How to Compare Cruise Ship Room Size

cruise ship room size
(Last Updated On: April 7, 2021)

You may like to have a window in the cabin, or not, it is always good to know how to compare cruise ship room size so that you can pick the best one as per your need. This article will give an overview of how to compare cruise ship room size. Cruise ship cabins don’t have windows in the multi-room suite from the interiors of the staterooms.

How to Compare cruise ship room size

The cabins are notoriously small compared to comparable hotel rooms, though their layout is designed to maximize both floor space and storage capacity of the cruise ship room size.

Older vessels can shape significantly different cabins within a single section. As more ships are carried in size, some ships drop some of the cabins in unusual places, offering a bit more room.

Visit a cruise ship comparison website. You can navigate to the specific ship and cabin section you are considering to find the average size of those specific cabins.

Look at different cruise lines and different cabin sections, as you can see that the “inside the cabin” of one line is as large as the “junior suite” of the other line.

For more detailed information on each cabin section, use the official website of the cruise line.

You will find that some smaller cabins have more usable layouts or may decide to trade a few feet of indoor space for a larger porch of the cruise ship room size.

Discuss the cabins you are considering on a major cruise website, such as

Other travelers will be able to tell you that certain cabins on a particular ship provide extra space for an indoor stateroom, larger balcony, or even a porthole window.

Keep in mind that views are not necessarily information, so be sure to confirm any information along the cruise line before booking with the best cruise ship with the room size you need.

Other Recommended Reading

Check out the ship’s deck plan to learn the location of each cabin you are considering the cruise ship room size.

If you are at risk of motion sickness, have difficulty walking long distances, or are concerned about noise, the cabin deployment may be more important than its proper size.

The cabins closest to the center of the vessel can be noisy with those operating near or below the engines, as well as near the engines, at the top of the experience galley, dining room, swimming pool or disco. Balance the size of the cabin with all the other features you need.

Search the Internet for photographs of cabins you are interested in having an appropriate cruise ship room size.

While deck planning and official literature can give you information and statistics, all cabins are somewhat different.

Think about the electronics, toiletries, and other items you carry and try to imagine where you would put them in the cabin.

Lastly, the usefulness of the cabin is more important than the precise number of square feet.

cruise ship room size


How to Compare Cruise Ship Room Size

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