14 Things to Know Before Buying A House for the First-Time

things to know before buying a house for the first-time
(Last Updated On: March 16, 2022)

What are the things to know before buying a house for the first-time? What does it mean to live the American Dream? Nicer living standards, schooling, owning a home and driving a better automobile… You are free to add anything to this list that comes to mind. According to my own experience, having your own home is the most important.

Everyone has a desire about it, regardless of whether they are male or female, young or old, rich or poor, or what culture or nation they come from; in other words, everyone wants to possess a property where they may reside and keep personal belongings. Keep reading to know about things to know before buying a house for the first-time.

Purchasing a home in America is easier than in other nations. You can purchase a property in the United States if you have a strong income that pays your monthly mortgage payments and an excellent credit score of 620 or higher.

Things to know before buying a house for the first-time

The procedure, however, is tedious and excruciatingly uncomfortable. The first stage in purchasing a home is to assess your financial condition, including how much debt you have vs how much equity you have. After you’ve completed the evaluation, strive to pay off some of your debt and set away some money for rainy days. Let’s learn  below 14 things to know before buying a house for the first-time:

1. Complete your homework

One of the things to know before buying a house for the first-time is to Register your interest in future new home projects ahead of time with appropriate agents to stay up to date on launch date viewings and developments. You must also have your financial affairs in order.

Are you prepared to get into a contract? If you are, you will want evidence of funds as well as paperwork from your bank demonstrating current loan approval.

If you’re looking to move up and see something you like before selling your current home, you’ll want to speak with the selling agent. It will take eight to ten weeks in the best-case scenario to acquire a signed contract, so keep the lines of contact open.

The majority of agents will collaborate with the vendor to assist you in selling.” However, some developers would not sell to someone who already owns a home, so you might have to wait until phase two.

2. Meets Your Current Requirements

A home that is structurally sound and fulfills your present requirements. This covers things like the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, a working kitchen (or much better if someone in the family likes cooking), decent traffic flow, and so on.

What about the building itself? Is the foundation strong enough? Is the wiring capable of meeting your existing requirements? (Houses built in the 1960s, for example, will almost certainly need to be updated if they haven’t already been.)

Is there a pool on the premises? (Swimming pools are popular with buyers in warmer climates.) Pools can be viewed as a negative by buyers in more temperate climate zones, such as the mid-Atlantic.)

Is there sufficient parking? I’d also put “curb appeal” in this. From the outside, how does it appear?

3. Structural: Meets Your Long-Term Requirements

One of the important things to know before buying a house for the first-time is to learn about your demands 10 or 20 years from now (assuming you don’t have firm plans to relocate in the next 2–3 years)?

Will it be able to adequately accommodate your children in 10 years, for example, if you have young children (or none at all)? Will it be ideal for “aging in place” if the purchasers are in their 60s?

4. Location

Colm Byrne, director of new homes at Sherry FitzGerald, recommends visiting the neighborhood at different times of the day and night to get a feel for it. “Take note of what amenities are close by.

Are there any GAA clubs or sports grounds in the area? For example, where can you obtain a pint of milk late at night or early in the morning? What is the location of the nearest supermarket? Is there a nearby restaurant where you could grab a bite to eat or a bar where you could have a quiet drink?”

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5. Added expenses

There are additional expenditures to consider in addition to the property’s purchasing price. The booking deposit is typically 2–5% of the purchase price and is due once the offer is accepted.

Up to the moment where contracts are signed, it is entirely refundable. Take into account stamp duty, bank appraisal, surveyor’s report, and whatnot. There are also solicitor fees, which can be either a flat charge or a percentage of the purchase price. To obtain a good picture of the true long-term cost, add in an annual service fee and increase it by the length of the mortgage.

6. Schools

According to Byrne, schools are becoming a major concern for would-be parents and parents of little children.

While agencies will list the schools in an area, purchasers must conduct their own research to see whether the development’s address fits inside a certain school’s catchment area.

7. Neighbors

In our lives, our neighbors play a crucial role. They are much more essential during tumultuous times since they are the closest to us and can be the first responders.

However, in today’s world, everyone is so preoccupied with their work that they don’t have time to engage with their neighbors. Also, while bonding, make sure you don’t get too involved in their personal lives. It needs to be balanced.

Some neighbors are pleasant, while others are troublesome. Some neighbors cause a lot of difficulties; it’s great as long as they stay out of my business; it’s when they start probing into my life and want to know everything that it becomes a problem.

8. First impressions are important

Everything will be spotless on viewing day, according to Muriel Simpson, associate director of House & Garden Furnishings. “So turn off the lights to observe the rooms in natural light, one of the considerable things to know before buying a house for the first-time.

Examine the storage options available; are there wardrobes in each bedroom, and if not, will there be enough place for a wardrobe with a full-size bed? Is there enough room on the landing for a chest of drawers? Is there enough room behind the stairs to add extra storage?

Take a look at the space outdoors as well. Do you have any off-street parking? What is the best place to store bins? Is there room for a bike box out front if you buy a mid-terrace unit? What is the rear garden or balcony’s orientation? Is there enough room for a shed or a grilling area?”

9. Links to public transportation

Verify travel distances using Google – most agents use it as a guide – but don’t take it at face value. If you’re driving, double-check your mileage, timings, and distances in your own vehicle.

If you’re looking to purchase in the Greater Dublin Area, get a big, up-to-date map of Leinster and physically identify the position of any development you’re interested in to get a good idea of its accessibility to amenities and commuting alternatives by road, bus, and train.

Make careful to practice your journey at rush hour, since some suburban train stations are already very packed. Check to see if the mode of transportation is within the range of an inexpensive Short Hop commuter, since this may affect commute expenses.

10. Workable design

Although box bay windows and floor-to-ceiling glass are attractive, you may discover that important light is blocked after you add sofas, tables, and chairs.

Inspect that interconnecting doors are flush with the walls and that door handles do not collide with other door handles. Check how far the guest toilet door opens into the hall as well. Is it a hazard while it’s open?

Also worth noting is the kitchen’s ceiling storage, according to Arlene McIntyre of Ventura Design. “Because some are restricted, inquire with the kitchen provider about the possibility of expanding the given kitchen at a later date.” You will have to pay for this out of your own money.

Take note of the stair treads’ rise, breadth, and headroom. When trying to get bulky furniture up to the first or second story, this will come in handy.

11. Adding the finishing touches

What type of finish is there on the property? Are the bathroom fittings typical or does the developer have something special in mind? For example, the residences in a posh area are the highly on-trend black doorway and black bathroom fittings, as well as kitchens with four configurable colors. Bathroom and kitchen flooring are frequently included in the deal, but McIntyre suggests double-checking what is included in the transaction.

12. Look it up

Inquire about the possibility of converting the attic. This is something that some new homes are created within the mind. Others, though, are not. Most developers are aware of this, but those who aren’t may be converted for around $40,000, making it a very cost-effective option to expand space.

13. List of comparisons, contrasts, and snags

Compare and contrast the numerous amenities available at each of the developments you visit. Take note of the following: proposed finishes, kitchen storage, countertops, and appliance brands included in the package, the number of bedrooms, built-in storage, overall square footage, number of bathrooms, rear access, refuse locations, off-street parking, distance to shops and schools, bus or rail stops, ambient noise from overhead flight paths or busy roads, and the asking price.

Mark each property on a scale of 1 to 10 and enter the data into an excel spreadsheet to see the benefits and drawbacks of each property at a glance. This will assist you in making a decision.

After you’ve made your option, make a complete snag list. Before the final handover, you should be allowed to inspect the property. Check the quality of finish in the painting, kitchen and wardrobe woodwork, and the tiling in the bathrooms, as well as the plumbing and toilets, room by room. Take pictures of things you don’t like.

14. On the bottom line, signing

You must pay a booking deposit and present paperwork from your bank confirming current loan approval in order to purchase a home, one of the vital things to know before buying a house for the first-time.

Three to four solicitors who have handled properties on that particular project are recommended by expert agencies since they normally give a competitive cost and are already familiar with the property and any concerns that may emerge.

This should speed up the closing process because developers want to close within some stipulated days, and most solicitors won’t start working on the paperwork until the loan offer has been made.

Take away

Buying a home is a dream of many of us. Be aware that there are many different types of mortgages, and interest rates are determined by a variety of criteria. In addition, the size of your down payment has a significant influence on the sort of mortgage you will receive.

Always remember that the bigger the down payment, the simpler it is to secure a mortgage; nevertheless, 100% value-of-the-property mortgages are available with private mortgage insurance, which protects the lender from any losses. Hope these things to know before buying a house for the first-time will be helpful for you.

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14 Things to Know Before Buying A House for the First-Time

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