16 Benefits of Travel Credit Cards One Should Know About

benefits of travel credit cards
(Last Updated On: April 2, 2022)

There is much debate whether one should have a travel credit card or not. Before using travelers want to know about the benefits of Travel Credit Cards. This article will be discussing the benefits of travel credit cards.

Travel rewards credit cards earn points or cash-back on every dollar charged to a credit card. They are called travel rewards credit cards because you either earn points/cash on travel-related purchases, buy points / earn cash for travel, or both.

Journey credit cards simply enable you to earn points that you may use to reduce the cost of your travel. Some prepaid travel cards can also be used to hold money in several currencies.

According to a study, the number of individuals applying for travel credit cards increased by 59 percent in metro cities and by 309 percent in non-metros in 2018. While an increasing number of individuals are choosing such cards, it’s crucial to understand how much they cost and what benefits travel credit cards provide.

Travel credit cards provide a wide range of incentives that credit cardholders may take advantage of while on vacation. Travel credit cards provide a wide range of features and incentives to meet the demands of regular travelers, from welcome gifts to complimentary airport lounge access and fee waivers.

comparing credit cards and debit cards

What about the benefits of travel credit cards?

There are several Advantages of Using a Travel Credit Card. Let’s take a closer look at the typical perks that most credit cards provide.

It’s the holiday season and you can do it all to make sure your trip is comfortable yet affordable. From booking affordable locations like Airbnb to using your airline’s reward points, there are many things you can do to ensure you don’t exceed your travel budget. If you are a frequent traveler, travel credit cards can also help you save money, but keep an eye on expenses and other precautions.

Travel credit cards help you earn rewards for making your travel relatively affordable. Some prepaid travel cards save money in foreign currency on the basis of the benefits of travel credit cards.

Almost all travel rewards work on credit card point-based systems. You earn a point (or mile) for every dollar you spend at the most basic level, but you can usually earn extra points for some purchases.

Travel rewards credit cards can earn points/cash-back for travel purchases, meals, gas, groceries, or other categories. Rewards can be used for free travel or to offset travel expenses.

The pricing method on these credit cards depends on the actual pricing of sign-up bonuses, travel parks, APRs, annual fees, redemption difficulties, and more. Each point program has its own point assessment, which you can study here. The value of each individual type of point can always be an important factor when rating travel credit cards and their promotional offers.

One of the benefits of travel credit cards is that, people who travel regularly benefit from travel credit cards. People commonly connect these cards with air miles and, as a result, lower plane rates, but they also provide special discounts on some websites, access to airport lounges, automatic upgrades on airline tickets, and excess luggage allowance. Another advantage of using travel credit cards is special deals and discounts at partner hotels and restaurants.

Before you sign up for a card like this, think about how much money you’ll have to spend to acquire the extra benefits and discounts. If the card compels you to spend more than you can reasonably pay back, resist the temptation. If you are a frequent traveler, you may want to check into alternative cards that may give you advantages that meet your needs while also providing a little extra when you travel.

One of the notable benefits of travel credit cards is, a rewards credit card does exactly what it says on the tin: it pays the cardholder for purchases. Rewards differ depending on the issuer and card type. Some benefits come in the form of cashback, savings on petrol station purchases, and even travel miles. Earning rewards is one of the key benefits of credit cards for people who use them frequently, since cardholders may redeem them for goods they were planning to buy anyway, as well as the odd treat.

Some credit cards include fraud warnings as a safety net in the event that a card or information is stolen while traveling. In the event of potentially fraudulent behavior, a phone call, email, or text message alert can be delivered, and the transactions can be halted, one of the mentionable benefits of travel credit cards. Because a credit card is not connected to a checking or savings account, the likelihood of a thief having access to the funds in these accounts is reduced. For example, illegal transactions on your Discover credit card are not covered by Discover’s $0 Fraud Liability Guarantee.

Travel insurance: Some travel credit cards have a comprehensive insurance plan that covers the cardholder against unanticipated costs incurred as a result of an aviation accident, medical emergency, baggage loss, passport or ticket loss, and so on.

As a welcome gift or sign-up bonus, most travel credit cards give a large number of reward points or air miles. What’s more, the points may be exchanged for air miles on both domestic and foreign airlines. Some credit cards also provide complimentary tickets on certain airlines.

Access to airport lounges for free: Some travel credit cards include free lounge visits at both local and international airports. During flight delays, cardholders can sit and relax at certain airport lounges and take advantage of the lounge’s amenities at no cost. Some lounges allow cardholders to bring their friends and family for free.

If you notify the bank right away, you will not be held liable for any fraudulent transactions that occur after you report the loss.

Annual fee waiver: The majority of you are probably seeking travel credit cards with no or low annual fees.

Users can get an annual fee waiver for the next year if they spend a certain amount in a given year, as determined by the bank. Cardholders might benefit from a no annual charge credit card if they meet the spending goal each year.

Many credit card providers have collaborated with major airline companies to give users with special advantages, one of the mindblowing benefits of travel credit cards is.

If you lose your travel credit card in a foreign country, you won’t be held liable.

Other perks include complimentary golf instruction, concierge services, free movie tickets, and meal discounts with some travel credit cards.

Also note, due to the specific benefits given by travel credit cards, finding one with no annual charge might be tough. Cardholders, on the other hand, can take advantage of the yearly renewal fee waiver granted by most travel credit cards.

Above all, Credit cards may be useful tools for earning rewards, traveling, handling crises or unanticipated spending, and improving credit when used carefully.

Advantages of using a credit card at a glance

  1. Possibility of improving credit.
  2. Earn cashback or miles points as a reward.
  3. Anti-fraud protection for credit cards.
  4. Credit score information is available for free.
  5. There are no costs for international transactions.
  6. Purchase power has increased.
  7. There is no connection to a checking or savings account.
  8. Air miles bonus.
  9. Membership in airport and airline programs is provided free of charge.
  10. Both domestic and international airports provide free lounge access.
  11. Reward points are earned faster on airline-related purchases.
  12. Redeeming reward points for air miles.
  13. Offers on air ticket reservations at a discount.
  14. Partner airlines offer priority check-in.
  15. Allowance for additional luggage, etc.
  16. Placing a reservation for a rental vehicle or a hotel stay.

How does a travel credit card work?

If you have been traveling for a few weeks or more and are planning shopping, a travel money card might be a good idea. If this is a quick jolt and your total spend outside hotel and airline travel is limited to $ 1000 or so – and your ATM usage is minimal – a travel money card probably won’t be that expensive.

It should be noted that CHOICE heard a few travel money card horror stories that were temporarily stuck with spending too much money from travelers’ homes because, among other things, the reloading process didn’t work out because advertising and customer service proved to be difficult, and not particularly helpful.

These seem to be isolated cases that had more to do with the time a customer representative was on the job, with no serial issues for the card providers at certain times, but it should be kept in mind when making travel money decisions.

It also doesn’t help that hotels generally won’t accept travel money cards, as these cards offer no credit function, meaning that hotels can’t keep details in your hands for no additional charge.

What are the benefits of using a travel credit card?

When you use a travel credit card, you earn points (also known as miles) every time you make a purchase. The typical earning rate is 1 to 2 points per dollar spent, and many credit cards provide bonus points for certain expenditures, especially travel spending. The value of a point varies depending on the card that earned it and how you redeem it, but as a general guideline, each point is worth around 1 cent.

Your points are saved in a rewards account and may be used to pay for travel. Most cards allow you to book travel directly through a gateway that looks similar to those found on online travel agencies or airline and hotel websites, but instead of paying with cash, you pay with points. Depending on the card, you may be able to schedule travel any way you like, pay for it using the card, and then redeem your points for a credit on those charges.

Are there any factors to consider while selecting a credit card for foreign travel?

Not all travel credit cards are suitable for use outside of the United States. Some charge extra fees for purchases made outside of the United States or on a website based in the United States. Others may not be well-liked in other countries.

Furthermore, certain cards provide additional perks that will aid you in your overseas travels. When selecting a credit card for overseas travel, keep the following in mind:

Fees for international transactions — When you use your card outside of the United States, certain cards impose a fee (usually 3% to 5% of each transaction) (including sites that are considered international and not U.S.-based).

Any benefits you could earn will be wiped out by that fee, so make sure you use a card that doesn’t charge international transaction fees.

Fees for using (or not using) the card

Loading Fees – Your card has been charged for loading coins

Reload fee – your card is charged for reloading the currency (Important: some providers cap it as $ 10, while others use 1% or 1.1% of the reload amount without any limitations when using a BPA or debit card).

Transaction fees for currencies not loaded on the card – or cross-currency conversion – are charged when you buy in a country whose currency you have not loaded or are not sufficient

ATMs and other transaction fees charged by a local merchant or financial institution (commitment to free ATMs is unlikely to cover foreign ATM operators).

The price

Travel cards have interest rates that are comparable to those of credit cards. It’s normally between 36 and 45 percent, and you’ll have to pay a signup charge as well as an annual fee unless you choose a no-frills card. In the case of co-branded or customized cards, this is frequently a significant sum. So, before you choose a card, make sure that the cost of the card is covered.

Some firms remove yearly fees if you spend more than a certain amount, which varies with every card. The majority of reward cards have a hefty annual charge. You must earn more rewards than you paid for the card to be eligible for it. If you spend enough, the benefits you receive frequently make the yearly fees worthwhile; otherwise, they are not.

Also, note that each time you use your travel credit card abroad, you will be required to pay a network fee in the range of 1-2% of the total transaction amount for each foreign transaction facility. In addition, ers lenders also charge a foreign transaction fee. It starts at 1.5 -3.5% of total transactions. And then there is the mark-up fee of a foreign currency that you pay to trade in a foreign currency. While this may not seem like much for small transactions, it can go for thousands of bucks for big ones.

It is always advisable to keep a tab for your foreign transaction fees and cash withdrawals when using your card abroad.

Bank Of America® Travel Rewards Credit Card Review


Travel credit cards basically benefit those who travel frequently. People usually attach air cards to air miles and, therefore, cheaper airfares, but they also have many more, including special discounts on selected websites, airport lounge access, auto-upgrade on flight tickets, and extra baggage allowance. Special offers and discounts on partner hotels and restaurants are other benefits that come with using a travel credit card.

The rewards and benefits mostly depend on the type of card you buy, but most travel credit card issuers cooperate with an airline or a travel portal according to the benefits of travel credit cards.

SBI Platinum Card is one of the basic travel credit cards available in the market and basically focuses on making your planes reasonable.

Some of the premium cards include charitable services for pre-trip support, base rental discounts for flight bookings, hotel reservations and flight booking offers, access to golf lessons at selected gold clubs, baggage insurance, entertainment bookings, etc. “Usually a travel credit card on a regular credit card. There is a higher foreign exchange transaction fee, ” Bagari control, co-founder and chief executive officer, NY, a digital banking solutions agency said. It can be configured, and therefore, overspending does not really happen, when in the case of credit cards, there is more funding available. “

Other Recommended Reading

Do you need to get one?

Whether you need to choose a travel credit card and how often you travel to a brand and get one depends on your loyalty, e.g.

Travel cards are ideal for those who have a tendency to travel a lot. These are no frill cards and have a large joining fee and annual fee. They offer different benefits and rewards, but they come at a price on the basis of the benefits of travel credit cards. If you do not travel frequently, you will not be able to make the best use of these rewards and benefits

Before selecting this national card, evaluate the amount you need to spend to get those extra offers and discounts. If you have to spend more on a card than you can easily repay, don’t be tempted. If you are a low traveler, you may also want to look at other cards that may provide you with benefits that may be tailored to your needs, but you can also provide some extras while traveling.

Risks (using travel cards), losing a card or using it can cause additional work or loss or make it worse to realize that a particular brand does not work in the country you are traveling to,” and is the managing director of International Money Matters Private Limited, a financial planning firm.

If you are a frequent traveler, opt for a card that has a minimum transaction fee. Certain travel cards do not incur any foreign transaction fees. Do your research and pick a card that gives you good rewards for foreign transactions so that the fees can be compensated when the rewards are discounted.

Hope this article about the benefits of travel credit cards was handy to you.


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16 Benefits of Travel Credit Cards One Should Know About

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