move lies in requesting a special meal. Observing the pecking order of meal distribution, it’s evident that “special” meals, catering to various dietary preferences like vegetarian or gluten-free, are served first. This not only allows for a swifter dining experience but also ensures that you won’t be held hostage by the typical service timeline. Airlines often offer a diverse range of special meal options, from gluten-free to Kosher, presenting an opportunity to customize your mid-air dining experience. A simple online check before your flight can unveil a plethora of choices catering to your specific culinary preferences.

15. Hydration Harmony: Sip Smartly Through the Skies

In the arid atmosphere of an aircraft cabin, staying adequately hydrated emerges as a cardinal rule for well-being. While there’s no one-size-fits-all prescription for water consumption during a flight, health experts universally advocate for drinking more water than you intuitively feel is necessary. The dehydrating nature of air travel mandates a proactive approach to hydration. Waiting until thirst strikes may lead to discomfort, so consistently sip water throughout the journey. Proactively seeking out a flight attendant for water ensures that you remain in a state of hydration equilibrium, mitigating the adverse effects of the dehydrating airborne environment.

16. Caffeine Contemplation: Opt for Green Tea over Coffee

As the aroma of in-flight coffee beckons, exercise caution before succumbing to its allure. Beyond the jolt of energy, caffeine can exacerbate dehydration and hinder your quest for in-flight comfort. Rather than reaching for a cup of coffee, consider the alternative – green tea. Not only does it offer a milder dose of caffeine, but it also boasts potential benefits in mitigating the onset of jet lag. Opting for decaffeinated green tea, if available, becomes a strategic choice, aligning your beverage selection to ensure a smoother transition through different time zones. Embrace the nuanced world of in-flight beverages, recognizing the impact they can have on your overall well-being during the journey.

17. No alcohol intake

If you are a person who falls asleep more easily after a glass of wine, however, order a small bottle. But keep in mind that although alcohol is depressing, the first few hours after drinking it can act as a stimulant which means it will probably keep you going.

Drinking too much can cause multiple problems such as dehydration and malnutrition that will only aggravate the dehydration that you are already experiencing and the jet lag you will probably experience once you get down. You are also likely to get sick and no one wants to spend the better part of a long-distance airplane in the bathroom (and probably not cleanly).

Although cabins are pressurized to reduce the effects of altitude sickness, nausea and headaches are still likely to occur. When you combine it with a lack of sleep and a lot of drink, you’ve got yourself a recipe for a bad hangover. Water, on the other hand, is your ally. Purchase a bottle at duty-free and have it refilled during the journey to stay hydrated in between meals.

18. In-Flight Attire: A Balancing Act of Comfort and Style

While sweatpants may seem too casual for air travel, the emphasis on comfort cannot be overstated. Choosing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing becomes a priority, especially during prolonged flights. For men, a combination of jeans and a breathable t-shirt strikes a balance between comfort and style. Similarly, women might opt for leggings paired with a cozy sweater. The importance of selecting travel attire that accommodates the demands of long-haul flights is not just a matter of fashion; it directly contributes to the overall well-being of the traveler.

19. Strategic Layering Revisited: Crafting Comfort in the Skies

The nuanced challenge of maintaining optimal body temperature during a lengthy flight necessitates a thoughtful approach to clothing. The unpredictable shifts between freezing cabin temperatures and potential overheating emphasize the need for layered attire. Forego heavy jackets in favor of a well-orchestrated layering strategy – a t-shirt, a sweater, and, if required, a jacket for added versatility. Embracing this layered approach ensures adaptability to the ever-changing in-flight climate, allowing passengers to remain comfortable without the inconvenience of bulky outerwear.

20. The Multifaceted Scarf: An Indispensable Travel Companion

While seemingly more aligned with female travelers, the scarf emerges as a versatile and indispensable accessory for all. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, a scarf serves as a multifunctional tool in the realm of air travel. It transforms into a makeshift blanket for added warmth, provides lumbar support for enhanced comfort, and adds a touch of personal style to the in-flight ensemble. Even seasoned travelers vouch for the utility of a well-chosen scarf, making it a must-pack item for those seeking both practicality and flair.

21. Neck Pillow Nirvana: A Comfortable Journey’s Best Friend

While not the epitome of fashion, a neck pillow transcends its utilitarian appearance to become the unsung hero of in-flight comfort. The ergonomic support it offers not only ensures physical comfort but also plays a crucial role in enhancing overall well-being. Recognizing the symbiotic relationship between physical ease and general contentment, investing in a quality neck pillow becomes a travel-savvy decision that reverberates positively throughout the journey.

22. Lumbar Support Wisdom: Countering the Seating Conundrum

The curious design of aircraft seats, with their pronounced curve, is a stark contrast to the natural curvature of the human spine. This incongruity often leads to discomfort, manifesting as sudden back and neck issues. Counteracting this design flaw requires a proactive approach, one that involves bringing your lumbar support. Whether a strategically placed pillow, blanket, or sweater, this makeshift solution rectifies the C-shaped seat dilemma, ensuring that your spine maintains its natural alignment throughout the flight. The inclusion of lumbar support is not just a matter of comfort; it is a pragmatic measure to safeguard your spinal well-being during the extended duration of air travel.

23. Sonic Sanctuary: Canceling Noise for Tranquil Skies

The sonic landscape within an aircraft cabin, characterized by the persistent hum of engines and ambient noise, can elevate stress levels for passengers. Enter the savior of auditory tranquility – noise-canceling headphones or earplugs. These sophisticated accessories not only shield you from the relentless drone of the aircraft’s engine but also act as a sonic fortress against disruptive sounds, be it the cries of infants or the clatter of meal service. Embracing the cocoon of silence they provide becomes an essential strategy for reclaiming a semblance of peace amid the airborne symphony.

24. Auditory Oasis: The Magic of White Noise and Meditative Tunes

In the pursuit of a sensory escape from the confines of the aircraft, the judicious use of white noise or meditative tunes emerges as a therapeutic intervention. These auditory companions not only serve as a gentle buffer against the cacophony of the surroundings but also function as catalysts for relaxation and improved sleep quality. Elevating the in-flight experience from mundane to enlightening, the infusion of educational or entertaining podcasts further transforms the journey into an opportunity for intellectual and emotional enrichment, seamlessly merging entertainment with enlightenment.

25. Veiling the Senses: The Power of the In-Flight Eye Mask

Beyond its cosmetic implications, the humble eye mask assumes a pivotal role in the quest for in-flight tranquility. Blocking out ambient light becomes more than just a cosmetic concern; it is a strategic move to mitigate the effects of jet lag. By influencing the circadian rhythm, the eye mask not only aids in fostering mental preparedness for sleep but also shields passengers from the abrupt intrusion of breakfast service on prolonged flights. In the dimmed cocoon beneath the eye mask, the traveler finds not just darkness but a portal to restful repose amidst the airborne odyssey. Some airlines allow you to travel with your pet.

26. Leg Comfort Chronicles: The Saga of Brief Socks and Compression Wisdom

The perils of prolonged sitting, particularly during long-haul flights, extend beyond mere discomfort to potential health risks. Enter the unsung heroes of leg comfort – brief socks, preferably of the compression variety. Designed to thwart the dreaded “economy class syndrome,” these socks combat swollen feet, ankles, and the insidious specters of leg pain, blood clotting, and deep vein thrombosis. Positioned as a vital tip in the arsenal of long-haul flight strategies, the compression socks become not just a fashion accessory but a safeguard against the physiological toll exacted by extended periods of immobility. In the intricate dance of in-flight comfort, the humble brief sock emerges as a preventative measure against the potential pitfalls of prolonged stasis.

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27. Practice some seats

If the compression socks are a bit too much for you, you may want to practice a bit of seating to get the same effect. Airlines such as Qantas and Virgin also suggest exercises, and Qantas recommends being engaged in them for three or four minutes per hour.

Exercises include lifting your feet from the ground and rotating them in circles by several inches, keeping your heels on the floor and pointing your toes as far as possible, then pointing the toes down and rolling your shoulders back and forth while lifting the heels up.

28. Personalized Entertainment Ensemble: Crafting an In-Flight Oasis

The cardinal rule of air travel sophistication lies in curating your entertainment haven. The art of packing not just essentials but a diverse array of books, magazines, games, and movies becomes a strategic move. This deliberate preparation allows you to transcend the confines of potentially lackluster in-flight options, sparing yourself the mediocrity of a subpar movie and the exorbitant expense of onboard headphones. Recognizing the temporal restrictions imposed during take-off and landing, where electronic devices lie dormant, reading material emerges as a vital companion, ensuring an uninterrupted escape into a world of literary or cinematic indulgence.

29. Power Prowess: Charging Strategies for Device Endurance

As the demands of travel chip away at your electronic companions’ vitality, a preemptive strike against battery depletion becomes imperative. Charging all your devices to full capacity before embarking on your journey is a foundational step. Yet, acknowledging the capricious nature of travel, carrying an additional power pack emerges as a prudent move. This portable reservoir of energy ensures that your phone and iPad remain resilient throughout the journey, whether consumed by games, texts, weather checks, or the ceaseless pursuit of distractions while awaiting take-off or navigating delays.

30. Window Wisdom: The Comfort of a Strategic Seating Choice

Beyond the aesthetics of a picturesque view, the decision to snag a window seat unfolds as a multifaceted strategy for in-flight comfort. Positioned against a sturdy wall, the window seat offers a natural headrest, transforming the often-arduous task of resting into a more comfortable experience. Moreover, the strategic positioning eliminates disturbances from passing drink carts, fostering an uninterrupted journey. The convenience of having control over your egress to the bathroom adds a layer of comfort, underscoring the window seat as an oasis of tranquility amidst the bustling aircraft interior.

31. The Zen of Wing Seats: Navigating Turbulence with Expertise

In the delicate ballet of selecting the optimal seat, the wings of the aircraft emerged as a sanctuary of relative calm. Citing the proximity to the center of gravity, aviation experts extol the virtues of seats in this region, claiming a diminished perception of turbulence. Choosing a seat over the wings becomes a deliberate strategy for passengers seeking respite from the disconcerting undulations that can accompany air travel, providing a nuanced solution for those sensitive to the whims of atmospheric instability.

32. Seat Selection Science: Avoiding Pitfalls of Bulkhead and Exit Rows

In the labyrinth of seat choices, wisdom dictates steering clear of the bulkhead seats and the front rows of the exit rows. The former, devoid of storage space, imposes practical limitations on the paraphernalia you can carry, diminishing the allure of convenience. Meanwhile, the latter presents a deceptive alignment issue, where the illusion of extra legroom may be overshadowed by the inconvenience of a misaligned seating arrangement. Navigating the seat selection process with foresight ensures a seamless journey, devoid of the spatial constraints that can mar the in-flight experience.

33. Confectionary Courtesy: Elevating the In-Flight Experience

In the realm of airborne etiquette, a sweet gesture emerges as a potential passport to enhanced treatment and goodwill. The age-old tradition of bringing flight attendants chocolates, a practice observed by the crew themselves, becomes a savvy strategy for passengers seeking a touch of luxury or a sprinkle of good karma. This simple act of confectionary generosity not only endears you to the cabin crew but may also result in subtle perks or personalized attention, transforming your journey into a more pleasant and indulgent affair.

34. Hydration Haven: Combatting Dryness at Altitude

Aerial voyages, with their recycled and pressurized air drawn from lofty altitudes, exact a toll on the body’s hydration levels. The pervasive dryness, a national lament for many travelers, can be mitigated with a thoughtful arsenal of essentials. Hand lotions, Evian sprays, and trusty chapstick become not just indulgent luxuries but essential companions in the battle against desiccation. As the cabin’s humidity hovers around a minimal 0%, these unassuming hydrating agents transform into crucial allies, ensuring that your skin remains supple and your lips unchapped amidst the airborne aridity.

35. Emergency Preparedness: The Pragmatism of Closed-Toe Shoes

Amidst the soaring altitudes and the unpredictable nature of air travel, contemplating emergencies becomes an exercise in foresight. Closed-toe shoes, beyond their sartorial implications, emerge as a pragmatic choice for the safety-conscious traveler. In scenarios involving fire, debris, or glass shards, the protective enclosure of closed-toe shoes provides a vital layer of defense. Equipping yourself with properly padded footwear not only ensures comfort but positions you to navigate emergencies with increased agility, a small yet crucial consideration in the quest for in-flight safety.

36. Functional Attire: The Dual Purpose of Scarves and Jackets

As the miles stretch and the hours unfold during a lengthy journey, the humble scarf or jacket evolves into a versatile ally. No longer a mere accessory, a well-chosen scarf can moonlight as a makeshift blanket or pillow, offering a touch of comfort in the absence of a provided one. In an era where complimentary blankets are becoming a rarity, and cabin supplies may fall short, the strategic inclusion of a practical, broad scarf proves astute. Beyond its functional benefits, a scarf adds an element of warmth, essential for counteracting the chill that often permeates the cabin.

37. Neck Bliss: The Ergonomic Elegance of Memory Foam Cushions

Prioritizing comfort in the confined quarters of air travel finds its epitome in the inclusion of a memory foam neck cushion. Irrespective of your seat assignment – be it window, aisle, or middle – this travel companion elevates your journey from mundane to delightful. While some may harbor reservations due to limited space, the convenience of a snap clasp on most neck pillows allows easy attachment to your carry-on or personal item. Embrace the luxury of comfort without compromise, wearing it around your neck proudly, a symbol of unapologetic in-flight indulgence.

38. Sleep Sanctuary: Harnessing the Power of an Eye Mask

For those navigating daytime flights, where the relentless sun disrupts potential shut-eye, an eye mask emerges as an invaluable ally. Beyond the realm of fashion, this unassuming accessory becomes a conduit for uninterrupted rest amidst the artificial illumination of the cabin. While its necessity may diminish during red-eye journeys, the subtlety of its impact should not be underestimated – every moment of rest reclaimed contributes to a more rejuvenated traveler upon arrival.

39. Entertainment Essentials: Headphones and Power Unleashed

Ensuring a seamless blend of amusement and productivity during air travel necessitates foresight in packing. Headphones, serving as the gateway to music or captivating podcasts, and a portable charger for your electronic lifelines become indispensable. The sporadic reliability of onboard USB ports accentuates the need for a self-sufficient power strategy. Elevate your in-flight experience by arming yourself with the trifecta of entertainment – headphones, a reliable portable charger, and the accompanying cable – a failsafe arsenal against the uncertainties of inflight power access.

40. Upgrade your status

Getting an upgrade is number one on the list of ways to enjoy a flight. Although there is no exact science to acquiring it, there are several things you may do to improve your chances. Join the airline’s frequent flyer program to begin accruing Airmiles and working toward becoming the first in line for an overbooked aircraft upgrade.

Arriving early for a flight and being the first to check in may result in an upgrade – but only if you dress appropriately. Hiking boots and leggings aren’t going to get you that job.

Take away

Make sure you have your survival gear with you before you leave the house. When it comes to achieving that all-important (but elusive) aspect of a long-haul flight: sleep, those of us who travel frequently have a few tricks under our sleeves. Ensuring you’re comfortable is key to getting in the mood for a nap, which is best accomplished with the help of a flight survival kit. Qatar Airways: Book a ticket and fly with confidence all over the world

An eye mask, earplugs, wet wipes, a toothbrush, and a comfortable neck pillow should help you get ready for a good night’s sleep. Variable airlines have different in-flight temperatures, so bring an extra sweater and a pair of warm socks in case the air conditioning is stuck on high.

Make sure you have some munchies on hand. Airline cuisine is notoriously bad, and there’s no assurance that whatever you’re fed will be appetizing or fill you up until the next round of food arrives at an unknown hour. Instead, bring some nutritious snacks like almonds, oat bars, or fruit to munch on between meals.

Make use of the airport lounge. You don’t have to be a regular traveler or fly business class to enjoy airport lounges these days. For a price, programs like Lounge Pass allow you to access a variety of airport lounges. For as low as £15, you may receive a shower, massage, and even a delicious dinner before boarding the airline if you have a long stopover or simply want to clean yourself before boarding.

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