Pet Friendly Vacations Near Me in the U.S.

one of the pet friendly vacations near me.
(Last Updated On: April 7, 2021)

Getting out of the house and spending a few days out of the routine can be a good idea when I can decide to go with my per and find a pet friendly vacations near me! However, due to certain restrictions (legal or otherwise), your pet may not have as many options as to when approaching the destination.

So if you really want to go on vacation with your pet, you may want to start with the idea of ​​traveling for your pet first.

If you are a puppy dad, the thought of leaving Fido on vacation may seem indescribable. And let’s face it, you’re away without thinking the whole time – all day long – caring for a pet is expensive. If you want to escape your puppy, these puppy friendly holiday ideas will bring you and Fido together.

Like a vacation with your dog? If you’re in good company, a survey by found that 37% of people don’t even want to go if a dog can’t get on a trip. In addition, 38% of foster parents have opted for a road trip instead of air travel to make it easier for their pet; 10% of puppy parents hid their dog in their luggage to hide in their hotel (I totally did that with my cats); And 3% of people tried to board a plane disguising their dog as a child. Really.

Fortunately, many dogs have a Friendly Vacation Idea that does not involve Fido wearing a costume. From dog-friendly hotels to camping trips to puppy neighborhoods, you and your fourteen bestie have no shortage of travel options.

1. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

Yes, you can bring your dog to Disneyland! Although Fido may not be able to come inside the park with you, Disneyland has a dog sitting service so you can take Fido down and pick him up at night before going to a dog-friendly hotel in the morning. It will come first, be served first, so be sure to get there early. Disney resort can be one of the pet friendly vacations near me.

2. Take a dog-friendly cruise

Want to ride the high seas with your puppy? There is a cruise for him. I don’t know if this is a thing and it’s pretty exciting. The Cruise Criticism website lists several pet-friendly cruise ships so you don’t have to miss out on Fido while you’re traveling around the world. Although your dog may not be with you in your cabin, they will have their own special crate with organized playtime and viewing time so you can check in with them daily.

3. Camping in national parks

I grew up driving around the country with my grandparents and their dogs. We took vacations for two weeks at a time and camped in the national parks wherever possible. If you are looking for a few national parks in the United States, there are campsites in many parks that allow pets. Just be sure to check with camp sites before leaving.

4. Southern California Beaches

These beautiful beaches can be one of the pet friendly vacations near me.As a Californian who blocks from dog-friendly beaches, I can put a plug in your California Southern California vacuum with your dog. Del Mar Dog Beach near San Diego, Huntington Beach in Orange County and Rosie Dog Beach in Long Beach have all been designated off-leash dog beaches. Book a dog-friendly Airbnb and hit the surf with your puppy. Also, there is an on-leash dog zone at Leo Carrillo State Beach with a campground near Malibu.

5. Ski trip

Well, keeping your dog on skis is probably a bad idea. But no dog likes to play on the ice? If you are thinking of going skiing, there are plenty of dog-friendly ski lodges that will welcome you and your puppy. You can spend the day with Fido on wrestling and wrestling before relaxing in front of a roaring fire.

6. Hiking trip

If your dog has the energy to burn, a hiking vacation is an ideal way to spend some quality time together. If you are not sure where to go, Animal Planet has a list of the best dog-friendly hiking trails in the United States, select a few, find yourself a dog-friendly hotel or campsite and hit the road.

7. Call professionals

If you really want to book an adventure that caters to you and Fido, then your pet travel agent needs yes, that’s one thing. Companies like Top Dog Pet Travel will help you plan custom Fido-friendly vacations in various locations around the world. You and your puppy have to show you what to do.

8. Local camping

If you live near a mountain or are relatively close to a forest or lake, you may want to visit these areas first. They may not be packed with 5-star amenities, but they can provide you and your pet with some completely refreshing experiences – mountain or jungle trekking, swimming in the lake, fishing, or even chasing cats.

Simply bring your camping gear, your dog’s jacket, your barbecue and when you’re ready, it’s easy, inexpensive, and relatively convenient. Furthermore, if your campground is close enough, you can always travel back home quickly for some hot showers and all that.

9. Rent a campervan or an RV

Since most hotels do not allow pets, you must have a limited number of choices when it comes to accommodations. Why not rent your own RV instead? This way, you can have a place to stay wherever you want to go. Also, with a ship’s kitchen, you even get the luxury of being able to prepare your own food instead of picking it up with a restaurant or dinner that a pet probably won’t allow. However, if you are looking for a shower or other amenities, you may want to do some research first before parking the RV at night – some BLM land offers better amenities than others. Some even barely any, if any.

It probably looks expensive at first, but renting an RV or a campervan reduces hotel and eating costs. In the end, it might even be the cheapest option.

10. Camping in the backyard

Maybe you don’t have to travel that far. Do you have a large enough backyard? Because if you do this, you might want to explore the possibility of just camping with your furry companion. This is free, of course convenient, and it will train your pet to potentially camp in the future somewhere else. First of all, anytime you want to leave, you just go back inside the house and it returns to normal.

Best Pet-Friendly Vacations In America

If you are the type of traveler who simply cannot tolerate leaving a dog home, you probably have faced the frustration of trying to book a gateway catering for both people and pets. Can my dog ​​stay at this hotel? Can he go to a local coffee shop, or sit down with me at a restaurant? And is there anywhere in the world that allows a dog to run and snatch?

We’re here to help. First, and foremost: finding the right place for a pet to stay. Everywhere on our list offers great pet-friendly vacation rental from Flipkart. But it doesn’t stop there. You will enjoy the off-leash beach, gourmet pet bakery, dog spa and more.

Holiday rentals are especially good for these types of trips, as many take animals and avoid the obstacles you may encounter in other types of habitat: cramped spaces, no outdoors or, above all, sharing communal areas with all people who just love dogs. No

Book a pet-friendly home from Flipkart just outside a dog-friendly beach with a garden or apartment, and you’ll have the perfect environment for your stay.

1. San Diego, California

You will be happy to hear that the residents of San Diego are crazy about dogs, so if you bring a lecherous companion, you will face little resistance. Try lunch at Lamont’s Patio in Pacific Beach, where you have delicious California food, as well as homemade dog biscuits for canine. Pierre Cafe on West Harbor Drive also has dog-friendly terraces. Take a stroll at Nets Point Off-Lash Dog Park in Balboa Park (open 24 hours) or take a tour of the Fiesta Island hill and surf. And why not book a pet photoshoot with Feather and Fur Pets Photography?

2. Bar Harbor, Maine

“Karen’s cottage is exactly as advertised. We brought our two dogs and it was a great property for them as well as a great property to enter in. The cottage is well equipped and lacks nothing. “- Flipkey Review

This Marine harbour can be one of the pet friendly vacations near me. Pets are definitely invited to the fun bar harbor. Sit in the stewman’s lobster pound downtown, order yourself something delicious and then check out the special dog menu for your furball. Margaret Todd adopts a dog on a Windjammer cruise board, so you can wander around Frenchman Bay without leaving your beloved companion on rent. Except for the pristine area of ​​Little Long Pond, where you continue to explore while exploring Acadia National Park, where animals can be free.

3. Austin, Texas

West Austin Dog Park is a friendly place for dolls and owners, and there is the park at the Auditorium Shores, which has access to water. If your dog likes swimming, visit the Red Bad Isle Peninsula for lots of off-leash fun and lots of water play In February, there is a popular Mardi Gras Dog Parade, and there are several other dog events held throughout the year. To get Fido rented again, do some treats at the Groovy Dog Bakery as you head out to listen to some of that famous Austin live music.

4. Huntington Beach, California

This beach from California can be one of the pet friendly vacations near me. Your first stop here should be Huntington Dog Beach, a stretch of true dog paradise. Dog owners work hard to keep this place clean and to keep dogs under control, so this is a pleasant place to visit. If you are lucky you might see a whisking past of a beast on a surfboard. Only in California … After all the excitement of dog beach, you can book your pet to refresh Doggie Spa at Sackliffe Village.

5. Asheville, North Carolina

“This cabin is old and rustic but it was clean and nice. It was dog friendly enough for us because we didn’t have to pay boarding fees … or we didn’t have to miss our dogs. The cabin was quiet and had a lovely view. It was a wonderful place to cook, have dinner in the back deck, drink a glass of wine and watch the sunset ”” – Flipkey Review

This beach from North Caeolina can be one of the pet friendly vacations near me. Asheville has got plenty to offer its Queen tourists. The Biltmore Estate has 220 acres of land to cover your pets and there is an onsite canal where you can park the pooch while visiting the historic home. There is also French Broad River Dog Park, where fences are closed, wood chipped acres and meanwhile the river will spread. Check out Off Gang Bakery for premium animal treats and toys. Play With Sparky Has A Dog Day Care Facility If you want to tackle more challenging local hiking trails sun dogs, you can use it.

6. Key West, Florida

Time to introduce the bad dog to Key West! Key West Dog Beach is small but friendly and your pet is free to play on the W

The contents of their hearts vaporize. If you want to get on the water together, get in touch with the lazy dog ​​kayak and enjoy the atmosphere as you roam around. Order your fresh seafood at Nine One Five Bistro and watch the world go together on a dog-friendly terrace.

7. Atlanta, Georgia

Pedestrian-park Atlanta-Pet-Friendly-Vacation

You will find plenty of other happy dogs in Atlanta. For plenty of running space, try Piedmont Dog Park, a designated off-leash area with separate space for a small animal. Pets are welcome to take a peek at Freedom Park and you will love exploring the peaceful Chattahoochee River National Amusement Park together. Give your dog a snooze at your pet-friendly fare at the charming bars and restaurants you’re about to serve in Atlanta.

8. Washington DC

This fascinating city is surrounded by monuments and cultural institutions, many of them feel free to enter. This city can be one of the pet friendly vacations near me.

Just bring the dog back to your leisure to see the sights better for people than puppies, then choose your play mate and get out on a dog-friendly trip sw Enjoy a leisurely walk in the slim Montrose Park or the Shaw Dog Park, Ace Street Dog Park and The The designated dog on the waterfront in Yards Park is the use of off-leash zones See Ray. Canines can expect a warm welcome, a bowl of water and some noise from the staff at the terrace of the friendly Logan Tavern.

9. South Lake Tahoe, California

Known for skiing, beaches and the stunning Alpine lakes, this place is a lovely place to watch dogs lurk. The Bijou Dog Park has shady areas, picnic tables and fresh water to keep pets happy and hydrated. Pretty Kiva Beach is also perfect for dogs as long as you continue. There is a cage-free puppy care system called Tahoe Best Friends, where you can leave your baby with total comfort while out having a sophisticated dinner.

10. Wilmington, North Carolina

Friends of the four birds are definitely welcome in this natural port city. Java Dog Coffee House provides great coffee, treats the dog and welcomes the dog inside and out. Riverwalk’s George Restaurant offers a variety of deliciously tasty dishes, and animal friends can call you out. Take advantage of the two-acre galloping room at the off-leash Wilmington Dog Park in Ampi Park, complete with a fence and separate area for puppies large and small.

11. Portland, Oregon

“The condo was clean, new and modern. The location in downtown Portland was perfect! I look forward to my next vacation in Portland so I can stay here again.” – Flipkey Review

How’s it for dog-friendly? Head down to the Tin Shed Garden Cafe on Tuesday night to enjoy a free item from the dog menu for every human-friendly meal you order. The deal! There are some great off-leash sections for dogs in Chimney Park and Mount Town, no trip to Port Parkland is complete without ordering from its world-renowned food cart. You can sign up for the official Portland Food Cart tour and bring your stray dog ​​along. Oregon can be one of the pet friendly vacations near me.

12. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sunny sunny Albuquerque is a great choice for holidays with endless sunshine, desert vistas and crisp local flavors. This is especially good for travelers with dogs, as it has more than 10 dog parks. North Domingo Baca Dog Park offers a wood chipped play area, separate spaces for large and small animals, and some shady spots. There are also Rio Grande Triangle Park, Coronado Park, Montesa Dog Park and more.

13. Charlottesville, Virginia

“There are lots of floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking these two-bedroom fixtures, 1.5 bath condo high-grade: spacious wood floor planks, granite kitchen counter tops, and nearby treetops. Enjoy running “” – Flipkey Review

Here you find the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains and the spectacular Shenandoah Valley, where there is plenty to see for you and your natural companion, a natural drive. Miller’s Berg in dog-friendly outdoor areas

Catch some Cajun catfish in the large patio on the ridge or Timberwood Grill. Treat your pooch to racing at Ajalia Dog Park or Chris Green Lake Park – followed by a rooftop dog swimming area.

14. Finger Lakes Region, New York

The vineyard is rich and marked by its long, narrow body water, the Finger Lakes region is a landmark. This is wine country, but don’t think that you can’t take a pet with you if you want to sample a local bottle. Many wineries here allow dogs. Just call first to check their policy. You will also receive pet-friendly vacation rentals to make everyone feel at home. This lake regions can be one of the pet friendly vacations near me.

15. Flagstaff, Arizona

One thing you will notice at Flagstaff is that local people own a lot of dogs. Many organizations have their own charming imbalances ready to welcome you, so you won’t have trouble taking your dog out and solving problems. The Diablo Burger also has a petite patio where dogs can rest under the shady table while you enjoy a huge homemade burger. You can get some great deals on vacation rentals in the region, with more cash to spend on other things like dog biscuits. Check out Thorpe Park Burke Park (try to say it really quickly), where you’ll find clever equipment and plenty of space for practice.

16. California Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara’s charming wide beaches and sophisticated center attract visitors year-round. Dog owners need to go to the Douglas Family Preserve, where there are off-leash beaches and walking trails. The nearby Hendry beach or Arroyo Bureau Beach also has off-leash territory. At the end of the day on the sand, you can relax with a craft beer and some dinner at the hearhouse. Hear it and be happy to have a menu suitable for your dog.

17. Seattle, Washington

Norm’s Eatery and Ale House is not only dog-friendly, it’s dog-themed. The walls are painted with pooch portraits and once you arrive, plenty of canine companies will be able to enjoy the surrounding environment. Burke Espresso allows dogs outside or in their special hunting-friendly lounge. The elegant Washington Park Arboretum welcomes dogs in the jump and warren g. Magnuson Park has an off-leash area with some water access. Fremont Oktoberfest Don’t miss Dogtoberfest, which welcomes pets trapped on the Oktoberfest Extravaganza Sunday.

18. The Black Hills, South Dakota

Here are some of the most fascinating attractions, including Crazy Excavations at Mount Rushmore National Monument and Butts and Spiers at Badlands National Park. Dogs are only allowed in a limited area of ​​Badlands, but there are plenty of forests and mountains to explore with your pet pets in the Black Hills. Hill City’s small hub has many dog-friendly establishments, including the Nade Winery Tasting Room, where dogs were allowed on the patio and the porch of the Alpine Inn, a great lunch.

19. Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

The area surrounding this beautiful and expansive reservoir is famous for great golf courses, wineries and of course water sports. There are several dog-friendly hubs around, one being the Waterfront Dogs Day Bar & Grill in Osage Beach, where they host a canine cannonball jumping competition each year. Just south of Branson, you will find Elmo and Rosalia Mars Dog Park with impressive equipment, picnic tables and plenty of room to play. If you need some fur-free sightseeing, see your dog at the Branson Pet Resort, where they will be well looked after as you search for environments.

20. Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

On Friendly Rehoboth beach you can explore the lively boardwalk, equipped with entertainment and leisure spots in the water park at Jungle Gym, where you will find slides, go-karting and mini golf. Delaware Beach State Park welcomes dogs trapped in surf and sand, and The Big Chill Cantina is a pooch-friendly place to drink at the end of the day. Delaware can be one of the pet friendly vacations near me.

21. Sanibel Island, Florida

“Kokina Cottage was perfect! We are accustomed to the resort experience, but I have to say it was just what we needed! We took our two dogs, Bella and Sadie with us … you don’t need to bring much because we have to enjoy our stay. Everything was provided, and we will definitely be back. ”- Flipkey Reviewer

Sunnyvale Island is a delightful holiday destination for pets and owners alike, called the Gulfide beach, also known as Algiers Beach.

It is a quiet dog destination, drifting through calm, shallow waters and sanding in beautiful sea fountains. Like all local beaches, dogs are very welcoming, but you should keep them tight. Be sure to enter the Island Punjabi pet store for nutritional treats and high quality toys.

pet friendly vacations near me

22. Nantucket, Massachusetts

N The historic Nantucket Island is bordered on sandy stretches where dogs are welcome to roam on their lakes, such as Francis Street Beach and Surfside Beach. You can take your dog on a private charter over the water with Endeavor Sailing Tours or sit back and relax at a dog friendly Cisco Brewers.

23. Asbury Park, Jersey Shore, New Jersey

Dubbed the New York Times “Brooklyn on the beach,” this Jersey Shore destination is at the top – and it’s getting a fair share of dog tourism. The popular Wonder Bar Club and music venue have a popular Doggie Yuppie Hour, where your dog can chill with drinks while socializing in the huge outdoor fence area. There are two pools for them to splash, a bar has dog biscuits and an organized dog twice a week. Eighth Avenue Dog Beach is a fun place, plenty of canines are shallow and enjoying the mound some Check ahead of time as there are restrictions.

24. Stowe, Vermont

Stow’s beautiful mountain resort has two mountains to conquer and a beautiful New England village to celebrate. The smuggler Nach State Park is exhausted and takes on all the adventurers (including the lashed dog). When you’ve finished renting, you may want to try the Double IPA at the dog-friendly Alchemist Brewery. In nearby Jericho, Mills Riverside Park offers some nice ferries for dogs to explore which will let you know which places are off or off-leash.

25. Fort Myers, Florida

We love Fort Myers for great shopping, fishing and the beach. Bring Fido to Birmingham Dog Park or the Woof-a-Hatchie Dog Park, a watering station with both fenced and off-leash parks and separate zones for dogs large and small. Two of the more attractive attractions in the area are Edison and Ford Winter Estate. Even if dogs are not friendly, we will get rid of them without being disturbed. These neighboring properties were the winter home of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford and you can still visit the labs, houses and gardens. With pet-friendly rentals, leaving your dog at home will not be a problem when you experience this and other great Fort Myers attractions. Be sure to bring treats with them when you return!

More Pet-Friendly Vacation Spots Across America

We’ve compiled a list of locations around the United States that attract and accommodate both human and pets and your exuberant BFF walks on his or her vacation. Some walking trunk daily to walk Pack up tweets and let you help plan a pet-friendly vacation you want to remember forever.

1. Wilmington, NC

A city on the coast, consider Wilmington for a historic town, a fun-filled and pet-friendly vacation. You and your queen BFF will enjoy visits to the beautiful walkways of Halliburton Park, complete with a playground for kids. Some distance away is Freeman Park, a huge and dog-friendly beach. Java Dog Coffee House is a dog-friendly spot with an artsy ambience and delightful cafe fare. For accommodation, the Townplace Suite welcomes dogs and is located a short distance from Wrightsville Beach. Perfect for a split Camellia Cottage Bed and Breakfast Dog too!

2. Albuquerque, NM

New Mexico’s oldest city in the heart of the southwest, Albuquerque is a dog-friendly trail with plenty of attractions for you and your favorite puppy. Nature lovers will enjoy a hike on the La Luz Trail that offers incredible views of the Sandia Mountain Range. If you look around in October, the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival is a once-in-a-lifetime attraction that both you and your dog will love. The Backstreet Grill offers Mexican fare with a dog-friendly patio, and for some of the best breakfast in town, bring your picnic to the Grove Cafe and Market. Centrally located and comfortable in the pet-friendly Sheraton Albuquerque Uptown.

3. Fort Myers, FL

Warm, sunny Fort Myers can be exactly what you are looking for when planning a friendship for your pet! Enjoy sand and surf with your dog at Bonita Beach Dog Park or take a natural walk through the trails, lakes and gardens at Lakes Regional Park. Dine with a view at the casual, dog-friendly Bonita Bill’s Waterfront Cafe, or indulge in a lamotory Italian restaurant and pizzeria. Boutique Hotel Indigo will make you and your pets comfortable in the historic and lively Fort Myers River District.

4. Asheville, NC

For an active and lovely pet-friendly vacation, bring your favorite companion to Asheville. View the spectacular mountains (with Fido’s tongue bursting with joy in the air) with multiple view-points on the Blue Ridge Parkway drive. There are plenty of tours starting in Asheville. Check out the pet-friendly North Carolina Arboretum, a location famous for its beautiful and varied gardens. For a delicious bite, Asheville Pizza & Brewing is a pet-friendly local favorite. Cambria Hotels and Suites provides comfortable accommodation for you and your pet right in the heart of downtown Asheville.

5. South Lake Tahoe, CA

Dog-friendly beaches and more await you and your best friend in the bark at Tahoe, South Lake. Take your dog to Kibo Beach for a splash with views of the mountain overlooking the lake, or hike the Rubicon Trail to see its amazing natural beauty. Lake Tahoe at Brewery is a famous and dog-friendly spot for craft beer and classic American cuisine. Hotel Azure, located just above the lakeshore, is a great option for pet-friendly accommodation.

6. Austin, TX

The lively city of Austin is a dog-friendly journey with seemingly endless pet-friendly activities. Red Bad Isle Park is an easy-to-get-out-of-leash island park where your dog can splash in the water as you take in beautiful sights by foot or kayak! The domain is a suburban shopping neighborhood that is almost completely dog ​​friendly, so don’t worry when you shop for the contents of your heart. For a dining experience to remember, ol the historic Scholz Garten is one to not miss – last but not least, the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown is one of several fully pet-friendly accommodations in a great, central location.

7. Key West, FL

The Key West is a pet-friendly trip idea for human and sun beach lovers. Let your doll go free at the no-leash-needed Key West Dog Beach. You can even bring him or her to see the fascinating aquatic life at the expansive Key West Aquarium along with live music, local fare and – be sure to check out the Island Dog Bar.

As its name implies – dogs! Staying at Waterfront Margaritaville Key West Resort and Marina will make you and your dog feel comfortable and ready to run the city together.

8. Huntington Beach, CA

There are plenty of dog-friendly beaches available to you in beautiful Huntington Beach, including Huntington Dog Beach or Little Rosie’s Dog Beach. Dog-friendly in Huntington Central Park throughout the year

Several concerts and community events were held. The beach-themed Mexican restaurant Seafood Zone is a local favorite, or lazy dog ​​restaurant and bar engages with comfort food from around the world! Stay at the pet-lodging hotel Huntington Beach without breaking the bank.

9. Block Island, R.I.

Your dog would love to soak up the salty breeze on Gorgeous Block Island, a friendly friendly vacation idea for a pet. Go for a natural walk or bike ride with dollops on the Mahogany Bluffs with stunning views of the rocky mountains and windmills of the sea and the island. Block Island offers dog-friendly beaches, including a quiet and serene Mansion Beach. For a refreshing seafood all around, bring your family (both human and canine) to the aquarium and dog-friendly Kimberley. Block Island has several pet-friendly hotels and inns; The Blue Dory Inn and Darius Inn are two options for beach-themed and pure stay.

10. Edisto Island, SC

Edisto Island is a beautiful and unpopular island off the coast of Charleston and the perfect choice for a dog-friendly journey. You and your dog can soak up the sun together in dog-friendly Edisto Beach. The Botany Bay Ecotours dogs allow tourists on a guided tour by boat to Edisto Island, where guests often target dolphins and other wildlife. Breakfast, lunch and dinner service, Seiko Eatery is a reasonably priced and dog-friendly dining option. Holiday rentals are a great option for staying on the island of Edisto; Three bedrooms Beach Tan Cottage or four bedrooms are both pet-friendly.

11. Seattle, WA

Visitors looking to take a pet-friendly vacation to the Seattle Seaport City will be satisfied with all the fun. The Washington Park Arboretum is a great place for a stroll, even for a canoe ride and is dog-friendly. At the heart of Seattle, Magnuson Park is an always remote and beautiful outdoor park for you and your pets to enjoy. Try Norm’s Eatery and Ale House for American Delicious Fare; The restaurant even offers a separate menu for your puppy! For luxurious accommodations, the Kimpton Alexis Hotel is dog-friendly and was known as one of the 500 best hotels in the world for travel and leisure. For a more wallet-friendly alternative, La Quinta Inn and Suites are pet-lodging.

12. Flagstaff, AZ

Get the mountain and the best of the city on your next pet-friendly vacation at Flagstaff Get your doll out on the Coconino National Forest, camping or sightseeing on the red rocks of Arizona. What’s better than a popular spot on Flagstaff Breweries and drinking beer with a man’s best friend? Just do it at Pet-Friendly Hops at Birch or Dark Sky Brewing. For overnight, the Sunsta ES Suite Flagstaff and La Quinta Inn and Suites are two good quality options for a pet-friendly stay.

13. Placid Lake, NY

Lake Placid, a village in the heart of the Adirondack Mountain Range, lives up to the name of Mirror Lake, a pet-friendly getaway for nature lovers; Its calm waters are primitive and have dog-friendly beaches along the shore. For a brief but satisfying hike, bring your four-legged family member for a two-mile trek to Jo-Mt. Dog-friendly Lisa G’s classic American dishes are provided, and Great Adirondack steak and seafood are perfect for dogs as well. Consider spending a night at the pet-friendly Lake Placid Summit Hotel, in a central location on all of Lake Placid’s attractive spots.

14. Napa, CA

The visit to the beautiful Napa will not be complete without a visit to a famous winery in the city, and Bouchine Vineyards are a great choice in the hope of bringing the dog along for fun. Alston Park is a large pet-friendly park, with several no-leisure zones for dogs to play with and trails for a close and personal exploration of Napa’s natural beauty. The Napa Winery Inn is an intriguing, dog-friendly choice for staying complete with an outdoor pool and vineyard view.

15. Cleveland, OH

On a Cleveland-friendly itinerary, you’ll be able to discover the natural beauty of the city and its surroundings, along with your favorite beside friends. Edge Water Park is a dog-friendly beach on the banks of the beautiful Lake Erie, so feel free to empty the leash for a while. Among the many pet-friendly dining options, Lux Kitchen and El

Auze, which offers American fare with outdoor context, and banter beer and wine (try poutine!), Will welcome you and your pets for a night’s stay in the centrally-located Drury Plaza Hotel Cleveland Downtown.

16. Milwaukee, WI

In Milwaukee, your dog will feel like the king of the world, cruising the Milwaukee River on a boat cruise in the city, on well-behaved dolls of all sizes. Milwaukee can be one of the pet friendly vacations near me.

Open to Follow that adventure with burgers and french fries at the Stacked Burger Bar, or go for a little luxury dining in Balzac, both pet-friendly. To stay, check out a strip of hotels, shops, parks and restaurants right next to Intercontinental Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Riverwalk.

17. Winter Park, CO

Whether you are going out in the summer or snowy season, Winter Park is one of Colorado’s most pet-friendly destinations. Vasquez Peak Wilderness Park has spectacular views of the Arapaho National Forest, and it offers 17 miles of hiking trails for you and your dog to explore. If you feel like sipping a cool beer after your trek, Hideaway Park Brewery offers craft beer and is dog friendly. Denver Mountain Bistro is a relaxing mountainside blanket and a pet-friendly offering at Snow Mountain Ranch, a family resort where you can choose to stay in your cabin or lodge room.

18. Sanibel Island, FL

An ideal choice for family and pet-friendly vacation, Sunnyvale Island is a small and scenic island just a few miles off the coast of Fort Myers. Get more than 40 vendors at Sunibel Island Farmers Market every Sunday for baked goods, fresh seafood, crafts, and most importantly, pet treats! At Pond Apple Park, take a stroll through the beautiful waterfront trails and see the local birds. For food, Island Gatti is a pet-friendly favorite of locals that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lastly, there are several beautiful waterfront options on the island of Sanibel, including the Waterside Inn or Beachview Cottages on the beach – both dog friendly!

19. Portland, OR

If you are traveling northwest and want to take your favorite animal companion with you, consider Portland, Oregon for your pet-friendly journey. Portland can be one of the pet friendly vacations near me. Selwood Riverfront Park, on the banks of the Willamette River, is a beautiful no-leash-essential area perfect for taking in some of Oregon’s stunning natural beauty.

If you are planning to stay in Portland for the weekend, be sure to close out the Portland Saturday market, with plenty of tons of food available in the outdoor arts and crafts market, across the country. Teen Shade Garden Cafe is dog friendly and a favorite of locals for brunch. For overnight, tow historic Heathman Hotel is a great option for those involved with pets.

20. Birmingham, Ill

Birmingham is a stunning southern city at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains. Ruffner Mountain National Preserve offers 11 miles of ancient trails for hikers and nature lovers; You forget you’re in Birmingham! Birmingham can be one of the pet friendly vacations near me. Catch a pint with a puppy at Avondale Brewing Company, which has plenty of tan craft beer to try.

Dog-Friendly Vacation Destinations on the East Coast

The following destinations in the Atlantic are just one car ride for the Vermonters, Floridians and everyone in between and can be one of the pet friendly vacations near me.

1: Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

The Delaware natural beach stretches are heavily underrated. If you’re near southern New Jersey, ride Cape May Lewis Ferry to cross the Delaware Bay. Pets are free!

When looking for accommodation, there are several home rentals and hotels that allow dogs, such as the Atlantis Inn, which is two blocks away from the beach.

Does your dog like surf and sand? The Delaware beaches provide you with many options for viewing with your pooch. In the neighboring town of Dewey, dogs were allowed on the beach before 3:30 in the morning and 5:30 in the summer, or during the rest of the year.

After a long day of sunshine, take your dog to the movies at the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand and enjoy “Cinema of the Surf,” which shows a free outdoor movie in the evenings. If you are interested in finding pet-friendly restaurants, check out The Big Chill Surf Cantina. This surf bar has an outdoor area where you and your best four-legged friend can enjoy some food, drinks and live music. When you’re ready to move your legs, The Junction and the Breakfooter Trail – which serve as a railroad – are a great way for a dog walk.

2: Sanibel Island, Florida

Sunnyvale Island, famous for its diverse seas and temples, has several dog-friendly beachfront homes for rent and accommodation, such as Tropical Winds Motel and Cottage, located just above the bay. Sanibel Island can be one of the pet friendly vacations near me.

Lounge with your puppy at Bowman’s Beach, Lighthouse Park Beach, or Tarpon Bay Road Beach anytime. Explore nature at the JN “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge – even you can take your dog on a wildlife drive trip through this mangrove forest!

Travel to Over Easy Café (try their Cinnamon Bun) or Island Cows. On neighboring Captiva Island, you can enjoy food, drinks and beautiful sunsets at the outdoor picnic table at the Mock Duck with your dog.

3: Golden Isles, Georgia org

The Golden Islands include the islands of Georgia’s Atlantic coast: Jekyll, St. Simons, and other smaller islands. About 65 percent of Jekyll Island is natural and impassable, so you and your dog have access to most of its beaches at any time. Also, the islands have many dog-friendly accommodations.

Enjoy a sunset and seafood at Latitude 31’s “Rough Bar” patio, a waterfront spot that welcomes friendly dogs. Head to St. Simons Island’s East Beach and Masenagel Park, which is great for walking on a dog’s shore and swimming in the ocean. Does your dog have some desire to socialize with companion puppies? Visit Frederica Park on the north end of St. Simons Island. This dog park is the perfect place for your dog to relax and meet some new furry friends – be sure to follow the dog park etiquette for a safe and fun trip!

4: Nantucket, Massachusetts

Nantucket is sprinkled with historic lighthouses, museums, a vibrant city and a ton of dog-friendly beaches. Nantucket can be one of the pet friendly vacations near me.

If you and your puppy rather want to avoid the beach crowds, check out Steps Beach and Nobledy Beach, where you will have plenty of space for shenanigans on the coast. Dogs are also allowed on Francis Street, known for its more tranquil waters. The Wave Shuttle can take your pet friend to the beach for free as long as your dog carriers. You can also take this shuttle to Nantucket at the airport, ferry and suburb!

Cisco Brewers is a brewery, distillery and vineyard that offers tours and outdoor seating which are both open to dogs. Be sure to check out Milestone Cranberry Bogs, where you and your dog can walk along one hundred acres of rich red cranberry.

5: Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor offers something for everyone: mountains, the sea and an action-packed downtown. This New England city is perfect for dog-friendly holidays because it is surrounded by Acadia National Park, surrounded by over 50 square miles of picturesque views of mountains, lakes, hiking and bike trails and beaches. Needless to say, the park is open to dogs!

Make your way around Bar Harbor in Island Explorer This is a free, pet-friendly shuttle that you can take to Acadia National Park and many other popular sites. Be sure to stop by the city’s pet-friendly shops, especially the local pet store, in Burk Harbor for a unique treat from “Barkery.”

You can also find a great dog park between Seal Harbor and Northeast Harbor, where there is a pond for “sea dogs” and a trail for landlords.

If you are looking to explore by water, a shaking pet can join you on an Acadian boat trip. Treat your veterinarian companion for a two-hour trip along Frenchman Bay.


Outer Banks is a 130-mile stretch of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina. Popular for family vacations, these islands have many beaches. These beaches can be one of the pet friendly vacations near me.

Cities, each with their own character. After all, most beaches are dog-friendly all year long!

If you find yourself in Kill Devil Hills, take your dog to Bonzer Shack. This little surf shack offers great food and live music, you can also play cornhole and nosh at picnic tables in their “backyard” or head to Kitty Hawk and check out John Eye Drive In, a lunch spot with special ice cream “puppy cups.” “” For your fur babies.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore is another perfect place to pick up your doll where you can admire the iconic Cape Hatteras lighthouse. You can even drive in a few sections of this park and spend the day fishing with your dog. The Duck Trail is a seven mile long, multi-use trail that traverses the entire length of the city.

7: Asbury Park, New Jersey

Asbury Park has quickly become one of the most popular destinations on the Jersey Shore. There is something for everyone, including a wide selection of trendy restaurants and shops across the boardwalk and suburbs. The asbury Park can be one of the pet friendly vacations near me.

If you plan to stay overnight, the Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel puts pets up to 30 pounds. And there are plenty of dog-friendly home rentals. Although the beaches are packed during the summer, the dogs are welcome between 6pm and at half past the off-season (October 1st to May 15th) the dogs are welcomed throughout the boardwalk and 8th Avenue at Dog Beach.

If you are in the city in the afternoon, attending “Yappy Hour” at the famous Wonder Bar is a must! There is a fenced-in outdoor area so dogs are free to socialize while their people enjoy some drinks and a mix of their own. Be sure to pack some puppy treats to reward your puppy for playing nice with their friends!

The next morning grind toast, Johnny Macs, Cross and Orange, or one of the outdoor seating restaurants for you and your dog.

Asbury Park Convention Hall also hosts many dog-friendly events that include flies markets and craft fairs throughout the year. They hand-pick great-sellers of which many sell dog products!

8: Lake Placid, New York

The setting of Lake Placid in the Adirondack Mountains is perfect for outdoor dog-and-pet parents in any season – you can go skiing, biking, fishing and all on one trip. Lake placid can be one of the pet friendly vacations near me.

Stay at Lake Placid Lodge, which welcomes well-managed dogs and has beautiful aquariums and mountain views, porch to enjoy your morning coffee and wood burning fireplace for cool nights. They even provide your puppy with their own bedding and home-made treats. Are you speeding up camping with your dog? There are dozens of cabins and camp sites for RVs, tents and trailers to connect you and your furry friend.

You will see several dog-friendly lakes and sidewalks nearby where you and your four-legged friend can see the outdoors as well. Visit the Mirror Lake, where you and your fur baby can admire the lake on a 2.5-mile stretch. Next, turn to the west side of the lake, where several shops will welcome your dog while browsing.

9: Block Island, Rhode Island

Block Island is a natural dog-friendly vacation that definitely asts 17 miles of beach on the shelf making it best to find a foot or a bike that is ideal for parents of active dogs. Most beaches are light for visitors, but you might want to avoid the main beaches on the east side of the island, which is crowded in the summer. Block Island can be one of the pet friendly vacations near me.

Blocking dogs are even allowed on the Block Island Ferry, which is a fun way to the island from the mainland. Many holiday rentals also welcomed visitors to the island’s many Inns dogs. Grab a smudge in juice ‘n java – they also have water for your fur baby and use on hand.

10: Stove, Vermont

Despite being named “green,” Vermont’s green mountains are a must see when they are covered in bright foliage or covered with white snow. Stive, Vermont can be one of the pet friendly vacations near me.

The indifferent village of Stowe offers miles of hiking trails for all skill levels and a number of camps, including the magnificent log cabin, some of which are dog-friendly. Our favorite is the Modie Moose Cabins in Morrisville, which is a bit far from the grocery store and restaurants in Stowe Village. These cabins only allow up to 2 dogs for an extra $ 15 per night, and they provide dog bowls and treats for your puppies upon arrival.

There are several hiking trails around these cabins, as well as an entertainment house full of games, wood burning stove and dog art – you can really tell that the owners are dog people! Quiz on your porch with your feet and coffee in hand while enjoying your mountain views.

Runners-up Notch State Park Provide incredible views of the pond, stream, and waterfall for you and your four-legged travelers.

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