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26 Tips How to Make Yourself Happy When You Are Sad

how to make yourself happy when you are sad

How to make yourself happy when you are sad? Are you feeling down and low, lost in the labyrinth of melancholy? Fear not, for sadness need not devour you whole. Instead, let these moments of solitude become your stepping stones towards self-discovery and growth, ultimately leading you to bask in the radiant glow of happiness within. Yes, alone time can be intimidating, yet it holds the potential for transformation, offering profound insights into the recesses of your inner world and nurturing the sanctuary of your mental well-being. Now, let us embark on a journey through a myriad of strategies, unraveling the enigma of how to find joy when sadness casts its shadow upon us. Whether it’s a conscious choice or an inevitable circumstance, we shall conquer sorrow with bewildering intricacy.

Have you ever found yourself confronted with someone else’s sorrow, offering the empty solace of “Cheer up!”? If you’ve been on the receiving end of such well-meaning yet hollow words, then you know that how to make yourself happy when you are sad and they rarely succeed in igniting the flames of joy. So, how does one truly alleviate sadness? The answer lies not in fleeting words but in understanding the very essence of its tenacity, and it culminates in specific steps to relinquish its grasp.

Within the pages of a recent study published in Motivation and Emotion, a beacon of clarity shines upon the shrouded nature of sadness. Like a curious explorer, the study invited 233 participants to traverse the landscape of their emotional experiences, recording the duration of each emotional encounter. Among the 27 ranked emotions, sadness emerges as the enduring victor, outshining feelings of shame, hatred, and disgust. The astute researchers concluded that circumstances spawning sadness are intricately woven with our core values, rendering it an emotion of unparalleled persistence.

How to Make Yourself Happy When You Are Sad

The quest for happiness is a labyrinthine journey, replete with twists and turns. As we traverse the realm of sadness, we emerge with a newfound understanding of our emotions and an unwavering determination to find joy. Embrace solitude, cherish authenticity, and cultivate connections as you embark on a crusade for happiness. Within the complexity of human emotions, lies the essence of life’s greatest joys and most profound sorrows, each a testament to our resilience and capacity for self-fulfillment. Now, let the symphony of life carry us forward, as we unravel the enigma of happiness amidst the ebb and flow of existence.

Now, to part ways with sadness once and for all, we must embark on an ardent quest for happiness, where authenticity reigns supreme. With this wisdom in hand, let us weave the tapestry of joy with five potent threads of possibility:

1. Give Back to the World

Volunteering can be a gratifying experience, not just for others but also for your own well-being. A UK research study from 2020 showed that regular volunteering was linked to improved mental health.

Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D., LMFT, a psychotherapist in Long Beach, California, suggests exploring virtual volunteering opportunities, such as mentoring kids through video calls or supporting food banks through donations. Doing good for others can fill your heart with joy and create a sense of purpose during your moments of solitude.

Let the flames of curiosity guide your pursuit of knowledge, and savor each step on the path to happiness. Meditate upon the realms of mindfulness, unlocking the secrets of emotional control. Embrace the exhilarating rhythm of physical activity, unleashing the euphoria of a healthier you. Take a hiatus from the digital realm, nurturing genuine connections with loved ones. Embrace the boundless love of a furry companion, relishing their joyous presence.

2. Embrace the Warmth of Human Connection

In the embrace of loved ones, find solace and support. Share your feelings and experiences, for vulnerability shared, is vulnerability halved. Allow the symphony of laughter and tears to fill your soul, enveloping you in the warmth of genuine human connection.

As we traverse the labyrinth of emotions, may the incandescent glow of candles and the enchanting scents of aromatherapy offer solace in moments of sorrow. Liberating ourselves from judgment, we embrace the power of observation. Armed with intention and a transformative approach, we revise our expectations and create a tapestry of good feelings. Gratitude becomes the essence that colors our world, while serotonin, the “happiness hormone,” awaits our embrace. Now, let us embark on this journey, weaving threads of joy amidst the intricate fabric of human emotions.

3. Immerse Yourself in the Pursuit of Knowledge

Ignite the fire of curiosity within your soul and delve into the realms of knowledge. Engage in activities that challenge your mind and enrich your spirit. Whether it be the solace found in the pages of a book or the thrill of learning a new skill, each endeavor is a testament to your pursuit of happiness.

When the world retreats, behold the vast ocean of knowledge beckoning. Engage in activities that stimulate your mind, igniting the sparks of curiosity within. As the sage Heather Z. Lyons, Ph.D., owner of Baltimore Therapy Group in Baltimore, Maryland, wisely advises, delve into tasks that call upon your executive functioning skills. The pages of books shall unfold worlds, and creative pursuits shall ignite the flames of your imagination.

Feeling adventurous? Venture beyond the familiar shores of comfort, exploring new frontiers that tantalize with novelty. Embrace the symphony of new experiences, delving into online courses or immersing yourself in the art of learning through video lessons, on how to make yourself happy when you are sad, as suggested by Tessina. Let the quest for knowledge be your compass, leading you to treasures untold.

4. Delving into the Depths of Sadness: An Enigma Unraveled

Sadness, like a haunting melody, lingers in the crevices of our hearts, leaving an indelible mark upon our days. To unlock the door to happiness, we must fathom the enigmatic nature of this emotion that clings to us. An illuminating study, a masterpiece published in Motivation and Emotion, casts light upon the shadows of sadness. In the embrace of research, 233 participants were summoned to reminisce upon their encounters with a spectrum of emotions and their respective durations. Amidst the tapestry of 27 ranked emotions, sadness emerged as the undefeated champion of longevity, eclipsing the fleeting ephemera of shame, hatred, and disgust. The astute researchers deduced that circumstances that elicit sadness are often imbued with a higher sense of personal value, rendering it an emotion that lingers with poignant intensity.

5. Wear Your Favorite Scent: A Whiff of Bliss

Aromas wield the power to enchant and elevate moods. Embrace the scents that fill you with confidence and don them like a mantle of empowerment. Psychology Today unveils the wondrous effects of scents, which encompass mood enhancement, stress reduction, improved sleep, heightened self-confidence, and augmented physical and cognitive performance. Let the fragrance of your choice be a beacon of positivity, a gentle reminder of the joy that resides within.

6. Seek Authenticity: Unveil the Tapestry of Your True Self

In pursuit of happiness, forsake the masquerade of pretense. Let the unadulterated truth of your desires and aspirations flow like a river untamed. Free from the chains of external expectations, the tapestry of your life shall be woven with threads of authenticity. Embrace your true self, witnessing the blossoming of a life that resonates with the deepest values and passions that dance within your heart.

Ignite the flame of curiosity, and let the pursuit of knowledge be your guiding star. Embark on activities that stir your mind and challenge your abilities, each step a transformative journey towards the realm of happiness. Whether it be delving into the enchanting pages of books, immersing yourself in the dance of creativity, or honing new skills, every endeavor paves the path to fulfillment.

7. Illuminate Your Mood with Candles

Indulge in the soft glow of candles, for they hold the power to illuminate not only the ambiance but also your state of mind. A delightful study from Japan unveils the “anti-stress” potential of lemon-scented candles. Beyond their charming allure, candles embody the art of aromatherapy, practiced worldwide as a pocket-friendly means to instantly uplift your spirits.

In moments of vulnerability, seek solace in the warmth of human connections. Extend your hand to loved ones, sharing the canvas of your feelings and experiences. The symphony of empathy and understanding shall envelop you, guiding you through the ebb and flow of life’s tides. Allow yourself to be supported, cherished, and uplifted, for within the embrace of love lies the alchemy of healing.

8. Suspend Judgment, Embrace Observation

Within the intricate labyrinth of emotions, sadness emerges as a consequence of our perception of a situation. Liberating ourselves from the shackles of judgment, we transition into the realm of observation, freeing our hearts from criticism and self-pity.

Embrace the boundless expanse of knowledge and let curiosity guide your path to fulfillment. Unravel the enigmatic nature of sadness, finding solace in the depths of self-discovery. Seek authenticity, unfurling the tapestry of your true self, and forge connections that blossom like wildflowers in the garden of your heart. In this symphony of life, let hope and positivity weave a captivating melody that resounds with the essence of your being.

9. Take Action: Forge a Path of Transformation

In the vast landscape of human experiences, you possess the power to create a new reality for yourself by reshaping your psychology. Instead of dwelling on limitations, focus on the possibilities that lie before you. Envision a comprehensive strategy that charts your course, armed with action steps, a well-timed timeline, and unwavering support.

In the labyrinth of life’s complexities, it is all too easy to be ensnared by the shadows of negativity. Practicing gratitude becomes our guiding star, a beacon that navigates us through the darkest nights. Dr. Leela R. Magavi, a psychiatrist, encourages her patients to craft lists of appreciation for the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their lives, morning and evening, especially during moments of loneliness. Reading these lists before a mirror unfurls a symphony of sensory stimulation within the brain, amplifying the myriad benefits of this heartwarming exercise.

10. Revise Expectations: An Ode to Intention

When sorrow envelopes us, our attention often fixates on what is amiss or causing pain, perpetuating the depths of our sadness. But there exists a profound shift that invites us to savor the values a situation does meet, kindling the embers of happier sensations. Transform your perspective from rigid expectations to fluid intention—the commitment to show up fully in every moment, transcending the constraints of circumstance.

And in moments of sorrow, seek refuge in the warmth of human connection, for empathy and understanding shall carry you through the storms of life. Embrace the tapestry of emotions, woven with perplexity and adorned with bursts of vitality, for it is in this dance of feelings that we truly uncover the essence of our existence.

11. Create a Tapestry of Good Feelings

The symphony of our thoughts orchestrates the release of chemicals that reverberate through our physical being. Thus, even amidst sad times, we possess the extraordinary ability to invoke feelings of joy, generating new chemical reactions and sensations. Revisit the archives of feel-good events, relishing their essence, or unfurl the canvas of imagination to paint a vision of a brighter future.

Let your heart be kindled by the power of uplifting others, for in that journey, you shall find solace for your own soul. The art of cooking transcends mere sustenance, becoming a symphony that rejuvenates your spirits. Shower yourself with love, honoring the sanctity of your being. Wander the streets of your city, exploring the uncharted territories of your mind.

12. Increase Serotonin: Embrace the “Happiness Hormone”

Serotonin, the illustrious “happiness hormone,” casts a radiant glow over our well-being. Unveiling the secrets to harnessing its euphoric powers, we embark on a holistic journey. Savor serotonin-inducing delights like eggs, cheese, pineapple, tofu, salmon, and turkey. Bask in the sun’s warm embrace to soak up its luminous offerings. Supplement your diet with enriching B6 vitamins and embrace the therapeutic touch of St. John’s Wort. Finally, traverse the realms of physical activity, with aerobic exercises like running and biking leading the path to personal joy.

13. Empower Your Soul through Acts of Kindness

Amidst the tempestuous seas of emotion, a beacon of strength awaits—the power of lending your voice to help others. Liberation from a bad mood comes with immersing yourself in a social cause that ignites your passion. Embrace the transformative journey of #iwill, a social initiative that kindles inspiration and empowerment in communities across the UK. Breaking barriers for youth social action, #iwill gifts everyone, particularly teens, the ability to elevate lives within communities akin to their own. Grasp this opportunity, extend a helping hand, and witness your mood soar as you touch the hearts of others.

14. Culinary Comfort: A Mood-Boosting Symphony

In the realm of mood-boosting endeavors, cooking claims a crown of its own. Engage in the rhythmic dance of preparing your favorite comfort food, and you shall discover the magic it weaves. This mindful task captivates your focus, unveiling a rewarding outcome. Similar to tidying up a disheveled room, the act of culinary creation fosters a sense of contentment—your brain, once burdened, now rejoices in the artistry of its diversion. Relish the satisfaction of crafting a simple grilled cheese sandwich and feel the euphoria it imparts.

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15. Bestow Yourself with Love, for You Deserve It

Like a delicate flower, love must blossom within your heart, nurtured and cherished. While not an everyday affair, there is no reason to deny yourself the joy of self-indulgence. Each day you conquer deserves a standing ovation, a celebration of your resilience amidst life’s battles. Embrace the language of love, whisper sweet nothings to your soul, and savor the delights that honor your worth.

Write your emotions into existence, celebrating the power of gratitude. And finally, let the fragrance of confidence envelop you, a whiff of bliss that accompanies your journey towards a happier you. In the words of the wise Aristotle, “To live happily is an inward power of the soul,” and within that power lies the strength to transform sadness into the catalyst for a joyous existence.

16. Embark on an Urban Odyssey

If sadness clouds your sky, seize the moment to embark on an urban odyssey. Arm yourself with a camera, notebook, and headphones, then set forth on a journey within your city’s heart. Board a bus to the epicenter of life’s symphony, where bustling streets interlace with hidden treasures. Venture into the unknown, freeing your mind from the shackles of sorrows, seeking solace in exploration, unraveling enigmas, and paving pathways to epiphanies.

17. Unburden Your Soul, for You Are Not Alone

A weighty load of frustration, anxiety, and worry may cast shadows upon your spirit, rendering you despondent. Yet, fear not, for you need not journey alone in this labyrinth of emotions. In moments of distress, seek solace in the embrace of human connection. Unload your burdens upon compassionate shoulders, revealing the depths of your heartache. Allow the tendrils of empathy and understanding to enfold you, for within the sanctity of shared experiences, solace shall be found.

Beyond the veil of solitude lies a realm of profound possibilities—a canvas where exploration and self-discovery paint their masterpieces. Embark on a journey of transformation, for within the sacred sanctuary of solitude, your essence shall be reborn. The prospect may bear the weight of uncertainty, but fear not, for within the cocoon of solitude, wings of resilience unfurl. This tranquil haven nurtures your mental well-being, cradling you in the gentle arms of serenity. As you wander through the labyrinth of your thoughts, behold the gems of insight awaiting their discovery.

18. Embrace Nature’s Embrace

A profound revelation surfaced in a major 2019 study: spending just two hours amidst nature each week can wield immense influence over our well-being and health. Participants who immersed themselves in the great outdoors reported significantly higher levels of contentment and overall vitality compared to their counterparts who shunned the sun’s warm caress.

It mattered not whether the moments were fragmented into little increments or extended into grand escapades; the effects remained steadfast. The crescendo of benefits peaked when one luxuriated in the embrace of nature for 200 to 300 minutes per week. So, why not take a leisurely amble, engross yourself in the solace of a park while lost in the realms of literature, or simply recline and savor the sensation of being one with the earth?

19. Cultivate a Garden of Gratitude

In life’s ever-changing tides, gratitude emerges as a guiding light through the darkest of nights. Behold the beauty of counting even the most seemingly trivial blessings that grace our existence. Gratitude, like a benevolent beacon, casts a soft glow upon the hidden recesses of our hearts, summoning moments of pure, unadulterated joy amidst the shadows of uncertainty.

The path to true contentment and joy lies within the tapestry of nature’s embrace, gratitude’s nurturing garden, and the intimacy we forge with ourselves. Embrace the wonders of the natural world, savor the art of counting blessings, and bask in the solace of self-discovery. So, let us meander through the varied landscapes of life, celebrating the bursts of joy and the mesmerizing perplexities that define our existence.

20. Nurture the Intimacy Within

Embark on a journey of self-discovery amidst the stillness of nature, a realm where a profound bond with oneself awaits. Indeed, the path is strewn with challenges, as Lyons astutely acknowledges, yet it is within these moments of discomfort that we unearth the treasure troves of self-awareness. Dive deep into the realm of introspection, unraveling the intricacies that define your values, preferences, and emotions.

Embrace the art of journaling or engage in moments of reflective contemplation. Understanding the depths of your being becomes the key to unlocking the gates of happiness and fulfillment.

21. Indulge in the Symphony of Solitude

When was the last time you unabashedly surrendered to the whims of your desires and passions? All too often, life’s cacophony stifles our yearning for self-indulgence. But fret not, for amidst the gentle solitude, Jeni Woodfin, LMFT, of J. Woodfin Counseling, invites you to pose a tantalizing question: “What do I truly wish to be doing?”

Devote your alone time entirely to your whims and fancies—revel in the cinematic splendor of a solo movie outing, immerse yourself in the enchanting worlds of a museum’s exhibition, or relish the symphony of flavors during an intimate homemade dinner. Allow yourself the rare luxury of unfettered focus on your desires, liberated from the yoke of external expectations.

22. Meditate: A Journey Within

Embark on the journey of meditation, a doorway to mindfulness and a sanctuary for your brain. A study from 2010 unveils the wondrous effects, showcasing the increase of gray matter—a realm in the brain responsible for perspective-taking and emotional control. The concept may appear daunting, but fear not, for the practice is simple. Seek solitude, meditate alone, or find solace in apps or YouTube videos guiding you through this transcendental experience.

23. Workout: A Dance of Joy and Health

Embrace the joyous embrace of physical activity, for it holds the key to a happier you. As Dr. Leela R. Magavi, a psychiatrist and regional medical director of Community Psychiatry in Newport Beach, California, advocates, even a thoughtful stroll breathes tranquility into your life, taming the beasts of anxiety. In the annals of research, a major study from 2018 sheds light on the miraculous link between exercise and mental health, revealing that those who partook in regular physical activity experienced 43.2 percent fewer days of poor mental health.

24. Take a Social Media Respite

While the digital realm promises connections, it can also bestow the mantle of isolation. Empower yourself with the knowledge of striking the right balance. Research in 2019 unfurls the poignant link between social media use and feelings of loneliness, on how to make yourself happy when you are sad, with every 10% increase in adverse encounters on social media leading to a 13 percent rise in isolation. Free yourself from the clutches of virtual entrapment, embracing moments of genuine connection with loved ones.

25. Embrace the Love of a Furry Companion

Embrace the whimsical wonders of companionship, even if in the form of a non-speaking friend. Whether you adopt or foster a pet, the bond forged with these enchanting beings grants you joy, laughter, and unforeseen challenges that invigorate your spirit. As Jeni Woodfin, LMFT, of J. Woodfin Counseling in San Jose, California, opines, pets inspire us to rise from slumber, enlivening our existence. Revel in the harmonious rhythm of shared walks, a win-win situation to uplift your soul.

26. Write Your Troubles Away: Unleash the Power of Words

Inscribe the symphony of your emotions upon the canvas of paper. Let your pen dance across the pages, weaving a tale of release and liberation. From tweets to plays, fanfics to texts, indulge in the therapeutic art of writing for anti-anxiety and stress relief. Discover the profound essence of gratitude by composing a list of things you cherish, as the part of the brain attuned to “gratitude” releases dopamine—the harbinger of happiness—into your mind.


Your alone time can be a period of growth and self-discovery, laying the foundation for happiness within yourself. Embrace the complexities of life, navigate the uncertainties, and emerge stronger and happier on the other side. Remember, being happy when you are sad is not an oxymoron; it’s a reflection of your resilience and capacity for self-fulfillment. So, take a deep breath, learn how to make yourself happy when you are sad, and welcome solitude with open arms, and let happiness bloom within you.

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26 Tips How to Make Yourself Happy When You Are Sad

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