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Phi Phi Islands is Thailand’s island-superstar. It’s been the movie. This is a conversation topic for travelers from all over Thailand. The only reason for anyone to have a touchdown in Phuket. Even with all the hype, it doesn’t disappoint. The beauty of Phi Phi is a big part of the attraction. The archipelago, when reached by boat, rises from the sea like a castle.

The mere cliffs tower overhead, then make your way to the beach-turned jungle. It is love at first sight. The second part of the why-we-love-this-place story is the attitude: a few places on the planet are behind these rocks. One of the two islands near Phuket and Krabi is completely free of human inhabitants (Phi Phi Leh) and the other is Roadless (Phi Phi Don). There is no schedule, no rush, no reason to rush.

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What is Phi Phi Islands famous for?
The Phi Phi Islands are some of Thailand’s most beautiful islands, fine white sand and six exotic islands of turquoise waters. They became famous for their natural beauty when Maya Bay, one of its most beautiful beaches, starred in the movie The Beach.

Is Phi Phi Islands closed?
Phi Phi, the island of Leh Island, was temporarily closed last year after officials said a sharp increase in visitors had seriously affected the environment. … Authorities have now extended a two-year ban on visitors to allow more time to restore Maya Bay’s ecology.

Can you stay in the Phi Phi Islands?
It can be difficult to plan your first trip to the Phi Phi Islands. Despite their small size and the only group of six – Koh Phi Phon Don – offers accommodation choices, there are many different destinations in Phi Phi depending on the taste. There are many phi phi islands hotels that will enable a sound phi phi islands tour. You can also find some phi phi islands resorts in your gorgeous trip in phi phi islands in thailand.


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How do you get the Phi Phi Islands?
There are basically two options: a ferry and a speedboat. The most popular method of reaching the ferry islands. The ferry takes about two hours from Phuket and 90 minutes from Krabi or Koh Lanta. The main departure / arrival port of Phuket is located in Raskeda Piare, Phuket Town.

What is the perfect time to visit Phi Phi Islands?
Best time to look at the Phi Phi. Climate of Phi Phi is similar to Phuket or Krabi. The peak tourist season is between November and April and it is also the perfect time to check the Phi Phi. The weather is relatively cool and pleasant with occasional light to heavy showers.

Are the Phi Phi islands expensive?
Beyond that, Koh Phi Phi is a very dangerous place: dangerous for your wallet. Of the places I visit in Thailand, the Phi Phi was the most expensive. The cheapest accommodation for a 16-bed dorm is about 500 baht ($ 17).

Does anyone have a shark on Phi Phi Islands?
Koh Fei is a great drawing for anyone interested in shark diving, snorkeling or swimming in the ocean or coral wall. … There is no dangerous Koh Fei shark.

Is it worth staying in Phi Phi Islands?
It’s definitely worth staying in Phi Phi for a few days! For a day trip, you will only see the main things – Maya Bay, Viking Caves, etc. But especially if you are a fan of snorkeling, there are several amazing spots and hidden beaches that are not crowded but still worth a visit.

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Which is better for Phuket or Phi Phi?
Generally, the Phi Phi is the place for more isolation and quiet shaking, but Phuket is an unacceptable party view for both. Phuket is home to larger resorts and more amenities, on the other hand, those Phi Phi is great for disconnecting from and uninducing other parts of the world.

Can you visit Phi Phi Island?
There is no wheel transportation for a Phi Phi. You can do a bit of walking, but really it’s not a lot of travel options. Longtail is an established taxi / cab / bus, etc. If you stay at the Holiday Inn and visit Tonsai Village for the evening, you will only find a longtail back in Loyam Tong. There are many phi phi islands hotels that will enable a sound phi phi islands tour. You can also find some phi phi islands resorts in your gorgeous trip in phi phi islands in thailand.

Is the Phi Phi close to Phuket or Krabi?
Krabi has many smaller places and more Muslim populations – some describe it as a fishery town, which is probably a little frivolous, but smaller and quieter than Phuket, ie in Phuket, there is not much to do in the city, after a couple of days, so people Usually go to Ao Nang, descend south or take a boat to an island.

How much is the ferry from Phuket to the Phi Phi?
On the other hand, you can catch the ferry to Phuket, which leaves Pfik at 17:00. For one hour travel costs 800 baht Speedboat charters run at all destinations listed above (weather permitting) starting at around 11,000 boats per boat.

How many islands on Phi Phi?
Phi Phi is a group of six islands. The two main islands are Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh Le

Phi Phi Island James Bond Island?
Phi Phi has white sand beaches and great snorkeling. Maya Bay is very popular. Fang Nga Bay, where James Bond is on the island, does not have clean water like Phi Phi, but some tours offer snorkeling.

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How much does it cost to travel to the Islands?
The cheapest way to get to Pihi Phi is by ferry, footet, and kruby, a frequent departure daily. Tickets cost from 250 to 400 baht depending on your departure point, which usually includes pick-up from your hotel.

Is Koh Phi Phi Safe?
The only populated island, elbows without fees, cars and motorbikes. Everyone walks or cycles and everything is 10 minutes away. This makes it probably one of the safest places in Thailand.

Is Phi Phi Island closed?
According to CNN, the site will now be closed indefinitely. Due to the popularity of the delicate marine ecosystem of Fiji Phi Leh in the islands, foot traffic has been destroyed by tourists.

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What is there to do in Phi Phi island at night?
Reggae Bar.
Sun Flower Beach Bar & Restaurant.
Carlito’s Beach Bar & Nightclub.
Slinky Beach Bar.
Ibiza Beach Club.
Banana Roof Top Bar.
Stockholm Syndrome.
Apache Beach Bar.

What is there to do on Phi Phi Island?

Visit Phi Phi Le National Park.
Hire A Long-Tailed Boat.
Try Snorkeling In Hat Yao.
Hike to Ao Lo Dalam.
Take A Boat To The Viking Caves.
Try Your Hand At Rock Climbing.
Kayak Around Koh Phi Phi.
Visit Mosquito Island.

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What do you wear on Phi Phi Islands?
Wear a clean dress. In the islands, especially PIPI, the dress code is very informal, but smart-casual is appreciated in better quality hotel restaurants. When traveling, especially on boats, you can burn sunshine in a very short period of time so it’s good to cover!

Is there a car with a fee?
Phi Phi Island transportation is unique in that there are no cars. There are no cars, no taxis, no buses, no trains, very few motorbikes and a few bikes on Phi Phi Islands. The island is set up so it is easy to get around the small villages connected to the island’s primary beach.

How do you get Krabi from Phi Phi?
The island of Koh Phi Phi from Krabi is about 45 km by boat / ferry. There are plenty of ferry companies in Krabi and it takes about 1,5 hours to board the ferry / ferry from Krabi to Koh Fei (from Klong Gillard Piers). Ferries from Koh Fei are modern, air-conditioned and safe.

What is Phi Phi Islands famous for?
The island is probably best known for the Leonardo DiCaprio movie “The Beach”, set in the bay of Maya, which is located in Phi Phi Leh, the island’s 2nd largest mass.

Transportation and Communication

The road

With the re-establishment of the Koi Fei after the 26 tsunami, the wide roads now cover a large part of Toni Sai Bay and Iron Dalum Bay. All roads use push cars used only for transporting goods and bags for pedestrian use. Only approved motor vehicles are reserved for emergency services. The most popular form of tonne cycling.

The air

The nearest airports are Krabi, Trang and Phuket. All three have direct road and boat connections.

To eat

Starting at 8:00 am, there are frequent ferry boats for Phi Phuket, Co Lanta and Krabi cities to Ko Co Phi Phi. The last boats from Krabi and Phuket leave at 14:30. In the “green season” (June-October), coming to and from Co Lanta is the only town in Krabi.

Tonsai Bay is a modern modern deep-water public pier in the Fei Don Village, completed in the late 20’s. It takes on major ferry boats from Phuket, Krabi and Co Lanta. Visitors to Phi Phi Islands must pay 20 baht when arriving at the pier. Dive boats, longtail boats and supply boats have their own drop points along the pipes, which makes the pier highly seasonal.

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Travel arrangements

The islands feature beaches and clear water and the natural environment is protected by the status of the national park. Tourism in the islands has exploded since the release of The Beach Movie.

There is a small hospital on the island of Phi Phi for emergencies. Its main purpose is to stabilize emergencies and move them to a Phuket hospital. It is about 5-7 minutes walk from the main lodge, between the Pi Cabana Hotel and the Toni Sai Towers.

The effects of mass tourism

Since the tsunami, Phi Phi have been further threatened by public tourism. Environmental activist and member of the National Reform Council of Thailand, Dr Thon Thomaranganwasawat, is campaigning to equip the tourist population with a Phi Phi before natural beauty is completely destroyed.

With southern Thailand attracting thousands more tourists daily, Dr Thon points out that the ecosystem is under threat and is rapidly disappearing. “Economically, some people may be thriving, but their selfishness will be extremely expensive for Thailand,” said a marine biology lecturer at Cassettort University and an established environmental author. Thon says.

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Every day more than a thousand tourists attend PIF. This image does not include those who came with a chartered speedboat or yacht. Phi Phi produces solid waste of about 25 tons (28 short tons) a day, climb to 40 tons (44 short tons) during the high season, and most of these wastes dump Phi Phi Island into the sea – without treatment; In fact, Phi Phi Islands discharges 83% of its waste water. All tourists arriving on the island pay a 20-baht Phi Phi at Toni Sai Pear to help keep the “co-Phi Phi clean”. “We collect 20,000 boats a day from the tourists at the ghat then the money was given to a private company to provide waste to the Krabi mainland,” said Mr Pankum Kitithunkun, president of Ao Nang Administration (Arboretto).

The boat takes 25 tonnes of trash daily from the island, weather permitting. Provides 600,000 boats a month for the service of Ao Nang Arboreto b During the high season, an Ao Nang Arboretto boat is used to help transport excess trash. Further aggravating the problem of waste in the PF is sewage work. “We have no waste water management plant there. Our only trust is that hotels, restaurants and other businesses behave responsibly – but I have no faith in them,” said Mr Pankum. “Of course they have to treat their wastewater before it is released into the sea, but they can turn on the devices very well before officers test them.” The basic point is that the budget allocated for Ao Nang and Fifi is based on its registered population, not on the number of people it holds each year, Mr Pankum said.

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Final thoughts
Philly Don was initially populated by Muslim fishermen in the late sixties and later turned into a coconut tree garden. More than 5 percent of Phi Phi’s resident Thai population is Muslim. But the actual population – if transient activists are counted – is more Buddhist than Muslim. The residential population is between 2.5 and 6 people (25).

The two islands became the most widely known in the world when Co Fe Fey was used in 2000 for the British-American film The Beach. It attracted criticism and claimed that the film company had harmed the island’s environment, as the makers bulldozed the beach areas and planted palm trees so that the book could be described in more detail, alleging competition from filmmakers. The film’s release was attributed to increased tourism, which led to a deterioration of the environment. The increased Phi Phi is home to the “Viking Cave”, where there is a thriving industry collecting edible bird nests.

The Phi Phi collapsed in the tsunami of the Indian Ocean on December 25, when almost all the island’s infrastructure was destroyed.

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