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Why I Should Track My Child’s Cell Phone or Computer?

Why I Should Track My Child's Cell Phone or Computer?

There is a debate: should I observe my little one’s cellphone? or Why Should I Track My Child’s Cell Phone or Computer? What about their computer utilization? These are questions a variety of parents grapple with.

However, as a parent, you’re liable for your little one’s behavior AND well-being — however, you may supervise them if you’re not collectively. Heck, generally it’s powerful to know what they’re doing on a digital machine once they’re in the same room with you.

We don’t imply to scare you, however, there are some legit explanations why a parent ought to observe their little one’s smartphone. Here are some of the explanations for why adopted by an inventory of instruments will make it easier.

Reasons Why Should I Track My Child’s Phone or Computer

1. Online Harassment and Bullying

Children are sometimes embarrassed or scared to confess to their parents once they’re being cyberbullied. In different instances, the kid is a cyberbully. Social media monitoring may help parents keep knowledgeable about online activities.

2. Inappropriate Content

The internet has all types of content — and a few of its adult. These days, even toddlers play with cell telephones. Blocking or monitoring content may help make sure vital conversations are had beforehand. Consider blocking all sites that comprise sexually specific, racist, or sexist content, in addition to people who deliberately or unintentionally glorify drug use or self-harm.

3. Spending Real Money on Virtual Trinkets

Some kids ought to have apps blocked that join their (or your) bank cards. There are gaming apps that permit youngsters to buy items for gameplay by way of the app store, in addition to different online buying choices it’s possible you’ll not love. These apps are sometimes exploitative and could be completely devastating to your pocketbook.

4. Online Predators

This is large. Children meet quite a few people online, at school, after school, and so they have a whole lot of contacts. Do all these people have good intentions? Most do, however, the menace is on the market. Tracking instruments mean you can know what apps your little one is utilizing and for the way long.

5. Speeding

Driving is the best reward for a youngster, however, their lack of experience may cause bother. Some apps can monitor how briskly the cellphone is shifting and might ship alerts if the velocity exceeds a set restriction. They may also lock out the flexibility to text whereas driving. Both of those are prudent options for monitoring new drivers.

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6. Oversharing

Children and youths generally don’t use their privacy filters once they talk with their pals and (generally) with strangers. Make them conscious that this may be harmful. Predators usually hunt down probably the most susceptible online users so it’s greatest to test in and monitor their online conversations.

7. Sexting

Sexting is a federal crime. Still, some college students ship and accumulate nudes like people used to gather baseball playing cards. On one hand, that’s thought-about little one pornography, which may spell bother for the child with the cellphone (and their parents). On the opposite side, teenagers who date could be pressured, or naively share nude photographs of themselves.

These photographs appear innocuous at the time, however, there’s at all times the chance that the connection can go south and people’s photographs get posted online in retaliation. Why? Because teenagers act more emotionally reasonably than rationally in terms of relationship dynamics. Having an app that may observe your little one’s cellphone exercise may help.

8. Dangerous Apps for Kids

Kik and Whisper are examples of apps that may be harmful to teenagers. Kik makes it troublesome to determine the sender and receiver of messages and can be utilized to guard the identification of a predator. Whisper is a site the place one can anonymously share secrets and techniques with location-based grouping. This app can be utilized by predators. There are many different apps that can be equally harmful, so parents need to know what’s on their youngsters’ units.

9. You Made a Contract with Your Child

If you made a contract along with your teen or little one concerning their cellphone or computer use, then monitoring apps let you already know in the event that they’re maintaining their end of the cut price.

10. Addiction

Sure — you’re anxious about medication, however, you would possibly wish to restrict display time or schedule your little one’s display time notably in case your little one shouldn’t be getting sufficient sleep.

Or, if kids spend more time on units than taking part outside or doing homework it’s greatest to pay attention to it. When you spot the indicators of social media dependency, you will get apps that block to set cut-off dates on the kid’s units.

How to track your child’s location with your phone?

1. Unleashing the Power of Android Find My Device

Among the array of modern Android phones, the invaluable “Find My Device” app reigns supreme. For those whose child wields an older model, a simple download from the Google Play Store will bring this remarkable tool to life.

Once installed, accessing your child’s phone location is a breeze. Unveiling an interactive map, the app guides you to the precise coordinates of the device—an indispensable asset in identifying your child’s whereabouts.

Yet, the app’s prowess extends beyond location tracking. Embrace the capability to emit a loud sound through the phone, aid in your quest to retrieve the device when misplaced. Additionally, wield the power to lock the phone, rendering it impervious to unauthorized usage. As a final security measure, erase any data from the phone, ensuring it remains out of reach for prying eyes.

To harness the full potential of this app, ensure that your child’s phone fulfills the following requirements:

– Signed in to Google and operational.
– Connected to either mobile data or Wi-Fi.
– Visible on Google Play.
– Location services activated.
– “Find My Device” feature enabled.

2. Apple Find My and the Efficacy of Family Sharing

For the fortunate iPhone users, the pre-installed “Apple Find My” app emerges as a formidable ally. Leveraging the prowess of GPS, this application traces your child’s device and showcases its location on Apple Maps. Moreover, beyond assisting you in tracking your child, the app extends its reach to help you locate other Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and AirPods, by prompting them to emit a distinctive sound.

The setting up process commences with Family Sharing:

– Access “Settings” on your iPhone.
– Tap on your iCloud account banner at the top.
– Proceed to “Family Sharing.”
– Select “Location Sharing.”
– Extend an invitation to family members through iMessage, in-person, or create a new child account. A family-sharing group allows up to six members—an ideal solution for large families.

Once Family Sharing is established, configure the “Find My” app by following these steps:

– Launch the Settings app on the device you wish to track.
– Tap the iCloud tab and enter the Apple ID password for the respective device.
– Click on “Find My iPhone.”
– Toggle the “Find My iPhone” feature on.
– With Find My iPhone activated, you can seamlessly track the device through Family Sharing.

3. Life 360 App: A Holistic Family Connection Tool

Catering to both Android and iOS users, the immensely popular Life 360 app functions as a fusion of location and communication, simplifying family connectivity.

Creating a private group facilitates viewing the real-time locations of all members on an exclusive map. Additionally, the app issues real-time alerts to group members upon their arrival or departure from specific destinations, fostering seamless coordination.

This ingenious tool not only enlightens you about your children and family’s whereabouts but also ensures reciprocal awareness of your location, liberating you from the burden of incessant “where are you?” texts.

4. Google Maps: More Than Just Navigation

While not primarily designed for tracking, Google Maps still serves as a valuable tool for intermittent connectivity. A noteworthy feature enables both you and your child to share locations for a designated duration, ranging from one hour to indefinitely. This integration operates within Google Maps, eliminating the need for additional software downloads.

To initiate location sharing on Google Maps, adhere to the following steps:

– Launch the Google Maps app on their phone.
– Access the Settings menu.
– Tap “Location Sharing.”
– Opt to “Get Started.”
– Specify the desired duration for location sharing, with the minimum being one hour.
– Select individuals authorized to view their location—your contact details grant you access.
– Commence sharing.

Bear in mind that this solution is best suited for short-term tracking, ideal for instances like shopping trips together. Prolonged broadcasting drains battery life, and you surely don’t wish for your child to be stranded with a depleted battery when attempting to reach you.

5. Vodafone Curve Smart GPS Tracker: The Perfect Companion for Younger Children

An ideal solution for tracking younger children without smartphones, the Vodafone Curve Smart GPS Tracker offers unparalleled convenience. With effortless clipping to clothing, slipping into a bag or pocket, this compact and lightweight tracker transcends mere utility.

Empowering your child with a quick alert button, they can reach out for help whenever needed. Personalized zones add an extra layer of safety, with the Curve notifying you should your child venture too far from the designated area.

To enable seamless tracking using your phone, a subscription to the Vodafone network, with options of 12- or 24-month duration, becomes an essential prerequisite.

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Why I Should Track My Child’s Cell Phone or Computer?

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